Regarding the WG EU “weekend fail”

Hello everyone,

it’s weekend and with it the usual dose of Wargaming fail. This time however, it’s not that bad, it comes only in the form of incomprehensibility (yes, I had to look up this word in a dictionary). Basically, there are two issues.

First the “Let the Games begin” event, where you get extra crew XP. Several people wrote me about a percieved fail, where they got the three bonuses at once and all were listed as “1,1 crew XP coefficient” – guys, these bonuses aren’t multiplicative, they are additive. The mission works correctly, if you get three times 1,1 crew XP bonus, the result is 1,3 bonus. The reson for this unintuitive solution is probably the fact that for some (probably technical) reason, Wargaming techs can’t program a mission, whose criteria would exclude the other missions, that have the same criteria but in lesser amount.

Second is a bit more serious. Basically, the Monthly Mission 5 (why can’t they at least name them? Confusion FTW) is sort of bugged. To quote Brynd (WG EU):

Unfortunately there is an issue with Monthly Mission 5, in which when you complete it, it appears to reset and show as uncompleted. We’re informed this is a display issue only: the mission is still working and the result will still count for helping to complete Monthly Mission 6.

Well, that’s it – you won’t lose your mission progress, no worries. It works.

11 thoughts on “Regarding the WG EU “weekend fail”

  1. They should just keep it simple e.g 3 x exp like this weekend.

    For weekly and monthly missions I like the kill 100, 200 300 etc or win 50, 100 etc battles. This way it encourages regular play and everyone knows what’s happening.

    • Yeah, those “kill X insert-nation tank” almost makes that nations tanks disappear from the battles.

      • I must say, I really like the 10-20-30 kills missions from two weeks ago. I feel the ‘steps’ helped that there were not so many people just waiting for kills.
        And yeah, those 50 tank missions are rubbish… Hardly saw any americans or french except for the usual suspects (T29s and up, Hellcats and autoloaders). This week wasn’t so bad with the Brits, though.

        What I would like to see more are missions that don’t daily reset, like this weeks “damage hunt”.

  2. Hi, Mission 5 is a daily mission, you can get it once a day…. so no wonder it resets every day ;)

    • Mission 5 is part of Mission 6
      Mission 5 should reset “durr”.
      Mission 6 should show mission 5 completed after you have completed it once, even if it has reset.

  3. The weekly mission in which you had to win 15 battles in a HT was also bugged, counter was not working right, it took me 18 wins to get the reward, and i always was in top 10 exp in the team.