German WW2 vehicle found


Thanks to all of you who sent me this link :)

During excavation works near the train station in Euskirchen, remnants of a German WW2 vehicle were found by a building company.



It is in fact not a real tank, but a demolition vehicle – the Borgward IV – a remotely operated minitank, that rolled to an obstacle and blew it up.

20 thoughts on “German WW2 vehicle found

  1. Sorry, but it doesn’t look loke a Borgward IV (The website also writes just “presumably”), because of the “Schachtellaufwerk” – the borgward had a “normal” suspension. looks more like a Kettenkrad without fork or a remote controlled explosive carrier called “Springer”, but those remote controled tanks were so rare ( about 50 pieces build) that i don’t think it’s such a tank and it’s just written to make the article more interesting…

    • @all- I just live around the corner of Euskirchen.By now it was confirmed that the “tank” is a Sd.Kfz. 10.
      A reader of a german newspaper recognised it because of its wheels positions.
      As the main part(upper part) is missing-it might aswell be a SdKfz 250/251 which had the same wheel order.

      • No Sd.Kfz.250, as it missed the front outer roadwheel compared to Sd.Kfz.10.
        And how on Earth do you come to Sd.Kfz.251? It used a completely different chassis.

  2. I guess it’s a “Springer” demolition tank, or the “Kettenrad” half-track motorcycle.

    • Read above why it is not Sd.Kfz.25, neither 250.. -_-

      How come you people are not able to even google-image a couple of photos of the vehicles and just compare what you see???

  3. Are they sure? The road wheels look nothing like any known picture of a Borgward IV.

    The outer wheels look more like a Panzer II G’s. That Sfdkfz10 looks spot on … so they pulled up half a half-track eh?