Strange poll on EU server

Hello everyone,

have you noticed the WG EU portal poll on the “Let’s battle” magazine? Here it is:


So… uh… you either did read it, will read it or would love to, if you had anything to read it with, where’s the “I don’t give a fuck about it” option?

33 thoughts on “Strange poll on EU server

    • Its not the first time they didn’t give a negative option. I voted for the devices option…. give the bastards some more work to do.

  1. Reminds me of that questionary joke:

    1) Who is your favourite politician?
    2) Why did you choose comrade Stalin and what do you like the most about him?


  2. The missing option represents the rest of EU playerbase – so basically few hundreds of thousands people dont give a fuck, while 562 people would love to read it. Pretty much self-explaining, isn’t it? :)

  3. Don’t forget SS, there is a place in Siberia for every counter-revolutionary who asks such questions. :-)

    (Actually, probably a place in Cyprus the way things are going…)

  4. That’s nothing new. Every poll is the same, it asks if you did/read/watched something and has only the options: yes/not yet but I will/I can’t but I’d love to but no option for I don’t want to…obviously since in communism there is no “I don’t want to”…just WG being WG.

  5. The polls are always something like this, there is never an option to say something like “no, I don’t want to (insert whatever here)”. I simply just don’t vote when this happens.

  6. Why stupid people think consoles are better than PC?
    1- They were dropped when recently born.
    2- They can’t watch NASCAR.
    3- They can’t use a screwdriver or push cables and pieces together to build a gaming machine.

  7. It’s not the first WG poll like that. It’s always like that:
    “What’s your opinion about our games?
    - I love it
    - I don’t know it yet, but will love them when I start playing
    - I always loved games like that and was imaptiently waiting for WG to make it”

  8. Its not a first time WG made up a poll without any negative possibilities. Probably another “Stronk marketink skills” where everything is fine or … hell everything is just fine and dot ! … U have my respect to point this out cos I noticed it happens a lot lately and me and lots of other people are forced to just ignore the poll cos we cant tell what we really think. It seems they lately took inspiration from they former leadership.=>