Meanwhile in Minsk…


…an attempt has been made to nerf SerB’s computer… but SerB would have none of it!







54 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Minsk…

    • it aint a giant ash tray can. he doesnt buy cigarette packs. that “giant ash tray” is a tobacco can, and on top of it sits a cigarette making machine. that big box labeled marlboro aint a 10-pack of cigars, is a box full of cigarette tubes w/ filter. basically he´s too cheap to buy cigarette packs, it is about a half cheaper to buy ´em this way and make the cigars yourself.

  1. Awww… come on!! a lot of players ask mind melting stupid questions to that guy, no wonder he trolls back. BTW this just shows Serb got sense of humor :)

  2. Noob bandit!!! Just use your brain! Make sidescraping! You can bounce his bullets even this range ;)

    lol :) :) :)

  3. I wonder if that’s the only suit jacket he has or is it the one he uses for photoshoot reasons. LOL

  4. No-one mentioned the quality of the photo’s representing the graphical quality in-game?

    Or that the 5th photo shows his amazing collection of research books on the shelves behind him…?

    Damn… maybe its not that funny then…