Regarding the artillery accuracy bug

Hello everyone,

just short heads-up: a lot of people sent me pictures from battle replays, where artillery shells were flying all over the place outside the aim reticle. Recently, Storm posted an answer to this issue:

“For starters, I will fix the bug, where shell trajectory is displayed incorrectly in replays. So that we have a base to confirm the issue.”

Well, at least they know about it…

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  1. That has nothing to do with replay – who came up with that nonsense?

    Thats WGs servers losing packets – you can see it ingame with “capslock+0″ old serverside crosshair. Fully aimed in and the shells vanish all together or land ~50m outside the aiming circle.


    What was up with ftw-website yesterday evening – timeout errors all the time?

    • Arties missing more often than intended? Oh, I’m more than fine with this kind of bug.

    • I’m sure you’ll love it when the friendly arty shell lands on your tank (instead of the enemy it was meant for, that’s 40 meters away) hitting the ammo rack and “teamkilling” you. :) I’d love to be that arty.

    • I agree this has nothing to do with it only happeing in replays.

      I had this problem prior to the 0.8.11 patch and that was before the Winter Olympics started – maybe people were grabbing tha band width weeks before the Olympics even started?

      It the WoT severs thar are the problem but they don’t wan’t to admit to that so they blame other unrelated things.

    • Got a replay and screenies of the bug too, and I’m sure it’s gonna be lovely when instead of hitting the circle where your team’s arti aimed, it’s gonna go up your tailpipe and 1shotting your ass to the moon cuz hey, arti misses!

      • No no, it ain’t anything wrong with that shit. Its just a broken Replay and you just imagined things ingame…

        FTR: Fuck Storm

  2. This problem isn’t exclusive to arty. I have shells in Heavies and mediums that just disappear outside the aim circle.

  3. not a bug when i watch a shell land an entire reticle width outside of my reticle at 400m, when having been aimed for several seconds after server side reticle has stopped moving

  4. Thats not only with arty. since last patch i’ve had shells flying 35 degrees to the left of the aiming circle on every class.

  5. would they fix arty shell which is suddenly vanished?

    even i got the bug that arty don’t shoot and reload. maybe stupid loader sold my shell

  6. This bug is a real joke really. I dont know what cause it but point is, first the shots dont even land close to where you aim, usually 50-100 meters outside your aim circle, that cant be right? Also artys seem to miss alot more in some areas of the map, regardles if you reposition. Like 3-4 shots miss in a row despite aiming carefully on stationary objects. This wasnt the issue before 8.11.

    I know rng and accuracy fucks it up, but this is really too much, arty dont need this shit. Whats the point missing 3-4 times spending 8000 credits and like 3 minutes just of reloading and alother conbiner 5 min to aim and reposition?

  7. This has nothing to do with replays. I’ve had !fully aimed! shots go totally under and outside the aim circle by 10 meters or more, while the enemy was less than 100 meters away, and lost team battles due to that. It was not an exclusive case, as two other teammates reported the same thing happening. The first shot or two from an autoloading clip to disappear into thin air tends to fuck up your maneuver in team battles to the point of losing.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the shells appear to originate from a different point, the trajectory is kind of slanted, as if the gun was a few meters above where my tank was.

  8. I’ve had a lot of shells completely disappear, and the accuracy of my arty seems to be strange in that occasionally the shell is dead accurate, and if not, they are completely inaccurate. Why not completely remove arty if you don’t want people to play it?

      • Thats funny…..I don’t play artillery….. I haven’t seen this bug….

        …and most forum whines about “shell outside the aim circle” can be debunked when teh replay is posted….

        they are called “tanks”..not “tenks” ..moron….

        • Be nice Ding…

          This problem is less noticeable the more accurate the gun is. That said I have been having shells from my GW Panther and M44 inexplicably vanish into thin air… My first thought was that the shells were hitting birds again… but then a second shell vanished followed by a third…

          The worst part was I was in platoon with another GW Panther on Team Speak and he was having the same problem.

      • Nope.. its for REMFs who haven’t the bottle to go fight, they prefer to hide behind mountains… out of range or sight of anyone…

        ..and I’ve lost count of the REMFs who go and drown themselves when the enemy get near because they want to deny the enemy a kill…

          • If a TD hits you, your screen tells you roughly the direction he hit you from, quick reactions looking at the direction indicator, looking at the map and guessing “the usual bushes” enables you to return fire. You might hit, kill or discourage him.
            …El Halluf is a great map for blindshotting idiots in the “usual bushes”

            Any TD or Heavy within range enough to fire at you, can be fired back upon.

            Can your HEAT or APCR get through 300m of that mountain, or fly round the headland and follow the terrain?

            • Arty isnt designed to make direct damage or play similar to tds and heavys, so your point is invalid to beginn with. Really theres no reason to complain about any tenk in the game. If you know your tank, have good crew skills and know the maps you will play better in a consistent basis, and that is what sepparate good players frum pussies no matter what tenk they play. Most serious better players dont complain actually because they know how to make consistent damage and xp all day long. Idiots how ever perform bad no matter what. people complained about artys, artys get nerfed, same with TDs, tier 10 nerfed and also in 9.0 cammo while shooting gets removed. Do people perform better because of this, do people camp less because of this? Well no….

              Theres no fix in the world that can make people play better and becom better, simple. Now go fuck a can of olives.

        • First of all, most succesfull arty players have above average stats in all other tanks also which shows they have balls to brawl it out with any tenk. Mind that a arty player that suck is still a sucky player regardles of vehicle he playes. And even it there were a dedicated arty player playing only arty, whats wrong with that? There are dedicated scout, td, medium and heavy players, so what?

      • Arty enables 44% tomaturds one shot tanks across the map over hills behind 14 allied tanks. Its cancer in game.

        • No its acceptable and viable tactic. The idiot who got shot got hit due to RNG AND the fact that he was A: likely spotted and B: just sat there and took it like a fool. He likely would not be helping the team much anyways. Usually about 1/3 to 1/2 of teams do 0 damage, in Randoms, with some exceptions to Team Company, Team Battles and Clan Wars.

        • Again, a low WR arty player will perform alot worse than a high WR player in the long run. Just because a 44% wr player one shot a tenk or take off 800 hp, doesnt mean he does it often, which can be seen on the average dmg on that specifik tank. Sure it is annoying to get hurt by arty, but that is the desired effect. In the bigger picture a 44% wr player will still be a 44%, no matter how you look upon it. Also speaking about one shots. Let me inform you that one shots are rare as hell with arty after 8.6 because of many reasons.

          First the hit ratios are 30-40% and even if you get a direct hit most tier 8-10 artys make 400-800 damage and that is because:

          1. The trajectory of the arty, most shells dont drop in a 90 degree angle, which makes the effective armor alot thicker. This is specialy visible on german artys that despite having 2000 avr dmg and 100mm pen, rarely makes that damage. You know how HE mechanics works right?

          2. Accuracy and RNG which both got nerfed in 8.6. The dispersion thing never affected arty which many people believed arty to be more accurate in 8.6, which is bullshit. In a direct hit, that means that even if you penentrate the object, the shell rarely penentrate the area where you aim, like the top of the turret and the back of the turret. If the shell hit the front or any other better armored area, expect to make 1/4-1/3 of the avr dmg.

          3. Even if the shell drops in a 90 degree angle depending on the trajectory, the accuracy and rng is still bad enough to pen where you aim and even land close to the tank due to the increased distance.

          Second, 60-70% are splash damage which mean you can even with 8-10 arty make as little as 0 damage to around 700 if it hits very close.

          Third, shoot over slopes and hills. Well that works wth some artys but it is much harder to even get your shell to land close to the tank. All arty players know that slopes and hills mess things up more often, and often tankers that are sane will use these slopes and hills just to make arty miss more.

          In the current state theres no reason to complain about arty because with the current stats and rng as well as maps and campy team, rarely do arty perform well solo compared to what a player could do with a TD or heavy or medium.

          In the bigger picture it doesnt mean a shit if arty one shots a couple of tanks because it happens so rarely it affects the game very little. What you dont think about is how many shells that never even hit the tanks or make little enough damage to be significant. People have a idea that arty one shots tanks left and right and make 1000+ damage every shot, thats bullshit. If that would be the case people in 8.6 would have avr damage of 3000-4000 at least, and nobody has that.

          The aimtime, reload, accuracy and rng as well as mobilty of current artys are far too inconsistent to be a game changer. Annoying yes, but all tanks are annoying for the enemy, thats the point I believe.

          • Not to mention a few more fact’s about SPGs…

            Because an SPG does not spot its own target the SPG gets less xp for the damage done. And SPGs have the most expensive XP grind of any line and usually have to be in the match the full 15 mins. Not to mention patch after patch has cut their hitpoints by about 10-20%. If not more in some cases.

            In addition to having to deal with the issues in the above post.

            If people want to suffer the grind, the RNG, the daily Goat Sacrifices, the short queue times and in turn watch the world burn while poor tanker rage and scream… Then all the more power to them.

        • I’ll take that as a compliment, coming from the king of butthurts. I’m not actually butthurt, but it’s quite obvious that you are.

          The good old “omg, I’m a scrub and I don’t know how to avoid arty, so it must be removed from the game” argument, it just makes you sound really fucking daft.

          Get fucked.
          Best regards,
          - isu

          • It’s impossible to take your comments seriously when you have over 700 battles on the SU-26. Coward clicker AND sealclubber. It can only be worse if we discover you use warpack…

            • You are funny or what? I dont get why people are so fuking retarded. If you get hit by arty these days u either stand still too fucking much or in spots where arty can hit you, or the arty player is competent and have agood mouse so he can hit you on the move. Which by the way is even more rare than getting a direct hit or a splash with decent damage. Game is all about making damage and taking damage. Artys dont take much damage, but they are 1-2 shots anyways due to their low HP.

              Artys got nerfed in 8.6, why complain just because people adapted to the new playstyle, which isnt really a new playstyle but a plain fuking nerf to players abilities.

              • Yeah I don’t get why clicking fucktards can’t stop acting like they are some sort of skilled players. Well, I guess no human person likes having their privileges over others removed but these people think they are on the same level, that is the reason a respected player like Jingles calls them douchebags.

                • You are a funny guy. First of all, if you read what I wrote, these arty players that are simply “good”, they have above average stats in all other tanks also. Differance is they perfer some vehicles over others, just like you perfer heavys or wheelchair of what ever you roll round in because you are white and nerdy.

                  Jingles is a entertainer not a respected players. So you are wrong again. If you look at his earlyer videos jingles played arty himself, but stopped because of whining idiots like you. If you also look at his other videos while he testing artys be use the work scumbag as a joke, not for real. Get your facts straight before you try to mouthfuck the public.

                  Also respect? Theres no fucking respect in wot, play what you wanna and ctfu thats about it.

                  Also privilages over others? Lol, all tenks are designed different and they are balanced which WG did in patch 8.6 and now in patch 8.11 and 9.0 with TDs, just because of faggot whiners thinking they will suddenly perform better just because artys and tds got nerfed.

                • Hey ggram, give us your WoT account name so we can see if you stand up to the test — your own fucking attitude. You like to shit on everyone else, so you must be super-unicum yourself right? Stop hiding like a little bitch.

                  I know you already checked my stats since you were kind enough to inform me how many battles I’ve played in the SU-26. If I’m so useless in regular tanks, how come I win more than I lose in them? Your logic is equal to a pile of shit — it stinks.

              • EDIT: this is meant for ggram not for TT3Az
                arty is overnerfed as hell and IF you get one shot by it(and thats a BIG if unless youre playing something like french tanks) you either did something wrong or he did everything right AND got lucky at the same time

                most arties have to aim for more than 10sec just to have a remote chance of hitting you and yet they can still miss if unlucky

                and i dare you to call me an arty player mate….heck i even play T95 the slowest tank there is and i dont have a problem with arty even when driving it…..

                some of us actually have a brain and use it so we can prevent arty from hitting us most of the time….if they do however its either his skill or our bad luck/mistake

                • True, the whole process of turning the hull and aim as well as making the shot land takes like what 30 seconds or more + 30-40s reload. Its no more point and click unless you preaim but with artys with smal gun traverse you need to move hull anyways.

                  High tier or any arty are just okay now days if you have good crew skills, talking ábout BIA; 6th sense, clutch brake, off road drive, recon, camo etc. And premium consumable like candy, coffe, cola etc. And those who are running that are either old players or new dedicated ones….they suppose to be good. Too bad people like ggram doesnt understand this shit.

            • Of course I played a lot of SU-26 when it was able to do damage (before the nerfs), it was the funniest tank in the game. Who cares which tier it is/was, I would have played the same amount of battles if it was tier 10.
              Seriously ggram, did your mommy drop you when you were born, or did something happen later that made you this stupid?

              • If you say arty is pure luck, that means it doesn’t require any skill. And if it’s overnerfed why even play it? You like having no control at all? Or actually you play this game because you just like doing damage by moving the mouse and clicking? There are browser games for that so there you go, get the fuck out of this game and stop ruining decent people’s matches.

                • its idiots like you who ruin the games mate…..high tier arties are mostly fine because they were the only OP ones….the problem is the nerf hit the lower tier ones the most and they were the ones that DIDNT need any nerfs at all with a few exceptions and yes arty can influence the game especially if you use XVM to identify the right targets
                  theres a lot more to playing arty than just pointing and clicking but you cant know that ;)

                  have you ever even played arty ggram? i highly doubt it ;) youre just like one idiot who always argued with me because he knew all about arty after 3 games in T2 Su-18 arty :D

                • @ ggram:
                  With the current stats, one shots are pure luck and you see why if you read my longer posts. How ever, trying to make good performance with arty is pure skill like with other tenks. In other words, there are better and worse things you can do while playing arty, but that does not guarantee you will one shot, it only guarantees that you will more likely get a direct hit and make splash damage. And that is what counts.

                  To explain it simple, only shooting on stationary targets will increase your chance to hit and splash than shooting on moving targets 800m away. You can have luck in both instances, but in the long run taking your time and take “secure” shots will benefit you more. Here is where skill comes into play. The arty player that spams the button and rely on one shot luck-rng will fail badly.

                  I dont think artys are overly nerfed because I didnt play arty in 8.5 so I dont know what do say. Simple, if you look my stats I have 3100 games in ferdinand and 1100 in tiger II, arty is just another way of enjoying the game. Some people like artys, tds, mediums, etc even if they are not really good at it. People play what they wanna. Also ruin peoples games, arty is the least of the problems “decent” people shopuld be thinking on.

                  If I were you I would focus on 8.11 lags and also the abuse of gold ammo, which in differance to artys and TDs dont mess with the game mechanics.

                  Let me guess ggram you also hate TDs and wich they would get nerfed?

                • Well thanks to idiots all TDs will lose their camo bonus while shooting…or wait all tanks will lose it. Class wide nerfs are real popular amongst whiners these days. Too bad WG listen to these jokes and nerf a entire class.

                • @ ggram
                  Dunt fuck with mi, soy italiao, tu saber? XD

                  But really what the fuck was that picture you posted? Dont get I, yes I did play alot od TDs, and after 8.6 a couple of artys and heavy tenks. Whats wrong with that fuckwit?

                • @ggram: Man, arty requires a lot of skill to be effective. You have to predict enemy moves, by looking at whole minimap, you have to aim properly, or missing target is almost certain, you have to think about ur shell speed, on 700m you have to wait for 3 seconds before you hit. Or miss because target suddelny deciced to move. Check my stats, on S-51 and M12. I’m playing M12 now, and stats on S-51 are from my early nooby times when S-51 was OP (patch 7.5 or so). Somehow, my M12 stats are better. Arty require skill. And brain. If you don’t know what is brain, read this:

  9. Yes, I have been having this problem since the 8.11 patch as well..

    Sometimes the shell lands in a completely different location than where I aimed at and sometimes the shell just disappears completely in midair and I don’t see it land anywhere. It’s pretty damn annoying, but we should be used to WG doing half-assed work by now.

  10. I got to admit, I hated 8.5 arty back then because…yes they could hit you much more consistent at areas that are difficult now days and also on the run which made it hard for slow tenks to move. But back then I didnt knew the maps that well either. Now days, with the stats of the 8.6 artys a slow tank can move in the open relatively safe. The biggest threat to that tank is other tanks and TDs and gold ammoers.

    Sure all tanks have to break cover and risk beein shot by arty, but that is a risk one have to take. There are always risks moving, thats why people camp, but on the other hand if you dont take damage and make damage you will be a 45% er no matter what. Most decent players nowdays can take little damage and make more and still move around playing solo, but juding by the high amount of tards 90% of players in team are sub 40-45% wr ones with 3000 battles and tier 8-9 heavys. No wonder they compain….they dont even have 100% crews. But wait, lets nerf 6th sense while we are here because its unfair to those new players in tier 8 heavys not having 100% crew skills……but using gold ammo.

  11. “For starters, I will fix the bug, where shell trajectory is displayed incorrectly in replays. So that we have a base to confirm the issue.”

    Just dont use x16 fast forward when watching replays, it will fuck up the shell trajectory display, shoving shells explode in midair

    I had this bug several times, sometimes firing at the same place more times without even moving the cursor, still the shell goes FAR out of the aiming circle, and yes, i use server side crosshairs

    i uploaded only one such replay, maybe i will more
    edited screenshot wich shows the reticle size in the moment of firing the shell, and the explosion where it landed:

  12. this bug is caused by the server aim getting ‘stuck’ to objects like stones etc…
    its rare, but I will try to post screenshots of it to demonstrate

    • And how is our game activity even related to this problem, which occurs regardles of tank played? Also why the fuck would anyone want to stop playing arties? Large amount of people alreaddy stopped after 8.6 which was the desired effect, and now some new people or old ones are playing arty to help team. Simple as that fuckwit. I bet if we would change to TDs or heavy tenks you would whine “op cheatur haxxur !report”. Actually whats your gamer profile and what tier 8 heavys do you play?

  13. Arty shells are disappearing and it’s a pain. You wait for the perfect moment and ………………nothing.

    I took out a team mate night before last who was about 50 metres from my zoomed in on target. Funny thing was it only cost me 4 XP. As in FOUR; and a similar derisory amount in silver. Did WoT know it was an accident? I think we should be told.

  14. Battle in Live Oaks, I am with Obj. 261.
    Shooting at the city from south base, next to houses.

    1st shot: Abducted by aliens, it never arrived to its destination.
    2nd shot: Abducted by aliens.
    3rd shot: Abducted… Someone call Jay from Men in Black.
    4th shot: Arrived about 50m outside of my still aiming circle.

    Oh, and I am using server side crosshair!

    Damned aliens…

    • Lol happens far too often, even more pain with the gw tiger that has like 40+ sec reload :(. Then people in team, write like arty sleeping, noob arty, etc. Fucking cunts. First they want to nerf arty and then they complain when arty is less effective. Just like they complained on TDs. Wonder what these fuckwits will say when TD class nerfs come, they alreaddy nerfed tier 10 alpha and other things and will soon remove all camo while shooting. Whats next?