Developer Diaries – Physics

Hello everyone,

so, the promised developer diaries are here and my first reaction was: “I really need a new rig” :) No, seriously, it looks beautiful.




- destruction physics (worth watching)
- independent suspension and track physics (also looks quite natural)
- Havok will be optional, it will use multiple cores
- new tank movement physics

Apparently, with the new movement physics, the tank mobility parameters will change as well. For now, there is only the terrain resistance parameter, in the future however, there will be many more parameters, defining tank movement (“traction, terrain deformation”) – that will however have one downside: tank mobility parameters will be even harder to estimate from paper values.

- turrets being ripped off by ammorack explosions (parameters considered: internal volume of the tank, amount of remaining ammunition, type of remaining ammunition)
- ripped off turrets will exist as a (server-side) objects with mass (they can destroy things)
- movable objects (players pushing ingame object trucks for example)
- tanks flipping over

Overall, it looks all very, very cool. Looking forward to it.

118 thoughts on “Developer Diaries – Physics

      • I’m probably in no position to correct you, but it seems like a lot of this stuff is in a state of “when it’s done it’s done.”

        Tanks flipping over and turrets ripping off are certainly coming soon, but other things (like the new movement physics?) are a bit more indefinite.

        • You might be right.

          But.. looking at the new features, it realy looks like WG is already a long way into developing this. The building models appear to be done, the tank HD models are being worked on, and the destruction and dynamic physics of seperate objects and vehicles appear to be about done aswell. Probably changing all the maps to the Havok engine is WG biggest challenge now, next to ironing out bugs.

          I would even dare to wager they could release it before the summer if they wanted to meet that deadline. WG is a big company now, afterall.

          • According to the video, the server-side physics have been in constant development for over a year…

      • It will be beautiful and so shitty optimized :) and without skill based MM still crap

        and most frustrating game I’ve ever played

        • Stop crying about skill based MM. It won’t happen. Ever. WG have said this time after time.

      • New rigg? Well, a fx 8230, 8gb ram and a r280/gtx760 will not cost a fortune. And such a rig should be enough to even run bf4 on medium/high with 60 fps. If wot doesnt handle it then the game is fucked up.

        Also sell meth? Im affraid you are serious…

        • TT3Az has a pretty good point as far as building a good rig is concerned. The Fx 8320 or the 630 are way cheap and the GTX760 or the 280x/270x are great cards. you could possibly build the whole thing for under $900 USD if you salvage a few parts off of your older system :)

  1. Love every single part of it. The chains and fuel tanks on the tanks moving looks cool :) Maybe we will even get the Maus external fuel tank now with the HD model.
    The trucks and objects moving is also a nice addition :) Not to mention building destruction :)
    I think that if they really implement all of this, it will make for a very very great update to the game :)

    • Didnt they talk something about customization of models (like adding and removing log and fuel tanks and such..)
      maby im wrong

  2. First reasonable thing from WH on YouTube since veeery long time.

    OTOH – gearbox seems like a nice place to put silent buffs for gameplay reasons or nerfs for historical accuracy.

  3. “Apparently, with the new movement physics, the tank mobility parameters will change as well. For now, there is only the terrain resistance parameter, in the future however, there will be many more parameters, defining tank movement (“traction, terrain deformation”)”

    Himmelsdorf on Ice anyone? :3

  4. daymnzzzzz… this update is a sin to moan about if something goes wrong lol

    I wonder just if the tanks can be flipped over and just continue playing if someone rams them.. or will the players be automatically disconnected.. or maybe, they will take damage over time [ As it's now when a tank is standing on top of another tank ]


    • What I am seeing is that with tipping over, the days of launching yourself from a bridge are over. I won’t if I have a chance of becoming a turtle on its back.

  5. Nurf Opel 6700 – indestructible.

    Predict a whole new wave of whining (OMG my tonk has flipped over, how do i get back on tracks OMG flying turret killed me gief my moneyz back)

    Finally, i approve multicore support. Only European tree left to be done , and im a happy bunny :-)

  6. There needs to be a reward for destroying buildings and revealing enemy tanks to ones team. I do this all the time when no one on my team has the wit to. My question is, if a building fall on a tank will it do damage like take out view ports or kill light tanks? Arty could take out a building that a LT was spotting from behind killing the LT – would this be rewarded I wonder?

    Will the next iteration of the physics bring in destructible terrain?

    • Building debris won’t do any damage to tanks, it will be only visual.
      And I don’t think destructable terrain has anything to do with this.. they said it’s very hard and resourcefull to implement.

  7. Looks great but shouldn’t those trucks just get crushed under the big tanks like a Maus, rather than pushed along? lol

    Also at the end wooden spools of wire being pushed instead of crushed… seems they still have a bit of fine tuning to do.

    • Well the Maus is clearly just pushing them. If they were crushed, he would need to drive over them on his tracks. He is clearly just pushing them.

  8. I see a new game mode….

    Leave the turret turkey shooting effects ingame (about 5.50s in vid)..

    …and play football across Campanova…..

    You can only shoot the turret, (the football)
    Shooting the enemy sends you to the sin bin (the swamp)
    Barging, ramming, pushing and blocking are allowed, (fair tackles)
    Goals scored when turret lands in enemy cap circle.

    • would definitely play. the next thing we know someone is going to create a gamemode for turret football

    • I had the proposal a while back for “turretball”

      Comparable to the idea stated above, only you ram the turret to push it across instead of shooting it. The biggest challenges are defining goal posts on Malinovka and figuring out which turret to use.

  9. Please god no… Tanks flipping over means even more idiots on our team dying for no purpose…

    AD Movable trucks: This is something so unrealistic it’s not even funny… All trucks have no breaks or what? When he rams the truck in a tank while riding fast, he moves the truck instead of destroying him? What??

    I think the new movement and destruction system will actually hinder the gameplay and there will be massive whining about it. Realism != fun. Just compare CS 1.5 vs CSS. Some “arcade” things shouldn’t be changed to preserver a better gameplay.

    • Lol what did I just read?
      Tank flipping a bad thing? it is a good and realistic addition.
      Movable trucks- why the fuck now? Unrealistick? No brakes? What do brakes have to do when you are being pushed by a 50 ton tank?

      These features haven’t even arrived yet and you are already whinning..

      • Yes, tank flipping is a bad thing if you think about the gameplay consequences…

        If you are being pushed by a 50 ton tank your wheels shouldn’t be moving… Or everyone in Russia parks their car on neutral gear? Because that is what we see in the video…

        • What gameplay consequences? Bad drivers ending up on their sides? Fast tanks requiring more caution and skill when driving? People learning not to drive sideways across a steep slope? Probably being able to ram an enemy tank onto its side? It all sounds good to me.

          inb4 “waaah waaah now more noobs on my team will be immobilised before firing a shot”
          It happens to your enemies too.

          • Consequences like your idiotic teamates trying to ram from the side to flip you over for example… I bet there will be a lot of them jus to try it out…

        • so despit the fliping tanks
          seems that your biggest concern is why the cars moves like it is shown of video???o.O
          let it go up and live see how it works then talk
          people are making stupid arguements from a piece of video clip!!!

        • You are supposed to park in neutral gear and use handbrake to block the wheels. But if a tank pushes you, it won’t be enough.

          • Maybe in your country. If I did that in mine in winter, I wouldn’t be able to drive away because handbrake tend to get stuck because of frost.

            • Since we do it in all countries where it doesn’t freeze hard at night, (which is the majority in the summer) It might be correct at all, don’t you think? And ever seen a car crash with a truck? Its quite seldom the truck simply sucks the car under it, it mostly pushes + crushes it. They always bumbed quite softly, and never at full speed in the video.

              • I was in a bus accident once.

                The bus I was in was going down-hill when the accelerator got stuck. At the bottom of the hill were two cars. Bus hit them at about 60km/h to 80km/h and just shoved them aside and then when partly of a bridge and came to a stop.

                Amazingly, no one died. I lost my two front teeth tho :-/

                • To be fair, your average civilian vehicle nevermind now a freakin’ bus isn’t exactly designed to *climb* over/onto obstacles.
                  Tanks are.

  10. I saw Port in the video, which means they still use the map to test, or whatever. Will it return someday? It’s maybe broken, but all maps can be reworked so it’s even for both sides. Shooting through and under trains? It can be solved.

  11. Haters can hate how much they want, but this looked freaking epic!

    Also wonder how the Havoc gonna stress the processor cores and the GPU. I hope my GTX 570 and i5-2600k will be enough to hande it on stable 50(ish) fps. Hopefully my rig will handle it. Iam quite broke and cant really afford to spend much on new components :D

    • I dont see why you should upgrade anything. The the game had problems its most likely the game and not your hardware. Your i5 can be overclocked and still have alot to give, your gpu should be fine for wot.

    • either way the 2600K is a very competitive CPU. the videocard should be replaced first.

      • Im not sure there are any “i5″ 2600k, but there are i7 2600k and in that case you have a solid cpu with HT which overclock very well. In terms of performance there is little differance between the sandy, ivy and haswell (2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx) once overclocked. Differance in benchmark programs yes, differance in fps in games, very little.

        I would say the most sane upgrade would be a new gpu possibly a gtx 770, 780 or 280x or 290. Also a better cpu cooler so you can overclock that cpu to 4.5 ish.

  12. Well for once I can say well done WG I only hope my GTX 770 and i5 3570K can handle this

    • I hope too, because I have similar hardware and a highly clocked cpu. Still on some maps I get like 60-80 fps despite all setting are not on high or maximum :(.

    • Yeah he did. But it was because how ridiculously easy to flip a 40-50 ton tank is in warthunder, you literally just have to sneeze on it and it flips over.

      It seems WoT you have to fly off a cliff to flip over, completely realistic and honestly, if you fly off a cliff and it was going to rotate your tank, you deserve being flipped over.

      • Only way to actually flip a tank with other tank would probably be ramming ELC with E50 since the big weight difference.

        • I’ve seen plenty of heavy (weight) tanks get shoved onto their sides after being rammed by tanks of comparable weight. I tipped a jagdpanther in my 3002M for example.

  13. Of course, we all know they can make good teasers, but let’s wait and see how many months (years) it will take the them to implement all the announced features (actually working as intended, not for a check-mark).

  14. *Slow clap* Wargaming well done. This should attract more noobs to the slaughter.

  15. Here’s hoping the few electric vehicles in game behave realistically and are not hit as harshly with gear changes and engine RPM changes.

  16. It looks very good, but im not sure they should be focusing on this graphical stuff in this current state. This doesn nothing regarding the game balance or optimization of the game. If anything it will make the game even more laggy and shit. This will attract more noobs yes, that likes to see stuff blow up. Im also curious about the game performance. Will people with hig end system run this at all high/max with 100 fps, like they can in other games? Or will it be like it is today there people with high end system still get much lower fps than they would get in for example other multiplayer games with more players and much better graphics?

    Imo, whats the point with all these eye candy if fps suffer too much? Specially if the players have computers thet is more than capable of running such games on high/max settings.

    • Just like in bf3 then, where destroyed building can kill enemies. Only sad part is that it will be harder to take cover from arty and from other enemies, specially since people are camping so fucking much. Im all for physics but limit buildning that can be destroyed even more for balancing reasons. Having realistic physics is idiotic in a arcade game such as wote. I mush rather see them implement full multicore support to beginn with. Not just limit fov and call it the day….

      • They said that specific building will not be fully distributable. But it also seems that most buildings will be fully destructible.

        Look on the bright side at least the buildings don’t have basements…

            • Its still a nerf for people brawling and use solid objects as cover. While artys are not OP now days, they are just perfect. Campers and snipers and arty dont need anything making them perform better, it would be OP then.

  17. Can I do hulldown by pushing the turret? Also, why are cars so tough? I’ve never seen a car surviving a tank pushing at 30km/h.

  18. —With the introduction of client physics (what players have long wanted will finally come true), World of Tanks will utilize multiple processor cores.

    To stay polite, BS

    Players have wanted the rendering engine to be specific and the game in general to use multi-core. Adding Havoc will not lessen the single-core at 100% issue that we all see and Havoc (on or off) will not increase the framerate.

    • True, havoc wont do a shit. Its safe to say that patch 9.0 will make fps even worse. Which is sad for those that have invested time and money in computers which cost alot and are quite capable. Also sad for those thet has decent to weak computers in 8.11 and can run game relatively smooth, will get screwed in 9.0. Sure they claim HD textures and havoc will be optional, but we never know. 8.11 did screw the game up as well, microfreeze and other shit while going into sniper mode, how do WG plan on fixing this. I say it, the game needs to use all cores not put all load on only 1 core.

      Point is game isnt well optimised or well functioning. Patch 8.11 is a good example of that.

      • One of the first steps that they need to do is move off of DX9 and onto DX11 as it supports multi-cores natively. They can then work to move aspects of the game to multi-core once the DX11 framework is in place.

        Items that they should move first are the items that do not affect game mechanics but use up CPU power:
        1. Track traces
        2. Weapon effects (explosions, ground impacts, etc)
        3. Environmental (wave motion, tree & bush movement, fog, lighting, etc)

  19. Is WG also going to release an ASAP video today? Or is this the only video?

    • I think this was the video SS was refering yesterday. Still ASAP video should come, but it will be more focused on next patch(9.0) rather than this video who showed us plans for several future patches.

  20. In the typical way of big companies, the announcement of the “revolutionary” new graphics and physics come at the moment when no one needs them.

    What about the ideas the community has to actually improve the experience the player in order not to end up frustrated and having to buy a new display after every battle?? Yes, I’m talking about skill based battles. They are telling us what they want to be considered an improvement and try to shift our attention to other aspects completely not necessary at this stage for the player.

    The new graphics&co is like painting a bridge to look as new and say “There you go, it’s fixed”.

    I stopped playing for 3 months due to very bad teams only to return recently and find the same no fun games I left behind. Why should I invest time and money in raising crews, obtaining a specific tank, buying the right equipment when I get 10 people in my team and the battle lasts for 3 minutes? I am not absurd, I understand there are failures but I can make the difference between trying to win a game and failing instantly due to… meh

    I hope you guys have better experience(s).

    • I agree. Not to the skill based game, but WG trying to cover serious issues with fancy graphics just to attrack even more casual paying noobs. First priority should be fixing the game, obvious graphical issues and also making game use more cores to get better overall performance. After then they can focus on eye candy and “HD” bullshit graphics.

      • Kellomies, if this is your comment then I hope we’ll never meet in the same team.

        I’m into the essence/content of things, less so into the package.

        • The topic has been done to death *way* too many times to count in the past. Short form, not a good idea.

          Also you *would* actually rather want me in your team than the other one, as according to WR I’m a fair bit better at positive contribution towards victory than the average. :P

        • Skill based MM will be bullshit because of many reasons. First there are no guarantees that player stats will indicate the players true skill. Player stats can be affected by alot and also the players specific skill on tanks and how much they are played and also what kind of tanks the player has played or are playing. Simple general stats dont tell the whole truth. Also if both teams would have the same “skill” people would own less and it would be many draws, camping and other bullshit because nobody would be dumb enough to play “bold” and take risks. Random MM is needed to make people both win and lose and this is good for attracting noob casuals that are paying and also better players that like to “own”. I dont see noob idiot teams as a problem really, because in the long run, if you are a decent player you will perform good in a consistent manner. Sure you will fail, but everybody fails. I dont think MM screw you over as much as you want to believe and I have enough games and enough games in certan tanks to know that.

          Skill MM is just a happy thought players have to believe they suddenly will perform better and win more, but I dont think it will be that way. Play platoon if you want to play with equaly skilled people. Tooning is fucking OP actually if players are good and playing with OP tenks.

          • What people need to understand is that playing for winning is simply bullshit playing randoms solo, and the reason for that is many. Playing for having fun will benefit you more in the long run. Sure its sad to lose, but its more fun to have a good game than winning/losing. For me, its all about making damage and earning credits and XP and hence a 4000 dmg loose is better than a 1500 damage win. Some times I even do stuff by purpose to lose, but to rack up more damage and hopefully more xp and credits :). Pls dunt report mi :/.

            • I play for fun as well. This is why I’m saying the fun factor is barely present for me due to weak players. This is why I said I have no problem losing as long as the team tried its best. I also have a family which makes it hard to be part of a clan and meet their demands. I rather spend time with my 2 months old son.

              Now, allow me to keep my idea of skill based battles. As the game is now I feel like I’m a teenager in classroom full of 7 years old. Imagine the situation.

              Also, it’s hard to plan even the simplest of tactics in randoms. You say with arguments to stay in a position and ambush or defend or stay arty safe but are very soon to find out that no one listens and everyone is a hero.

              • Adjust to le randoms being full of tards or gtfo the game. Skill MM wouldn’t really help anyway given obvious “regression toward the mean” issues.

              • Well the random is “random” and it has been well known that wot community is kinda retarded for many reasons, too many to list here.

                The only thing you can do is to try play effective as solo player and have good crew skills and equipment will give you advantage over many casual noob players. There are no guarantees that you will succed though, but thats the thing with random battles and modes similar like this. You either accept the retardness and play along like I do, or you try to act mature and skilled and all other bullshit just to prove you are a “man”.

                You can learn to like the random, its hard but doable. In fact I use to troll and do stuff by purpose just because its fun and its totally accepted in this retarded community.

                You have the classic argument “I dont have time to play in clen because I have family and therfore I want quality time in wot”. Well dude, im affraid wot is the worst thing you can spend your free time on if you have family. Get another hobby, I have plenty of other hobbies I can turn to when wot gets too fucked up. Out of all hobbies, wot is kinda negative one, it doesnt provide anything positive at all. Im sure there are other mmorpg games out there which are more positive and give you better enjoyment.

                As far as im concearned, if you have a decent pc, internet connection and okay skills, there shouldnt be any problem enjoying wot because you have everything it takes to be rather okay player. If you dont have these things, which around 70% of the community doesnt, well than you will have issues like playing with 10-15 fps and 200 ping playing tier 2 in a tier 10 game just because u dont understand the scout mechanics. The list can be long dude.

                Also, pls give your gamer ID I would like to troll you :).

                • I completely agree that it’s a “negative hobby” and from this I am suggesting a change by creating player classes in order to make it not even more fun cause it’s not right now but simply bring the fun into the game. The fact that the current personal rating is faulty makes me thing that it can be intentded this way to make us “see” how difficult it is to implement a good rating algorithm. Have you heared anything after its introduction about the ingame rating system? I didn’t, except that they said it needs improvements. By following FTR you can clearly see that no one mentions about it in any of the Q&A or daily blog updates. It’s like “we tried but it’s hard to do so we give up”.

                  I started playing wot after seeing some of colleagues at work and got into it. Back then we used to platoon but for similar reasons as mine they quit and now I am the only one playing it. For some reason I found it hard to give, especially after putting some money into it but my sanity wants to go the other way.

                  I have other hobbies, thank God. But once a child comes in your family it’s kinda hard for a while to hike, climb or go mountain biking. I own a good PC which allows me to play the game maxed out now at 40-50 fps.

                  You can find me ingame with the same id as here: the_cowardly_dog (a cartoon character :)) ).

  21. Wait.. does this mean my T1 heavy can go monster-truck mode and crush tier 3 light tanks now?

  22. Now they just need to finally add gun barrel collision models. It’ll look silly with all this realistic destruction and physics but have gun barrels still phase through everything

    • Because maneuvering around obstacles isn’t inconvenient *enough* as is.
      Especially for turretless TDs.

      I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and assume you merely didn’t think that one through.

      • Maybe you should learn to drive better if you’re constantly bumping into obstacles. Spacial awareness is a critical skill in a game like world of tanks.

        Having to take into consideration your gun barrel would really change the dynamics of the game. Facehugging would be impossible, narrow streets would actually pose a danger for tanks as they do in real life, peek-a-boom tactics would face drastic changes and tanks with unfeasibly long barrels will actually feel it when they are taking steep slopes and sharp corners.

        It would feel more authentic and realistic, which is what they are going for with all these physics and suspension changes.

          • I can say the same to you

            Your point is that driving with gun barrel collisions would be difficult and troublesome.

            My point is acknowledging that it would be troublesome, but the game would be better off for it, and that maybe some people who would find it troublesome need to adapt and improve their skills.

            • WGs point isnt to make the game more realistic because a arcade game like wot can never be realistic. Their point is to attract more casual paying idiots because “destroying stuff and flipping upside down is fun”. Also to make people focus on the new graphics instead of the real problems that has been there since day one and even since 8.11. They keep adding stuff to make people intrested and hopefully spend gold, and it works like a charm. Thats the only point they implement havoc and HD graphics and physics and other bullshit.

              Gun barrel collisions is bullshit because they would mess with the game too much. If we are looking into “realism” then we better start playing WT. Im safe to say that no balance that has been made in wot is due to “historical accuracy” or “realism”, that is just what the devs want idiots to believe so they play more and spend more gold. Even the arty balance in 8.6 was perfectly sane, to make people spend more money, to grind UK artys which are better or to grind other tanks or to buy premium food which makes the artys much better.

              Same with havoc and HD graphics, it will attract new players as well as those who will grind the HD tank models which in return make people buy gold to prem account and free xp. Its nothing about realism or skill.

            • My *point* is it would be pointlessly onerous bullshit that would only detract from the playing experience. Maneuvering the hull of your tenk around stuff, including other tenks, is already distracting enough given that it has to be done by one person multitasking rather than by a dedicated driver as in a real vehicle; having to worry about your damn barrel on top of *that* would be plain aggravating.

              This shit was flogged to death on the forums IIRC long before FTR even existed you know.

              • Some people believe they will own more and win more just because there will be more realistic elements. Thats is because they believe their superbrain/ex tank driver, patience, teamwork etc, etc. real world skill will help them in game.

                Fact is most games are fucking arcade ones and it doesnt matter if you have real world skills. WOT is kinda good in the way you hardly need any reflexes and such skills unlike other games with vehicles and shooting in it. Look at jingles and other wot videos, players hardly are amazing in terms of reflexes and movements, but they still manage okay because they know the game mechanics. WOT is a information based game, where 90% of the bullshit is about knowing positions of enemies etc. Driving tanks and point and click at weakspots is not that hard.

                I dont see how more “realistic elements” will make the game better nor make players suddenly perform better? Simply if you have a bad pc and internet and if you suck, you suck simple. Thats why some people use the excuse “I have low fps and high ping, thats why i play arty and TD”. Well that might be the case….

                • Agreed.

                  And I for one would far rather spend my time fighting the enemy instead of the UI, which is pretty much what too much ‘realism’ of the sort advocated by Gary and his ilk would mainly boil down to.

  23. 1 video with kick ass game play, and the crying bitches are out in force wanting more and more? I remember when physics was first being kicked around, I am sure these same whiners were there with their gloom and doom flags raised then too. It gets real damn old hearing people crying daily about a FREE fucking game. If your sick of paying for prem, become good and get into a clan that pays your prem.
    WG has taken many baby steps to get where it is, and is only heading in the right direction. While some things might not be perfect, do you actually think they are not being worked upon?
    Noobs will do stupid noob things, nothing will fix that.
    PS-FFS use spell check, makes you look dumber then your actual wambulance comments.

    • >If *your* sick of paying for prem, become good and get into a clan that pays your prem.

      >PS-FFS use spell check, makes you look dumber then your actual wambulance comments.


    • Well, the game is free the services arnt. Its well knows that you more or less need gold and premium account to play higher tiers beeing on the positive side regarding credits and train crews faster and drop skills and transfer crews. Paying customers has every right to complain because they are supporting the fucking game, some of them are even theplayers. But WG dont give a shit, their strategy isnt to support core players but to attract new casual players to spend money and then leave the game, and then attract new players again, the cycle never ends. Thats why we see the high amount of noobs playing prem tanks and higher tiers and spam gold ammo. Even though many services and items can be bought with in game credits, you need either premium tanks or premium account or both to afford these stuff unless you play really good, and these noobs dont play good so they will never afford these stuff on regular accounts.

      No sane person would think WG is taking steps in the right direction and that is because of many reasons. They still havent fixed they shitty servers and ISP causing huge lag, they also havent fixed the current issues that 8.11 caused. They also didnt made the game use more cores. 9.1 will only make havoc run on another core and the rest as it is now. Their game engine is ancient as fuck. HD texture and HD models some might say, well nothing more than models with more polygons and hence the HD is just a marketing term.

      No, we dont think things are beeing worked on, why should they? WG only cares about getting new casual paying customers that dont know a shit abiout game balance or game optimization. Instead they buy a fucking bank in cyprus and I dont see how that will benefit us at all…

  24. I need a new rig, this looks awesome. Thanks SS

    Also: anybody consider that maybe the trucks were made indestructible for testing/showcasing them? And did I hear him right when they said you could even potentially move a train?? That I would like to see

    • Well a new rig is always fun but before you buy you got to ask the question if its worth it? Unless you play other games than wot, a better possibilty is to turn off havoc and HD graphics which as far as I know may be a option. Game is badly optimised anyways and I think even the newest generation gaming pc will still have issues running wot smoothly, due to game only supports 1 core and non dx11 or mantle.

  25. I do hope my Leopard PTA will still be a deadly agile little sniper. I have faith in WG and seeing the PTA in the video I don’t think they have forgotten it : D

    • Well dont have your hopes up because in 9.1 they will remove camo bonus while shooting on all tanks = spotted easier. Also they will mess with the physics a little which will affect the tenk as well as other hulls with better armor and less speed or less armor with more speed. So yes they will mess the tanks up. Apparently the middle ground (hulls) we have now are too good for casual noobs so they either have to nerf their armor and buff speed or buff armor and nerf speed. All in the name of “balancing”. Fun uh? :)

      Be certan it will come a medium rebalance soon, as artys and also TDs got and will get more nerfed in the future.

  26. - turrets being ripped off by ammorack explosions (parameters considered: internal volume of the tank, amount of remaining ammunition, type of remaining ammunition)

    Can the Birch gun’s “turret” knocked off too? I want to see how far it flies when 150 HE shells explodes :D

  27. “Damn it, the enemy scout just got to the lighthouse on Cliff!”

    *Takes a shot at the lighthouse; the lighthouse crumbles and crushes the scout*



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    • Lol another statement totally out of the context. Why do all people think its time to “upgrade”? Also dont think a gpu alone will slove your issues, wot benefits from a good and clocked cpu as well.