List of Forbidden Mods for US Server

Hello everyone,

after two years and a billion dollars, Wargaming NA finally released an official list of banned modifications. This will hopefully help clean up some of the misunderstandings, that were plaguing the community recently.

Currently, banned mods on US server are:

- 3D-Skins with Display of Modules and Crew Positions
- Removal of trees, leaves and bushes or change transparency
- “Lens scope” modification that removes tree leaves and alters bush transparency around the aiming reticle.
- Script automated use of manually activated equipment. I.E. Automatic use of Manual Fire Extinguisher
- Modified Tracer Display (case-by-case basis)
- Free camera
- Laser Reticle (red line starting from the gun barrel)
- Modified Tracer Display (case-by-case basis)
- Mini Map modifications that passively provide information to the individual player without the use of active teamwork.

If you are interested in what is each mod and how does it look, click on the link above and check out the pictures in the thread. There are four things that however caught my eye.

- white corpses are not banned, which is odd, considering they actually are banned on EU server, according to support at least
- the minimap mode seems to be banned altogether, which is good, but I wonder if ALL the elements displayed on the example picture (such as your own turret aiming direction, enemy turret direction on minimap) are banned, or just some
- ultra zoom mods are not banned? I thought they were as well
- the “destroyed object detector” is specifically listed as banned on RU server. Here, it is probably included within the minimap mods, but it wouldn’t hurt to add it

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  1. Looks like only the 3 marked parts of the minimap mod are banned. On this list, WG marked the important parts with a line and a comment field. For the minimap pic it’s only the three very questionable parts Sela used. Normal XVM or locastan minimaps seem to be still fine.

    Not as strict (yet) as I would have expected judging by the guidelines the DPP has already in place.

    • it’s very much what I’ve said in the other discussion thread when the story 1st got posted

      it’s gross oversight from WG that they actually leave some incredible stuff in the client, and when people find them and create a mod around them … bans start flying
      no one finds it odd that client side can know when a enemy tank in reloading in fucking milliseconds real time ?!
      I hear left and right cheats do not exist in WoT .. oh yeah they do – they exist because WG’s programmers are bunch of incompetent fools
      back in the day, before they even thought of “encrypting” the client files, there was an incredible amount of data that could be extracted and used – you wouldn’t believe what was in there, from the position of all tanks, even those outside the spotting range to the arty shell tracer hack (that was later patched)

    • That is not free cam ….. free cam is that you can move everywhere on the map. Whatever did you describe it is just “super” zoom in/zoom out mod and it’s not banned.

  2. From the thread (from Laera):

    - Camera zoom is ok in either direction as long as it’s not free-form.
    - For now, the last know position is ok for mini-map use. Draw Distance and spotting range are ok as long as they are for your tank only.

    - Lots of confusion around this one as well. White Tank mod skin is legal on NA servers for now. This is subject to change.


    - I’ll update the main list once we’ve cleared everything up.

  3. Who needs script for manual fire ext.? Just bind it to [space] and when hell is unleashed, slam keyboard. You will lose one tick of fire (i.e. 10% of shot damage or how is it calculated ) instead of few more if you were to find and press [6]. It does not seems like but it really takes you about 1-2 seconds notice fire, to look for [6] and press it. But you alway have thumbs on space key ready to press it. It thought this was obvious. Hope this helps at least someone.

    • This is pretty much exactly how I have mine rigged; consumable 1 to the spacebar, ready to hit it. I don’t think I’ve ever taken more than two ticks of burn damage in the vehicles I have extinguishers on.

      I mean, they’ve even made it easier on the driver lately by making fire notifications more prevalent. I seriously can’t understand why people would risk being banned by using scripts with obviously illegal effects (effectively normal>premium consumable) when the game is so ridiculously easy on you when it comes to engine fires : \

    • This is imply nothing to do with gameplay being equal and all about WG making money off gold.

      Script makes a Manual Fire Ext as fast as a Gold one but still doesnt get the 10-15% bonus to stopping fires.

      I hate how WG acts like this mod is a such a cheat. They simply want you to pay 16k more for the auto one.

      Im sorry but either Auto Fire Ext should be removed and Gold Fire Ext be made to be manual with say a 25% redux in fire, or these be allowed. All this does s make guys with more gold have a massive advantage in instant use. So at that point its just down to pay to win.

      Im not a guy screaming “Gold Rounds= PTW” since it is a very good part of the game that makes it an entirely new problem/style of play with gold, but with Gold fire Ext its not just better fire redux but also instant.

      Anyways as to your question, the script levels the playing field and with fires even if you catch it 1 second late that is usually double what a instant ext gets in HP+mod dmg.

      • As if Auto Exts weren’t perfectly buyable with credits… stop being too bad to afford them. (And buy in bulk during discounts.)
        Also someone doth protest too much.

      • Buddy, you’re talking like 17k gold is a fortune to pay…
        Wait for consumable discounts and paay better, you won’t notice any credit balance hits when you use one extinguisher…
        Also, taking the fact you’ll rarely burn with it mounted, those 17k(or 8.5k on discount) more credits doesn’t matter.

        • Umm manual fire extinguisher costs 1500 credits, auto costs 10k. That’s not a 17k difference.

          Don’t tell me people also pay full price for consumables, that would be too funny. :p

        • It is a fortune over time. Esp with no Prem account.

          Also play the STA-1 and tell me it isnt a fortune. That tank has a fire everyother game.

          So your saying 17k isnt a lot of credits everyother game? Your a fool if you think so.

          Once you have 10 10`s unlocked and your playing tourneys with back to back matches and CW as well you can waste 800k in gold consumables in the blink of an eye and with tons of 10`s to buy at 6 mil credits every bit counts.

          • Grind moar or buy premium, the high tiers are *meant* to be economically punitive. Keepin’ the middle tiers populated and all that.

            And stop Doin It Rong. I rarely get fires in front-drives and Soviets with famously exposed fuel tanks, and have found it perfectly viable to dispense with extinguishers altogether in the AMX 50s (where keeping the full crew alive for reloading is higher priority).

  4. Some extra info in mini map!

    Laera #46
    Posted Today, 01:17 AM
    Community Manager

    The question: While you are getting clarification on the mini-map issue, would you also ask about extra zoom in and zoom out mods (the ones that keep the camera attached to your vehicle; NOT the free camera mod)?

    The answer: Camera zoom is ok in either direction as long as it’s not free-form.
    For now, the last know position is ok for mini-map use. Draw Distance and spotting range are ok as long as they are for your tank only.

    (still from US forum)

    • Lol response in case of draw distance and spotting range.

      Draw distances are symmetrical, so if enemy tank is drawn to me, if I’m spotted, I’m drawn to enemy tank.
      And for spotting I have intuition perk on my commander.

    • Dynamic spotting circle still makes no sense as it depends on other tanks camo factor, so its useless. In fact all those lines on minimap are useless most of the time. They give you some info, but your still gona have to move around to do some spotting or sniping …

        • This. The 50m X-ray circle and the view range circle are good in some situations, but the draw box thingy is what makes Locastan’s a must use for me.

  5. “- 3D-Skins with Display of Modules and Crew Positions”

    I’m guessing this is referring to those tank textures that have shaded, colored boxes and/or icons applied to them, showing the particularly stupid among us where the (fairly common and universal within a given nation) modules/crew are located?

    Also, reload indicators and enemy spotting ranges on the minimap being banned…wonder if they’re going to also go after certain reticule mods. At least a couple that I can think of give a HUD box with various specs on a highlighted tank, including those two pieces of information.

  6. Still they are vague on purpose as they want the power to ban you for anything. TBH I never saw an issue with most WG rulings.

    Pretty much they dont chase cheaters and wont ban unless yiou draw attention.

    Until they create a true cheat detect this all is a joke…..The honor system in Etanks…lol

    Come on guys would they ever ban anyone if the idiots didnt stream or post videos? How could they even tell? They dont read scripts folder yet? Are they really gonna log ALL cases of mod loading for every account…Yeah ok.

    Guys are acting like this was so needed but in reality this was total common sense.
    You can`t see enemy reload but you can see allies so that means this is like hacking there comms=Cheat
    You can`t see trees or objects falling so its a cheat.
    Zoom mods ONLY EFFECT view and dont do shit for aiming. TBH WG should have made all scopes have 15x sights anyways, since this is far from simulator.
    Getting rid of trees also is no brainer. As well as lasers on gun barrels and 3d see thru hitskins.

    Basically if it was in Warpack= Banned

  7. U cannot be banned for these mods. Have u seen any thread with this on EU forum ?


    I played about 4000 battles without trees, grass, etc. My account isnt banned. Just dont share it on twitch like that guy who got ban for 2 weeks …

  8. “ReceivedDamageAnnouncer” is allowed on NA, according to the support ticket I sent in.

  9. I’m completely stumped that the normal zoom out and zoom in mod is allowed.

    Zoom in:
    If you can see a weak spot from 600m like it’s right next to you is still an advantage over not really seeing it.
    Even if you can’t actually influence where the shot will land it’s still an advantage as you can actually see it.

    Because if you see it clearly you can actually aim for it.
    Just think of the Leo 1 gun, that will almost always go exactly where you aimed it.

    Zoom out:
    How is it not a big advantage being able to see the direction a tank is facing that people with out mods can’t see?

    I guess it’s debatable. But from my perspective it should be gone because it does more harm than good.
    It really was more fun when people regarded threats based on tanks (close beta) rather than some shiny colour on the opposing team list.

    • Zooming in to see weakspot doesn’t make you hit it, it doesn’t increase your accuracy… BAN EVERYONE WITH EYES!!!

      What do you mean ppl without zoom out can’t see it? Rendering range stays the same for everyone. BAN EVERYONE WITH EYES!!!

      Yeah ppl are tortured and forced to use XVM. BAN EVERYONE CAPABLE OF INSTALLING ANY MOD!!!

      • palm to face

        There’s a difference between seeing the weakspot and not. I already stated that the mod does nothing for accuracy but there’s a difference in being able to see what you can shoot at and not seeing it. Get it?

        I didn’t state anywhere that I wanted to ban anyone. Where in my text did you read that? Oh you didn’t you just made an assumption based on.. what?!

        You always this full of nonsense?
        Your entire wall of emo is noted.

        • First of all, the zoom in mod (at least 16x) should be ingame, because current 8x is a huge disadvantage for sniper tanks over brawlers.

          • How about that 30x zoom? I wouldn’t mind one bit if you had better zoom on certain vehicles. It would also make sense to me if they tied the amount of zoom to coated optics and binos.

            If everyone had it by default I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all.

          • IRL something like fixed 6x magnification was the usual norm, if memory serves. And lower wasn’t too unusual.
            Just sayin’.

            • Good thing RL has nothing to do with 3rd person tank view, Autotrack repair without any crew leaving tank and satellite death view with Arty.

              Gameplay balance always should come first, then reality if it fits

              • Just pointing out that we already have it a LOT better than real gunners did. And more importantly this guy needs to stop being bad, the current max zoom is *entirely* sufficient for sniping.

  10. - Mini Map modifications that passively provide information to the individual player without the use of active teamwork.
    That means names of tanks on minimap and changed icons for super heavy tanks also.

  11. Nice… received damage wasn’t on the list… because it’s always been possible that a tank commander could see the tank firing on it, look at the hole it left and go “Oh yeah, that’s an 88mm AP shell, a good crew can send another one at us in 6 and a half seconds, better relocate now…”

    • Damage indicator doesnt provide any information that isnt there alreaddy though. Instead of showing 500/1000 HP, it shows exactly that but also the HP you have taken damage, not unfair at all. And yes I agree you get indication from where you are shot anyways not to mention pen holes on the tank.

      Theres a big differance between mods, and illegal unfair ones.

  12. I mean its good they have made a list but all they have done is washed their hands. I think this will have little impact regarding people follow rules. And the reason for that is because players are breaking the rules on a daily basis and they only get a slap on the wrist. I doubt these rules will prevent people from using illegal mods. Not to mention people that will make new mods will not share them. In all games there are public “cheats” and cutsom made, that never gets detected.

    I do think ultra zoom should be banned though because it makes weakspots more visible, i.e you dont have to aim that carefull and thus give advantage to people sucking at aiming. Also zoom out should be banned because you can see tanks behind cover much more easily. Zoom in or zoom our are not that different from the other illegal and unfair mods.

  13. Anyone notice that the minimap screenshot in WGNA (Laera)’s post? Guess who made that screenshot?

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