The only news today seem to be the fact that the limit of those small gold codes got increased by a lot, so more people get to it (before, the code was barely active for two – three hours, today, it was active ever since morning till the afternoon).

From Overlord about WoT Blitz:

- WoTB closed beta won’t start for a few days more:

We won’t start until next week – that’s for sure. So don’t expect news in the next few days.

- delay between iOS and Android tests:

Not sure about the gap between the two, a lot will depend on how closed beta on ios goes. If it’s short, then Android release is rather close.

- apparently, Ipod Touch “5 gen” should work as well (A5 chip)

21 thoughts on “19.3.2014

    • No you hope they will give you 100 million credits and gold, and all rare premium tanks :P

  1. Hoping my ipad mini can run this game at medium settings or higher
    Such want. Can’t wait. WOW!

  2. i only got to grab 2 codes, the one from today only got me this “You have reached the code usage limit.”

  3. Dunno what the fuck WG is doing, Android is the most used smartphone OS not iOS so they should have released WoT Blitz for Android first even closed beta and not iOS, hypocrites they are.

    • I’ll explain shall I..??

      1- World of Tanks, looks quite good, is a good idea, costs some people a lot of money, but is all hype and no tech…
      2- iOS… see #1

    • Mate things are like this:
      - iOS – nearly the same OS, 2-5 machines to optimize the app to
      -Android – plethora of OS variants (including custom ones), zounds of machines to optimize the app to.

      From any single perspective is way better to test an app on iOS first, because there is a stable hardware configuration combined with very few adaptations to the OS. When it goes live, you then just go and adapt the *stable* version to Android. Any developer in the right mind does so, and this is the logical path.

      I know though, I would have tested it too on my Android device but… logic wins, not the regrets of the masses :)

    • I’m currently asking myself the same question. I hope so. I think it should work since terga 2 has almost the same specs as apple a5 microprocessor.