ASAP 9.0

Hello everyone,

the 9.0 ASAP video is here.



Inside (in 9.0):

- update of the graphic engine (better surface quality)



- update of the tank graphic models (HD tanks)


- independent suspension (for reworked models only)
- turrets flying off after ammo rack explosion
- historical battles (their statistics will not affect player’s stats)
- Panzer IV and StuG split

Panzer IV Ausf.H (tier 5), notice the Schurzen (yes, they will work)


Panzer IV Ausf.A (tier 3)


- maps changes (Severogorsk, Malinovka, Pearl River and Serene Coast)

61 thoughts on “ASAP 9.0

  1. The first Pz IV is not Pz IV ausf F, it’s ausf. H
    The “Pz IV ausf. D” is just the Pz III that’s currently in game. They didn’t actually show the ausf.D model in this video.
    Just to let you know…

  2. Damn. The problem with the Stug and Panzer splits is that these tanks all look much alike AND we already have a few vehicles on the low tier germans that look/play almost the same (Panzer 3 and that ugly Panzer 3 look alike :P )…

  3. SS, when there is an ammo rack, does the after death cam follow the turret or hull of the tank

  4. Does anyone know if from the two splits, we will receive a free slot? free tank? new crew? should i rebuy back the stug and pz4 just in case?

  5. Playing German tanks in HB will be terrible. Reds will go around by themselves and will not focus fire. They will be swarmed. Germans will lose so much due to PBKAC.
    But, when platoons are introduced into HB, oh Gods… Reds will still fail, but platoons of good players will obliterate anything with the RoF of German guns.

    • Random at WoT = hords of brainless zombies. Many of them started to play WoT because of “i-wanna-play-tiger-and-kill-t34′s-by-hundreds”. What do you think, will they play clever in the mode they are so long waiting for? NO.

      Attacks will come not in waves (the only way, how to win in russian team), but tank by tank. And Tiger’s short “acht-acht” reloads quite fast ;) it will be an instant massacre.

      On the other side, the most funny will be to play AGAINST Tigers in the IS.

        • It will be significantly different as Tigers historically had only short 88mm guns. That means 132 pen only or whole 70 pen less compared to current Tiger elite set up. It will be bounce-bounce galore.

          On the other had IS will probably get it’s second 85mm gun with 144 pen or 100mm gun with 175 pen, making it’s shells very difficult for Tiger armour to deflect.

          • Pretty sure the IS-1 carried the D-5T you know, ie. the crappy stock gun. Given the very short production run and combat career of the model you’d kind of expect the definitive IS-2 with the 122mm gun to be the norm.

            • Oh that mofo reply system said I post too quickly …. god damn it …. here we go again …

              I did some research regarding IS 1 weaponry and some search results came up with 100mm gun as an option. Still, even if it’s stock 85 it will have fewer problems going through Tiger’s flat armour than Tiger’s short 88 penning IS’s sloped one.

              Regarding 122 gun on IS 2 I think it will be a gun used when combating Tiger 2 tanks.

              • 100mm was considered as an option, but the 122mm won out as it was more readily available (an AFV version already existed IIRC, whereas that of the 100mm was still in developement) and due to meaningfully bigger HE wallop – heavy tanks being above all breakthrough weapons.

    • and when they add aerial support and shitton of soldiers running with panzerfausts and they all aim at you… it would be awesome! :)

        • I’ve read Soviet combat engineers – or at least, some specialist assault engineer units – were issued captured ‘fausts en masse for expedient demolition duties. :/

  6. I’m excited, between the graphical improvements and the physics improvement it will make being a baddie in WOT much more scenic and beautiful.

  7. With the biased penetration of German guns, taking a KV-1 and T34 in historical battle can be a pain in the ass.
    For other side in 1941 the 76 mm carry few AP shots, the main load is HE, of course don’t expect it to implemented in game.

    • Aside from the few oddities with guns that didn’t have such available, *every* AFVs combat load was mainly HE.
      The bigger payload was one of the primary factors that led to the Tiger I getting the 88 instead of the 75 L/70, what with being designed to be a breakthrough tank.

      …did you have a point again?

      • The reason Tiger get the 8,8 L/56 is due that 7,5 L/70 is not ready at time of Tiger production, so 8,8 is chosen, and the one reason reason its keep the 8,8 is due the increase in penetration with the new Round.The main task of a tank, in German view, is to defeat enemy Tanks.

        And about the 7,6 gun and HE:

        “2. The typical western thinking is that Russia used so much HE shells because their AP shell technology was inferior to the task. What is your insight on this, and as to how effective HE actually was against German tanks, especially in relation to the above question, as armor changed?”

        this is a answer of the Yuri Pasholok:

        “By the summer of 1941, the Soviet Army faced an acute shortage of armor piercing rounds for calibers of 76+ mm. Things were changing fast in June, 1941 and several Soviet Army tank units ended up with absolutely no armor piercing shells, and they often fought with nothing, but high explosive rounds. The 85mm anti-aircraft guns often fired high-explosives shells for the very same reason.”

        …did you have a point again?

        • Bullshit on the doctrine, the Germans didn’t regard their tanks as goddamn tank destroyers; killing enemy tanks was a means to an end, not the goal itself. Something as specialised as heavy tanks doubly less so – that one of the early projects went by the name “Durchbruchswagen”, literally “breakthrough tank”, should tell as much.
          In ’41 there were cases of KVs having to go into combat *entirely without ammunition* for their cannon; they they apparently did fairly well just driving over assorted guns and infantry positions anyway.
          Yeah, the Soviets had kinda neglected the logistical buildup needed to actually operate their fancy new tonks that were beginning to be issued to units in meaningful numbers. Forget about ammunition, there was a ludicrous shortage of *everything* on the support side – spare parts, transport vehicles, trained mechanics, you name it. Early-war Soviet idiotball faggotry at its best pretty much.

          Ofc at the time the German tanks were still mostly armed with autocannon and 37mm “doorknockers” which had barely cut it in *Poland* and distinctly fallen short in France; the apex of AFV firepower was the 75mm howitzers of the Pz IVs and StuGs and the long 50mm’s of the still fairly scarce newer-model Pz IIIs.
          Which basically didn’t do shit to the scary new Soviet tonks either.
          Hell, the 105mm field howitzers that had made passable emergency AT guns against the Char B1′s pretty much just scratched the paint of the KVs.

          So, yeah. You *sure* you want to bring up ’41?

          And you get three guesses what the German tanks mostly carried in their ammo bins…

          • One thing they had in abundance were military equipment towing tractors :)
            Also one more ting worth mentioning that even T-34′s sloped armour was quite a match for 41′s German guns, short of artillery, and where they have not been abandoned in retreat (and marked vaguely as a combat loss) they stood their ground as well as KV-1 tanks did.

            • Even the 50mm PaK guns had issued penning the T-34s even at close range… The Germans at the time did not have large numbers of medium and large caliber guns on hand.

        • Yes the 7,5cm L/60 (prototype met original spec by a hair so barrel length was increased to guarantee pen ) L/70 production was not exactly ready at the time of production. However it was intended early on that a majority of Tiger I’s off the line would come off using the 7,5cm gun because not only did both guns meet the minimum penetration specs but the 7,5cm gun meant you could carry more rounds in the tank. On top of the 7,5cm being lighter in weight.

          HE was never a deciding factor. Penetration requirements came first and both designs met the specs required. However as noted above the 88 shells were improved over time and penetration went up as a result.

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