65 thoughts on “9.0 Test Server is Live

  1. Getting 25/35 mb/s through the torrent session, not bad wg. I remember it as usually being rather slow. But this is nice, 7gb in less than 10 min.

        • The torrent often stalls and it can be changed so I never use it, its shite — to change see spanner/wrench icon top right.

          • I’ve never had issues with it, besides being slow, yet faster than the normal delivery server. You might have a port forward problem instead.

      • On the little wrench in the corner of the launcher. Click enable torrent session.
        It’s disabled by default.

  2. Player in que – 1 . Only me ?! 9/30 it shows. I love my gigabit connection. Nice hangar

  3. Waited all day for it and download is already done :D

    ty ss for telling it whas up

  4. Has someone a other Link for the Full CT Client or a torrent for the full CT Client? I wanna download it on my Server, so i can download it later from there.

    • When you start launcher it download torrent files first into folder updates. Then close the launcher and open your torrent files with whatever you want – like me in my nsa310 and transmission:)

  5. Can’t login in with my EU account. No testserver for you, european capitalists! WG at its finest.

  6. Very nice models, I really enjoy the visual enhancements. Also, I didn’t notice a particular drop in my fps, except in hangar.

    • PS : i tried the crossfire profile AFR on the WoT beta and it works without flickering. This is a great news gentleman!

  7. wtf! FTR ate my comment

    what I was saing, again … I’m not impressed with 0.9.0
    the only thing that I like is that the game keeps a steady framerate
    way to much bloom, even with lighting turned off
    new and improved tank models look out of place – they look a lot better with matte cammo patterns – even the old and untouched models look better

  8. I can’t log in with my EU account. I tried with my father’s EU account and it worked… so… what the hell?