Confirmed: US premium TD is…

Hello everyone,

it’s confirmed, on a certain meeting (I know where), a certain Wargaming employee (I know who and to whom, thanks for letting me know, mate – no names, because the person in question doesn’t deserve trouble) confirmed that the premium US will be…

M56 Scorpion


Currently, when it comes or its tier are not known (tier I estimate at 7 – made bold for those who seem not to be able to read). What you can expect:

- basically, the 90mm gun is the same as T178 (that is currently in the game), just without an autoloader (173 pen, might be increased to over 200 in this case)
- gun traverse: 30 degrees to each side
- camo probably on E-25 level
- mediocre speed (45 km/h), but insane agility and acceleration
- 0 armor (literally, the only armored part is the gun shield, the entire hull has 0 armor)

Sounds fun :)


56 thoughts on “Confirmed: US premium TD is…

  1. I cannot wait for it, was gonna go for that one instead of the E-25 since i don’t really play german td’s that much.

  2. This thing should be Tier6 due to no armor, limited traverse, not fast, and several Tier6 TDs which have a better gun that it. Hell, even the Tier5 Toaster has a better pen.

    IF they make it Tier7, it needs restricted MM because it should NEVER see Tier 9 opponents.

      • and ZERO armor without a turret.

        Without a turret it will have to move a lot which means little use of camo net or binos.

        It belongs at Tier6, not 7.

        It’s pen is only 10 more than the Hellcat while having NONE of the hellcat’s turret armor to protect it in hull down positions or a turret for that matter.

        • It will also have incredible camo and a better gun than E-25. Tier 7 with limited MM sounds fine.

    • This is why I think it belongs at Tier6 with normal MM:

      Let’s compare it to the Tier5 Pz.Sfl. IVc.

      Where the Flakbus is better:

      It’s 15kph faster
      Top gun has 22 more pen vs the T56′s 172 (M54/M36) (never going to be 200+)
      Same alpha (240)
      Better crew protection vs HE splash. The T56 Offers NO protection from HE.
      The T56 has NO armor, it can NEVER bounce anything.

      Where the T56 is better:

      Better gun arc
      Better HP assuming Tier6 HP normalization
      Better camo
      NO protection vs HE splash from sides or rear

      So, the Flakbus is better in almost every respect than than the T56 but I feel that the combo of a good pen gun with good gun arch (not a real turret) puts it only one Tier higher than the Flakbus, hence Tier6 with normal MM.

      Remember that all TDs are loosing their after-firing camo bonus so camo will be less of a benefit going forward.


    I wanted the T24, if only because it would have trained a crew of 6 [including 2 loaders, which you need for the tier 10's]

  4. This thing had a five meter recoil as tested by the Spanish Navy. I wonder how will they portray that.

  5. Well it’s about time. Not a huge fan of the nickname but could be worse.

  6. 0 armor? this tank is going to be killed extremely easily, everyone will probably load HE(Su-152/Kv-2, anyone?). not to mention arty will kill you instantly as well. good gun, but essentially just another Rhm, very good gun, but easily broken and killed.

  7. Damn! I was really hoping for the M36B1, but I guess that will come with the addition of alternative hulls… whenever that is.

    Still this is a pretty cool TD.

  8. I looked up the Scorpian a few months back when we were speculating on the NA forum which td would become the American premium td. This td literally has no armor. It was made out of aluminum – as in aluminum soda can. The Scorpian was designed and built to support the American airborne forces. They could and did air drop the td from cargo planes via parachutes harnessed to the body. BTW – The Scorpian load out was 29 rounds.

  9. I really wanted to buy E 25 but now im not quite sure if this wont be better.
    Also i believe they waited with discounting E 25 (only one time, last year) until they release new TD.

  10. They should have turned the T34 into what it is: A TD and given us a *real* U.S. premium tier 8 heavy tank!!! Additionally, they should have offered the possibility to keep the T34 as TD or exchance it with the premium heavy tank.

    Wargaming bullsh!t once again.

    • With your logic T29 should be TD as well?
      Im pretty sure T29, T30 and T34 were all classified as heavy tanks in real life.
      T30 was once tier X heavy tank; T34 was tier IX. T30 was very weird to play and T34 was underpowered. They were both replaced my M103 and T110E5. People who had T34 received it as free premium tank.

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