Punishment for Being a Nazi? 2 Day Ban

Hello everyone,

we all know that Wargaming EU is sometimes… well, let’s say not too eager to ban nasty offenders (just remember the impotent EU “bot hunt” before the shit was stirred up by St0rmshadow), but this surprises even me.

Remember the asshole nazis from the _LOL_ clan? Well, they did get reported and “punished”.

What is the punishment for stuff like “you Jewish swine”, “SIEG HEIL” and “fuck off Polish jude” – things, punishable by law with prison?

Two days of ban.

No more than two days, I kid you not. Check this out. The nazis were punished on March 24th, a day after the post on FTR came out (I checked, they weren’t banned by the time the article went out). A day later, on 24.3.2014, this is what their clan screen showed:


All the “crossed” names participated in the nazi spam and all of them were banned for the same duration: from 24.3. to 25.3. (as you can see on the screenshot). Two fucking days (maybe even not complete ones). So this is how seriously does Wargaming take the nazis in games? Bleh.

And yes, I know these people are probably not real nazis, just idiotic kids, spamming stuff they don’t understand. That’s actually even worse, because it proves that there are people, who take nazism casually. It should never be taken casually, this is not what our grandfathers and great-grandfathers bled for, especially coming from Czechs. I am truly ashamed that these people share the same country as me.

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  1. im a real life nazi. Although I would never use immature laungage in a game or in person. White power.

        • Looks extremely fishy in some parts but I except that it could be a replay bug. I don’t watch enough replays to know.

          Still though……..

          • Exactly what vargata says. I have watched the replay on my computer (double FPS what this guy gets) and compared it with my own E50M gameplay and I can very safely say this is 110% aimbot or something similar. Why? His aiming recticle moves INDEPENDENTLY of his crosshair. Normally your recticle exatly follows your crosshair, which is controlled by camera movement. But in this guys case, the recticle is moving and aiming at stuff even when his camera is stationary. You make a move and youre recticle copies it, its doesent move on its own. Take a loot at these screenshots:


            Can someone explain to me, how the hell is his aiming recticle IN FRONT of his crosshair? Can someone explain to me, why is his recticle automatically pointing at drivewheel, at which he NEVER AIMED? Those are the two more noticable cases, that recticle is just jerking around all over the place and its aiming at weakspots ridiculously fast.

            Two weeks ban for online cheating is a joke. In every other game he would have been permabanned and banished from all competition. At least an account wipe would be an adequate minimum.

            • He paid money so he didn’t got a permaban. That’s a constant rule of online games that allow people to buy stuff in them for money – you never permaban those who contribute significant amounts of money (read: did more than one-time purchase).

              He could be the biggest racist and cheater in the world – he still wouldn’t be permabanned.

            • The track shot on the T110E4 is perfectly explainable, he uses server side crosshair, after the E4 shot him, he entered sniper mode and started driving forward, because he uses server side crosshair and is driving forward at 10km/h the aim points differ, look at this screen shot http://prntscr.com/34kvca

              Same applies to side shooting the Obj 263 at 28km/h
              pic: http://prntscr.com/34kwze

              And for all those who say that reticle follows your camera, get an E75, reticle doesn’t follow your camera, it tries to but its dependent on turret traverse, also with server side crosshair enabled its also dependent on ping.

              • That would make sense IF he actually aimed at those drive wheels at some point, which he doesent. The biggest problem is the one you cant see on the screen shot – crosshair movement. Its best seen with the Object – he aims at the middle of the tank and keeps moving his tank forward, which pushes the crosshair to the left (the back of the Object). However, instead of following his crosshair, the aiming recticle is still being pushed to the right at the drive wheel by some magical force (aimbot), when it should have cought up with the crosshair somewhere in the middle of the tank., where hes actually aiming.

                Like I said – aiming recticle almost exclusively copies the movement of your crosshair. If you move your crosshair right, it follows also right and vice versa. If you move your camera (crosshair) left, it has to follow left as well, it cant just go right because it likes it. He has an aimbot, which keeps aiming at a designated weak spot even though his crosshair is aiming at something completely different and moving in a different direction.

                If what you say was true, the aiming recticle would have caught up with his crosshair in the middle of the tank, where hes aiming. This does not happen, as it is still pushed to the right at the drive wheel. No, its not server side crosshair and its not lag either. He was banned for a reason.

                • actualy after re-watching the video i agree with you, but its mostly because if the way the reticle goes left and right when he aims at the foch, there he didnt move his camera but the reticle was following foch weakspots.

  2. Most probably first offense principle. (WG are very forgiving to their clients (as Evilly already said in one stream about bots))

    I guess a combo of short ban and a longer chat ban (1-2 weeks) would be more suitable for first offense like this, as the problem was not gameplay related. For the next time there would be harsher punishment.

  3. In my opinion, and I would like to think that of any sane thinking person, the whole affair is disgraceful not least the ineffective 2 day ban.

  4. My 2 cents, WG should not ban anyone, or wipe any accounts, unless they commit a serious breach of the law. WOT is just a game and, ultimately, it’s only purpose is to make profit for WG. Banning people does not serve this end.

    • So we have to accept any aggressive writing moron? No. WG should keep game clear and permaban such types of players. Unless due to one cursing nazi player preserved in game may 10 other customers quit with game.
      Unfortunately nazi players or nicks such as Kurt_Meyer_LSAH are still common part of game.

    • It’s actually punishable by Czech laws, namely paragraph 260-1 – Support and propagation of movements aiming to suppress rights and freedoms of a human.
      Six months to three years of jail for sympathies to said movement and showing them – which this does. The nazi motos said in this manner are enough, there were cases of people arrested at neonazi meetings for shouting stuff like that (and wearing nazi symbolic, but that’s more hidden these days)

      So a ban is okay, I’d say. Even a longer one, actually.

      • It’s unlikely that Czech laws would apply, or at least not at all clear. Presumably the players in question are located in CR, but that does not automatically mean such laws apply to communications over the internet. If applied, they could also be challenged under the ECHR rules regarding free speech (‘right to offend’).

        That aside, do Czech tax payers really want every anonymous internet dweller who writes something offensive to be investigated and prosecuted? It will not actually stop the propagation of neo-Nazism but will cost millions.

        • “Support and propagation of movements aiming to suppress rights and freedoms of a human.”
          well, they should lock up every democratist as whatever the governments do all around the world is about everything but freedome

  5. SS I hope you hate communists as much as nazis. I guess you do since you’re Czech and your country didn’t have pleasant experiences with the USSR, but I don’t remember ever seeing you talking with such hate about Stalin-ism.

  6. Not to take anything from your post SS, but you should see what WG did in WoWP. All the black pilot profiles after the 1.2 update have been wiped out into Caucasians. I am beginning to wonder about WG in what they represent.

  7. I am also ashamed about how they live in the country my family emigrated from… People these days…

    • Maybe thats why they feel pissed? They never got the chance to move out and therfore blame the jews for their misery.

  8. When you say “who take nazism casually”, well, most Brits are usually laid back on the subject and I don’t really take any notice to these sort of comments, so yeah, I’m quite casual around these sort of comments, but I never use them myself.

      • Europeans take it more seriously since they were occupied. Anglo countries (UK, US, Canada, Australia, NZ, etc.) were never occupied.

      • Generally it is countries which have let facists/nazis whatever into power (or have had it forced on them by another country) that ban such things as a reaction. They fail to realise that banning something automatically gives it a sort of credability, people will dabble with it just to be “edgy” or daring. Especially young men. Uk learned that trying to ban marches in Northern Ireland, suddenly dressing up in orange or green to celebrate battles in a long forgotten civil war they barely understand became everyones reason for living.

        • It’s this especially to why I hate this law specifically in Europe again fascism and that. It’s not that I’m racist, but in my mind, the European Governments are trying to turn a blind eye and bury it in the sand, and that’s how history repeats can repeat itself.

          • You’ll have to elaborate on that a bit. ‘Cause at least back when I was in school the topic wasn’t exactly swept under the rug, and the place sure wasn’t some kind of maverick outlaw outfit wilfully defying the Ministry of Education guidelines.

  9. “things, punishable by law with prison?”

    Things alien to people in the USA, with our concept of free speech. I understand these are serious things in history, but uninformed or disagreeing speech is usually protected by our free speech laws. These things may be unfortunate, but these are things generally accepted as something to be solved at a cultural level, rather than a government level.

    At least, that’s how I’ve always seen free speech.

    • Every right has a limit.

      Second Amendment: Does not allow you to bear nuclear weapons …
      First Amendment: Does not allow you to shout “fire” in a theater …

      And in Europe, most countries ban the support of anything belonging to nazi movements.

      • Protip for the brainwashed European: the objects of constitutions are what the *State* can or cannot do, not what the citizen can or cannot do. The latter is governed by civil (or criminal) law.

      • Not necessarily talking about what’s written in our constitution, talking about the abstract concept. Constitutions are merely an implementation of something more fundamental, and are not always perfect.

      • It is not a right, if it has a limit. It is a privilege.
        Second Amendment: does not preclude any type of weapon. It is what the state is not allowed to do, not what you are not allowed to do.
        First Amendment: the fire issue is about property rights, not free speech. It is about damaging the property of the theater through such action.

    • “Your right to throw a punch stops at my nose” as it were.

      And since when has the US even *had* a “cultural level” to solve something in? Pretty sure the usual method is taking it to court…

      • “And since when has the US even *had* a “cultural level” to solve something in? Pretty sure the usual method is taking it to court…”

        No disagreement here, we have a lot of work to do :(.

    • And goodness bless those U.S. of A. for what little of free speech they have left (you know, inside those dedicated “zones”).

      WG is under no obligation to apply the same rules to its community than the powers-that-wanna-be apply to their subjects, and thank goodness for that as well. If you’re itching to have someone incarcerated (and subsequently paying for their incarceration, mind you), feel free to ring up your local political police; they’ll be only too happy to have one more thing to justify their existence (i.e. salary). As far as I’m concerned, I don’t need no armed thug to deal with braggadoccios on the ‘net, so I’ll stick with Voltaire, thank you very much.

  10. i got a 7 day ban from the forum for calling someone a feminist nazi in a completely obviously jokey way because she was complaining about the womens day bonuses being sexist!!!!!! and for that i got a 7 day ban!!!

    • I got lifetime ban on forums for saying that some tier 7-10 medium and heavy tanks were statisticaly OP. You can still search the thread. Butthurt admin idiots. I got 3 days ban for insult and swear in game and I dont even know what offense I made. So yes they ban “some” more easily than others. Also I got a couple of days ban on ftr for saying sela was a cheater and that I dont underatand, maybe SS wanted to show hes mature for his streamers I dont know….

      • I’ve been banned in game for ‘unfair play’ many times, which irritates me as they give you no clue what you are actually being banned for. Got my revenge though, by no longer paying any money to WG.

  11. I guess the good news is they did something, but they should have done much more. In the past, filing a police report has resulted in some very interesting criminal cases against forum owners. I wonder if it has ever been tried to hold game devs accountable for not properly acting against blatant nazism, which is in most EU countries a criminal offence.

  12. Why don’t they just implement a permanent chat-ban on these people?

    I know its possible, because one of my mates is on a perm-chat ban… still plays the game, just cant talk to anyone…

  13. Nice to see that at least wg understands the nature of ww2 themed multiplayer game where you have ability to use chat instead yelling that those 12 year old “pro-nazis” should be imprisoned.

      • The shortage of eliminationist racism and lunatic delusions compelling world conquest made him a far lesser problem outside the borders of his own empire, though. And *do* I really need to link Generalplan Ost, *again*?

  14. Well since there is an official inscription of tanks ingame “for Stalin” I think 2 days ban is enough.

    Don’t forget being a nazi is only punishable by law in some countries not all.

    • Being communist and propagating communist symbolism is also punishable by law in several European countries.

  15. >What is the punishment for stuff like “you Jewish swine”, “SIEG HEIL” and “fuck off Polish jude” – things, punishable by law with prison?
    >punishable by law with prison
    In what nazi country? Sorry, i mean not-nazi.

    Seriously, you dont have the right to never be offended. Grow some spine already.

    • >In what nazi country?

      Czech Republic, where supporting of nazism (including its rhetoric) is forbidden and punishable by jail or stiff fine.

      > Seriously, you dont have the right to never be offended. Grow some spine already.

      Funny, and here I thought actually pointing out an issue requires more spine than just putting up with it :)

        • Sure that makes sense. Especially compared to the Germans who have orders of magnitude bigger cultural taboos on the subject.
          Not sure if really stupid or just shitpoastan as usual.

        • > they cant say such stuff irl….

          Please point me in a general direction of a country that allows it’s citizens to be running around the country shouting stuff like “you Jewish swine”, “SIEG HEIL” and “fuck off Polish jude”

          Also, don’t judge and entire group by behaviour of some. Not everyone in Czech rep. is a butthurt dickhead. It’s the same everywhere. Good players are usually the quiet ones while idiots run around doing stupid shit. We just see the idiots every time, because they are idiots enough to do stupid shit every time. Hell, I know a polish unicum who pings the map 2 times a match and that’s it.

  16. I can’t believe that in year 2014 people are still obsessed with nazism. There must be some political reason (like keeping the modern Germany down) for indoctrination of mass population with “boo – nazism! be scared!”. Scared of what? There is no nazism today, and has not been since 1945. And those who are similiar to nazis (half of new Ukraine leadership) are massively supported by the same governments who incriminate nazism. It’s just silly.

    At the same time it’s possible to yell “Long live Genghis Khan!”. Why? Because people are not indoctrinated to go crazy when someone mentions Genghis Khan.

    “Sieg heil” and “f-off Polish jude” punishable by prison? Really? In what country? And by this I mean in what country was anyone ever imprisoned because of that. Because that would be so ridiculous that such a court would not be any different from nazi court.

    • I agree ” And those who are similiar to nazis (half of new Ukraine leadership) are massively supported by the same governments who incriminate nazism”. That is the irony of it all. Ban nazism, still think its okay to offend immigrants and all non-white =). Russia and all those eastern states are where nazi are most likely found now days, despite a non-nazi, but yet funding these nationalist groups governments.

      Or even better czech anti nazis yet discriminate against romes. Írony SS, fucking irony in your posts.

      • Nazism is racist per defintionem and by default; the converse does not hold, however despicable plain-vanilla racists now are as such.

        Also you need higher standards of irony.

    • The World War happened 70 years ago, which is not a long time in historical terms – there are still people alive who have witnessed all of this suffering with their own eyes. People don’t go crazy about Genghis Khan because he is dead for almost 800 years, not because of some kind indoctrination.

      While I personally support a more American approach to free speech myself, being from Germany where pretty much everything Nazi is banned and shouting paroles CAN get you in jail, I still can understand and respect the sensibilities of other people about that subject.

      Pragmatically speaking, I don’t gain anything if that kind of hate speech is allowed, so it may just as well stay banned. And people who spout that kind of nonsense would probably go to jail anyway sooner or later, just for different actions – absolutely no loss there.

      Edit: I probably have to clarify that there are zero to none court actions against people who just act stupid, fool around, or kids who don’t know better. Even though those anti nazism laws are in place, they don’t impact the daily life and what you can or can’t say at all (videogame censorship aside). There are still judges who are smart enough to discern between mere foolishness and genuine racist intent.

      • 70 years ago is ancient times in geopolitical terms. You have to think of here and now if you want your country to prosper. And just because there are few people who witnessed a war 70yrs ago that means what, that they have psychological problems because they’re not able to move on even after 70yrs. And what about everyone else, we’re supposed to live in the past because of some people with PTSP? And why is nazi-war the only war that counts? We had other wars during last 70 years. Vietnam war for example. I still see Republican and Democratic party well and alive in USA. Why are they not illegal?

        In historical terms, many things changed last 70 years. China is now a capitalist country (with social characteristics) and not a communist one. There is no more Soviet Union. Vietnam is now leaning more towards alliance with USA than belligerence. USA is fighting talibans in Afganistans instead of helping them (like during the 80s). The point is that so many things changed and yet always and anew do we see anti-nazi propaganda. Because it really is propaganda. No sane person is going to actively care about some political party that stopped existing almost a century ago. There is a force (USA one probably) in whose interest is this propaganda. Keeping the Germany down, and themselves up. Because the main concern is that Germany would get too close to Russia. Or who knows what. And USA won that battle (just like Russia won Crimea). A win-win for the two powers. Merkel/Germany remains a firm puppet of USA. I watched a recent speech by Gregor Gysi by the way, brilliant man but he’s not running the foreign politics of Germany.

        Anyway, lots of off-topic stuff here so I’ll stop right there :)

        • The fact that Nazism is built on ideas fundamentally abhorrent to modern civilised society and morals is probably relevant.
          …and did you just compare the Vietnam War with the fucking Final Solution?

          Your grasp of US-German relations, and of Germany’s position in the world in general, is hilariously bad BTW. Beats me how the Hell someone can be ignorant of Germany being the single most powerful state in Europe and for decades now closely allied with the *second* most powerful one, to speak nothing of the successive ranks.

          • Germany has economy but is political zero. That’s not power. To be powerful you need an army and strong politics. Germany can’t do anything without approval of their masters. Yes I compared with Vietnam, and you’re reacting hysterically like a girl.

            The way you talk fits some peasant in a bar. I don’t chat with psychos, I put them away.

    • People don’t give a flying fuck about old Temujin in no small part because he was ultimately just another example of a long since extinct phenomenom (namely, brutal steppe warlords) and only unusual for his time for his unprecedented military success; that was a time when “three days of rape & pillage” was universally regarded as de facto part of soldiers’ wages and their basic right when a city was taken by storm after all.

      The Nazis give thinking people the heebie-jeebies because they are basically Exhibit A of modern Western civilisation taking a horribly wrong turn and ending up somewhere that makes mere old-fashioned barbarians like Genghis look decent.
      Also, “there is no nazism today”? What kind of fucking retard are you? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo-Nazism
      (I’m still persistently amazed by the *Mongolian* ones…)

      • Yea, I claim there are no nazis today. You called me a retard and then you post a link with a bunch of propaganda garbage.

        And I know that because I come from one of the countries on the list of having “neo-nazis” which is really hilarious because none of those things and none of those people listed are nazis. It’s just the usual “brand someone as nazi” to keep the propaganda going. You people need a boogyman because you have nothing else to cling to. None of those neo-nazi things/people listed under my country have any resemblence to nazism at all aside of the fact that they are also patriots.

        You can throw insults all you want but you look ridiculous trying to throw facts which are nothing but propaganda.

        Those people are nao-nazis the same way that Socialist parties in Europe are Communist.

          • Classic retard leftist with closet comments.

            Yes wikipedia is full of propaganda. I come from a country from the list as well and no that party labeled as neo nazis, they are not. Cause I’ve been close to it a lot.

            Want more proof that wikipedia is full of propaganda? Check the word “Macedonia”
            Yeah you redirected to a slavic country from the 70s.

              • Why you ban him SS, its unfair because he only has different views than you. Wikipedia are in deed not accurate in all points, even you should know that.

                • FTR is like Stalinist Russia – truth doesn’t matter. All that matters is if your POV doesn’t stand against POV of the leader.

                • Come talk about “truth” once you’ve caught an example and painted it yellow; who knows, you could probably make good money exhibiting it too.
                  His blog, his rules.
                  BTW I’m still here despite regularly disagreeing with his opinions on, say, Communism, so your strawman doesnät quite stand.

  17. I am pleased to have ‘met’ some nice friends from all over Europe through WoT, indeed I am hoping to meet 3 of them in person later in the year. WoT should be a place to game and banter with like-minded enthusiasts. Light hearted and witty comments in chat are great, hideous racist, homophobic and other appalling comments have no place. It does Wargaming no credit at all that they appear to think we should all tolerate this.

    A few of the responses to this post do the authors no credit either.

    I suppose WG have at least given the facility to disable chat

    • How do you expect anti social kids and grown ups, not having balls in real life to act proper in a frustrating online game?

  18. Time to start reporting Polish-haters.

    Perhaps after some bans it’ll cut down the amount of racist BS people talk in WoT.

    • Why on earth should polish people or jews get special treatment? I see alot of racist stuff in wota, not even related to poland or jews. I also see alot of stuff that is illegal and not even related to racism, why don SS speak about this?

      If you think nazism and racism is bad you should visit sweden, where all crimes are related to etnicity :). In sweden its perfectly fine to rape and rob people and clam ite because your culture say so, fun, dont you think :). EU is a shithole area really, we invented the racism though.

        • One of those what?I tell the story from a different view than SS is used to, because he dont live in the nordic countries. But still, why should people get special treatment. Its the same as in bf3 where elite players were bullhurt as hell when ever some one mentioned jew or israel because they had players comming from there, double standards hypocracy. I dont know Ss background but he is heavily focused on anti semitic stuff. You will probably find more stuff which is racist that dont include jews or polacks in wot.

          • Does it really matter if it’s Antisemitic, Anti-Polish, anti-French, anti-Russian or whatever else? It’s still BS that should end up with bans.

        • Well god dang it, Kellomies! I must say I’m impressed!

          Since when did you drop the trolling and actually started posting seriously?

          P.S.: Just facepalmed at the Dongfeng_Division thing… I still can’t grasp my mind over how some people can have such twisted views on reality

  19. i would like to read more objective articles.
    Who the fuck is still wondering about jerks in this game?
    Ss you dont needsuch emotional shit here…