Hall of Shame – Clanwars Nazi Edition

Hello everyone,

so, I have this huge folder, containing material for Hall of Shame. Normally, when someone sends me a picture, I simply save it there, but every now and then something so vile comes along that it needs to be displayed as soon as possible.

Meet Czech clan “No Respect” (_LOL_). Yesterday, they were playing clanwars against Polish clan The Herd and… well, you be the judge. Despite his “Polish-sounding nickname” (explanation: that’s generic Polish term for “opponent”), the nazi is Czech as well.

I think all the offenders from the screenies should be permabanned and the entire clan banned from clanwars forever (KakaCZ is the clan deputy commander for heavens sake…)






The Polish text is googletranslated obviously. The Czech text means: “Hey you jewish swine, climb out of your hole, fucker” and “I will send you a nice German shell”





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    • Same here, I’ts really bad, almost every time I see some CZ/SK clan in battle they are acting like retards.

      • because every time i meet PL player, he is playing like 2 years old. he do nothing in battle and die 2 minutes from start of battle. every one with _PL in the end of nick ;) pease.

    • I’m Polish and I have a clan-friend from Slovakia. He’s not enemy of PL-CZ-SK friendship. I also think that is better to have some friends, than all world against you. Fighting alone vs. nearest neighbors who don’t hate you I find the most idiotic thing. Mostly they’re stupid kiddies.
      Please realize, that not all of our southern neighbors are like these guys on the screens. I agree some of them are nationalists, even we in Poland heard about it. Some of Polish players are also nationalists. But the only weapon to fight them in the game is perm ban. Why not WG implement ban for some words?
      Your Polish friend

      • We know there are a few Nazi morons around, I know several Polish people in UK and they are all nice people, and they can come from any country.
        I agree with you that WG should perm ban these people, after all it is in their interest to remove insults and abuse in the game so they get more customers.
        Thank you to Silent for hosting these pics. It’s very important that these issues are raised and we can fight prejudice wherever it is.

      • Same here, while most of the time I don’t respond to the generic “CZ/SK ? ” at the beginning of the battle, sometimes when I feel lonely in the sea of Polish/German/Italian/Spanish, you name it, conversations, I respond and we play a bunch of battles together, chat up a bit, take a break from english and generaly have a good time. I only platooned up like this a bunch of times, but all the time the other guy was a normal person.
        Once platooned with a Polish guy, we had insane laughters together, showed me to not jugde a person by his nationality, but rather by his behaviour.
        On the other hand, I saw idiots writing very very rude and stupid shit in Slovak/Czech in chat, those times I just sit back and pretend I’m not a member of the same nation as that guy.

    • yeah because in other sections aren’t retards … omg stupidity is all over the world so don’t blame only some nations because its xenophobic too

    • Did anyone visit their TS ( It looks like they have a nazi “fan” theme going.

    • FredTMK is the guy who modded Swastikas onto all his German tanks and his profile pic on the WOT forums was a picture of a Nazi eugenicist who operated on children in the concentration camps, so maybe there is a reason why he is trying to belittle all this despicable Nazi-fandom as ‘kiddies being stupid’.

  1. Where did Storm’s post about permabans go?

    is Przeciwnik the only guy that actually got banned? The clanless one?

  2. It’s pretty laughable that people jump to conclusions of what happened through a few screen shots, I find this hall of shame pretty hilarious more so the reaction from user comments.

    To think that the USA and most of the West alike supports a non elected fascist government in Ukraine and now ftr is saying that fascist comments are wrong haha tell that to president o’bomber.

    Truth is there is hate amongst all players within the game its laughable that ftr is being used for a kangaroo court, decent blog but this hall of shame is hilarious for the wrong reasons……

    • First of all, what is actually happening here, if we’re jumping to the wrong conclusions? Care to elaborate?

      Second, what do you know about what “The west” thinks about what the Ukraine is going through right now? There’s plenty of people here who strongly dislike Julia Timoschenko and the Swoboda party. Why are you jumping to conclusions here when you accuse others of doing the same thing?

      Third, why do YOU think a fascist government in the Ukraine is a bad thing when at the same time you think the Nazi crimes are hilariously LOL-worthy? Don’t you want to see more genocide FOR TEH LULZ?

      • But i like Julia Timoschenko’s hair! :( Y U NO LIKE HER? :)
        To the main point: j1gzy does not live in Ukraine so he/she knows jack about the situation either. Nor do i, but i won’t declare who’s who in Ukraine.
        j1gzy had a troll statement (“Blame the Changer”), so don’t feed him.

        • Firstly you don’t know where I descend from nor where I live or have lived, secondly you are incorrect to conclude that my statement was trolling, In regards to the West I was referencing the persons in power and not the every individual and therefore this point is evidenced by their actions and comments regarding the current events.

          I don’ need to elaborate when the facts are already in the domain SS was incorrect with his original post, Lastly I never said a fascist government was a bad thing I highlighted the laughable original statement and the conclusions in draws.

          If you want my two pennies about Ukraine it’ll look a lot like Syria in six months read this you won’t find it on censored news programs


          • Lay off Russia Today. Comparing what happens in Syria to the situation on Ukraine could be done only by a 15 year old politician-wannabe that found “super non-mainstream media”, read few articles and now thinks he knows all what’s happening in the world.

          • Yeah, instead of explaining your statements, you just link something.

            If you can’t put it into your own words, odds are you don’t understand it to begin with.

            Done here.

      • Just so you know-I don`t support any totalitarian type government but: How are Fascists responsible for any genocides? Nazis aren`t the same guys as Fascists FYI.

        Answering to “Third, why do YOU think a fascist government in the Ukraine is a bad thing when at the same time you think the Nazi crimes are hilariously LOL-worthy? Don’t you want to see more genocide FOR TEH LULZ?”

        • President o’bomber commits mass genocide every day, no need for fascism just a power crazed nation crippling countries though IMF after they create war, and save the day then pilfer their raw material.

          The snipers on the streets of Kiev amounted to genocide, or are you forgetting the mysterious snipers……. there is just one example of an unelected fascist regime committing genocide this year.

          how long before o’bomber starts fracking Ukraine’s gas supplies??

          • Let’s follow your line of “thought”. Since USA bombs Middle East it’s totally justifiable for Russia to kill people in Georgia, Chechnya and Ukraine?
            I just hope that you are being paid for this bullshit and you are not really that stupid.

            • haha you swallow the spunk of the censored western media o’bomber the nobel peace prize winner the man who’s allowed more drone attacks than any other. It’s not bs its the stone cold facts. the facts are incomparable the USA unlawfully murders more citizens than Russia yet you want to pretend otherwise, deluded iimbecile.

              I’m not a communist, capitalist, or fascist so go forth and multiply with your uneducated conjecture enjoy the salt water……

              Facts remain that SS original comment was wrong and he is yet to retract this, hsame on him and shame on you for swallowing the propaganda from warmongering leaders.

              • lol, this guy is great. Tell us some more how it’s okay for Russia to kill people because USA does it, I need a good laugh.
                “I’m not a communist, capitalist, or fascist ”
                So we already established that you are an idiot?
                ” hsame on him and shame on you for swallowing the propaganda from warmongering leaders.”
                My favourite part. After all Putin is all for love and peace. :D

              • Confirmed for really stupid.
                And gullible.

                On another note, I’m not exactly what would be described as a great fan of high-handed US power politics.

    • We are huge community. There are Czechs which have friends between Poles and play with them and on other hand there is lot of Czechs which fanatically hate Poles (thx to their constant: Pole= bad player, must be insult)

  3. For me (a polish guy) this is “przegięcie pały”(<- this is hard to translate but it is "cross the border"), WG should ban them forever.

    • Banning them won’t solve a thing.
      Just delete all their tanks, crews, equipment, tech tree and set credits to 10 (the stats can remain tho).
      And give them a message: “This attitude had hurt us and ruined our relationship with each other, but let’s start from the beginning, shall we?” :)

      • A Direct translation would be “Breaking a dick” and it still fits perfectly

  4. SS I respect you for all the interesting articles and news-translation from RU, but recently the articles are getting too subjective. It was more proffesional when you kept you distance and dont state your opinion with sarcastic retort in every paragraph.

    And the Hall of shame is getting more and more ridiculous each time with your naming and shaming of immature/unstable/frustrated players. You are squealing like little girl: OMIGOSH HE USED THE J*W WORD!!!, LETS BAN HIM!!!!1!1!1ONE – This actually degrades you to their level of internet raging kids. If its that offending to your pan-slavic heart, report them with screenshot to WG support. Same effect, less drama.

    I am not here to defend anyone – I am commenting on the blog now, but it looks to me like you are for the first time on the internet and trying to white-knight justice to the world. Are you trying to turn the “ftr.wot-news” to place where people point and laugh at other players, spread hate and WG visits only to award bans?

    • This may come as a surprise to someone who played on his phone all day at school and never learned a thing about history, but this isn’t just someone using Jew as a slur, but the player in question here lists famous concentration and extermination camps during the second world war.

      Sounds to me like you’re pretty damn defensive about hate speech and racism.

    • Don’t like it? Don’t read it!

      Offenders should be banned and publicly humiliated :) People should respect each other and don’t behave like that!

    • This is a blog, not a news server – it’s subjective by definition. I think that antisemitism is actually a problem in Europe. Plus, this is no casual use of the word “jew”, this is blatant support of nazism and if they said the same thing in a pub for example, they’d be arrested by police. So no, I think that shaming these assholes is well justified.

      • Since when nazism is illegal, and why should be illegal when communists run around free? You can say you support Hitler publicly without legal implications just a beating from the surrounding people xD

        Is Henry Kissinger or George Soros funding your blog SS? A hell of a lot of defending jews.

        • since Germany itself has special paragraph in it’s laws that ban propagation of fascism, nazism and other similar groups, organisations and ideologies on the pain of years in prison, and that means propagation by posters, written text, publicaly spoken words, actions and/or symbols… most of the european countries have similar laws judging nazism (and sometimes even communism), so your argument shows a bit of your own ignorance to that fact… it is not about legitimity, but about what is legal/illegal, and nazism is illegal in Europe for some seventy years or so… just try to defend Hitler’s actions in public in front of Bundestag (former Reichstag) in Berlin when german police officer in active duty is nearby… ;)

          about the bottom line of your comment… I don’t like to sound personal, but why you automatically imply that Silentstalker is backed by jewish people? You don’t like them or what? And why?

          • Yeah kinda googled it afterwards, and it was an unpleasant surprise that most European countries have made illegal an ideology, as bad as it is. Bigger fascism than the fascists they fight. Proud to live in the few European countries that haven’t banned any ideology. It is the birthplace of democracy after all.

            That was more of a joke since SS defends jews in every occasion. Afterall I don’t think Soros or Kissinger can be bothered with a game blog. They have much more important world changing stuff on their minds…

            • Actually, it’s not banning a “certain” ideology, if I remember correctly, but banning any movement that “defies rights of some group people”, under which Nazism falls.

              Because if you just left it be, soon you’d have another movement – maybe named differently, but aimed at killing jews, gypsies (popular target these days), Poles or other groups of people.

              The punishment for supporting these movements aren’t really high (few years of jail tops, and for that you have to be pretty much extremist supporter already) and if you don’t want to go to jail – why not stopping shouting “Sieg Heil” when meeting someone who looks jewish on the street? It’s as easy as that.

            • Well yes and no!
              Yes cause we have a “Form of democrasy” and everybody is allowed to beleive and support what they want
              NO cause we see how facism end up we saw the stalinism communism end up
              to make it more clear the ends of a certain idealogys is never good cause they are equall shit and always leads to bad situations and subjects of civil wars and stuff
              neither idealogy end whethere is right end or left end is good they have both the equal level of bad thing which are mooore then the goods that people may see in them(actually people are being brainwashed are those people who see good in the ends of an idealogy whethere it is right end or left end)

            • Democracy is not what you think it is. If the majority of the people demand that Nazism is outlawed, then it would be undemocratic not to.

        • Don’t know how it’s in Czech Republic, but in Poland promoting either nazism or communism (or any totalitarian ideology to be exact) is punishable and can get you in jail. And I am all for banning “le epic XD trolls auschwitz mengele go gas” kiddies.
          Try harder.

          • in Czech Republic promoting (not propagating as i wrote earlier, my bad… sorry :D ) nazism is banned, unlike promoting communism (or radical socialism of soviet / stalinist type to be more precise)… although, mostly even propagating communism is frowned upon, but considering last few years, the situation slowly and sadly changes into accepting communists…

        • So by your logic speaking out against antisemitic bullshit basically equals being on the payroll of the Wall Street Jewry?

          Your closet needs curtains, it’s embarassingly transparent.

  5. I do not understand why it throws everything into a heap everyone is different! not every Czech or Slovak player is bad when you have all the reason to understand that we judge coolie several people facing the nation and it is incomprehensible.

  6. So disappointing, I got chat-banned at least 10 times and still cant find my nickname on these Hall of Shame pages… sigh…

  7. i must react… I am part of this clan. it is friendy-based SK/CZ clan, i am proud of beeing part of them. some players doing mistakes, but… if you met poland clan in CW, they are camping all the time. every CW. I dont think, that it is normal.. it is so stupid. I dont have anything against poland at all. i hate only poland noob players.. Every one with _PL on the end of nick in WOT, have WN7 under 500. and 10K battles and more. you cant banned somebody for doing joke from poland players.. nobody want to kill poland as person, but poland as player. pease ;)

      • because some players from us are so pissed off from Poland players, that they cannot hold it in themselves. so, they write it in chat… But i dont think, that it is on ban for clan. only for that players… in lot of random battles somebody hatet me. wrote some stupid things, such as fuck you,… and? i think, that he is idiot, and it is all ehat i do.. ignored him, and that all and a lot of polands killed me “friendy-fire”. i have my opinion against poland players. but i dont want all poland players to be perma banned …

        sry that i dont reacting in SK/CZ language, but i want everybody could read it…

        • That’s not reason. Even swearing can be done gracefully.

          For example, in Europe (especially Poland) you have many people, whose parts of their families were slaughtered by Nazis. This is as stupid as wanting someone to die from cancer to find out they actually have cancer. Would you be fine with some Polish player calling your team out to die in Terezín and to find out later that a grandma of one of your players died there? I guess not.

          In easier terms – this is way overboard. Most usual vulgarisms I am fine with, but ethnical, racial, or genocide-supporting slurs are too much and you guys should realize it.

          • yes. i am not defending behavior of our members.. but i say my opinion.. nowdays, i am going to talk with head of clan, and i want to change our clan.

    • Your clan has lot of players which have SVK/CZE behind their names does it means that they are bad too?
      Or it matter just Poles which reporting to their nationality?

    • 70-90% of players from every country are noobs and idiots but you see Polish noob players the most because they have the biggest player base! I just wait for the moment when other country will surpass Poland in player base and you will say the same about them… I just hope it is going to be Slovakia or Czech Republic – just for fun :) :) hehehe

      There is so many bad players in every country but most of you are just IGNORANTS and blame Polish players because it is easier… and you gumkac forget that most of CZ/SK are shit heads as well :)

      • Well spoken
        it was about time someone NOTE that NOOOBS are froooooom aaaal the countrys not just Poles or whatever
        but as they say
        We always look at the shit of others but dont look or talk about our own shit
        NONE country has less noobs
        NONE country has Top of board Players all the time
        all countries has it;s equal share of noobs and good players
        BUT people are too closed mind and xenobutthurt that they just dont Open there eyes and see that Maybe they are shit as well or the friend they with is Shit instead they start throwing the ball to which ever is most famous or known for that in our case Polland players
        i have seen this one on my ex-clan too if the match went well GG WP if the match went wrong aa the noobs bla bla bla (and sometimes it was my ex-clans fault cause of bad possitioning)

  8. Why dont WG just make this type of offensive comments against the game rules. Then such dreadful people could be readily excluded from the game

  9. Heh the troll is stronk in that guy, He made it to FTR, he might be proud of it.

    Anyway, hiding some of the images behind “continue reading” would be great.

  10. It’s stupid as shit to spam something like that, but being jailed for jokes/bashing is just un-western. GE/CZ should relax already.

  11. Some people are stupid enough to rage through nazi stuff eventhough they don’t know what that was and what it means. On the other side, you have armies of degenerates who’re playing like somebody mentioned above “2 years old” which produces enormous amount of rage and unjust to players who work their asses off and do good in randoms to be on the end prized with a defeat, or whole chain of defeats.

  12. I want to write “I save PL from death camps everyday with my Sherman” and get yelled like “U FUCKING AMERICAN GTFO” from them.

    Masoschism much? I think so.

    I want to have some “business” with them.

    Smert’ shpionam…

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