Flag of Finland on CW map (EU)

Hello everyone,

I don’t usually report on CW stuff, unless there is some massive screwup, but this is rather funny. Members of several prominent Finnish clans in World of Tanks managed to create the flag of Finland on the CW map.

Their proclamation:

There is this land in the far far north. Finland.

Throughout history, its people have been known for notoriously fierce fighters, high standards in cuisine (according to Mr. Berlusconi), high suicide rates, exceptional school system, race car drivers and weird sense of humor. This is a story of the first and the last of that list.

The winter in Finland is cold and dark. And somewhere, by someone, an idea emerges. “Hey, let’s unite Finnish WOT-players and do something crazy!” Not the best idea by any standard, but doable.

After few negotiations 15 Finnish clans united to go ahead with project that received a name: The Greater Finland Project. Not to be confused with: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_Finland. With the Finnish precision, project was set to last exactly 2 weeks.

United we stand and fight for a “great” cause. Maybe WG would recognize the Finnish WOT-community and give us our own section in the Forums. For sure all EU clans may now recognize our enthusiast players and clans. Alliances and enemies are put aside – for a while. It is time to conquer the Heart of Mother Russia.

Once a Finn puts one’s mind into something it gets done, eventually. Approx. 1500 players from a Nation of 5,5 Million formed a solid front. Some clans tried to stop us, some harder than others. Battle of Mordovia was the Achilles Heel and project due date left one clan standing. GG. Why do this, because WE CAN DO IT.

And now, after the work is done, here is our mission:


As you can see above, they succeeded. Clans, participating:


Now, I can confirm that the Finnish guys make a relatively high share of FTR readership (they are on 7th place), so they damn sure deserve their own section of forums.

52 thoughts on “Flag of Finland on CW map (EU)

  1. I’ve always respected the Finns, and SPALE was my favourite ESL team, but this… hot damn :D

  2. Let’s be honest now. Finland is swedish and swedes should get the credits from this.

  3. This was an great opportunity for us to show, that there is good amount of finnish players and clans. And a big thanx to FTR :).

    • We have asked for a section countless of times. We made a petition. We selected potential moderators from the community. We have been pestering them for over one year now.

      And the answer was always the same. Blah blah not enough Finnish players blah blah. Yeah right.

      For me it just looks like WG simply tolerates us as customers.

  4. really really nice! they did a great job

    Edit: Why did it say i was posting to much frequent? I haven’t posted anything since… maybe 2 or 3 days.

  5. Rossiya will have to respond with invasion!

    Actually, some former high official in Putin’s government claims that is seriously possible with Putin’s mindset, trying fix all the territorial ‘mistakes’ the Soviet Union made.

    • That’s what some ignorant people think, but Finland and Crimea are quite different. In Crimea, at least some people actually wanted to join russia.

  6. AFAIR, Poles did same with a little help from CSA, but on whole map of Europe few years ago.

    • There is a lot more Poles than Finns also 2 years ago the amount of clans competing on map was much smaller.

  7. Look at the CW map now. The guys dropped off. I seriously thought for a moment that WG kicked them off due to ‘nationalism’ or something like that.

      • We dropped our selfs from the global map, first left the white province owners and nex dropped blue province owners ;).

  8. “MUROT” made me giggle. XD
    For the benefit of non-speakers, they’re basically calling themselves “breakfast cereal tanks”…

  9. This was in respons to:
    Teemu Virolainen on March 31, 2014 at 3:38 pm said:

    Look at the CW map now. The guys dropped off. I seriously thought for a moment that WG kicked them off due to ‘nationalism’ or something like that.

    I mistyped..

    What exactly happened? They all disappeared?