41 thoughts on ““Karl” Gameplay

      • What? Some of practically grew up with this kind of stuff, before WoT, Battlefield and “Cawadooti” started taking over.

        • Oh yeah, I remember those days, 8-bit heaven, and 16-bit too. I wish someone would go back and make an honest to god 8 or 16 bit game, those silly “8-bit” style indie games just aren’t the same.

          For those who don’t know, they’re pixelated like old-school 8 and 16 bit games, but they use modern color sets, shadows, and physics engines. So they wind up not having quite the same atmosphere (mostly, there are few good ones, but not many of them manage to really nail it.)

  1. I’ve been plastering this gameplay footage over the entire NA forum, but I never thought of sending it to FTR.

    Kudos to whoever did.

  2. I remember playing Tank (1987) on some fake chinese Super Nintendo ver.
    Super Mario, Contra,Tank, some stupid games where you needed a pistol, olimpic games … Oh yeah… that was fun :-)
    Its nice to see it in 3D. I think we can all say WELL DONE WG !

    • You have Karl tank in garage – cant sell it. Just find it and press battle button – and enjoy!
      PS personally I would much more like TD sniper mode instead of arty :P

  3. I know it’s an April’s fools thing, but still…. how do you play this!? :D

  4. I thought it’s complete joke but IT’S PLAYABLE!!! The battle is ultimate fun, thx WG for such a refreshing Aprils Fool Day.

    Even that bloody Nostalgia medal works!

    Good idea with cap zone – uneasily accessible, promotes complete kills instread of capping.