Keep Karl in World of Tanks?

Hello everyone,

there has been an initiative (and I am not sure, whether it comes from US or EU server) to actually keep the Karl (plus the labyrinth map minigame) in World of Tanks after the three day period it was programmed to appear in.

A petition can be found here, to this date, it reached 822 signatures

Just thought you might want know about it, you know, if you are a fan of the thing. Personally, while it’s fun once or twice, watching two Karls chasing one another for 3 minutes around one block of bricks kinda “cured” me of this mode, but maybe it’s the fact I didn’t play this Battlecity game as a child :)

46 thoughts on “Keep Karl in World of Tanks?

      • You could have gotten a medal which grants you 5k credits. But it was only achievable on April 1st 2014.
        Also, if they DO keep it in-game :D They should do a ghost battle-count (wouldnt want 500 battles in this tank or so to be counted towards our total, now would we? I would like it if I would be able to still see the number of battles though.)

        • The battles don’t show up in the service record even now. Which is kind of a shame, it will disappear completely when it’s gone.

  1. I agree with Silent – while it can be fun once or twice, it becomes gradually boring. It’s funny joke and it should stay as joke.

  2. Played it once, that was enough. Nice idea, fun joke but please just keep it for 3 days WG then delete it.

  3. Battlecity (a.k.a. Tanks 1990) was one of the most badass games ever I’ve played. It was even better with a second player.

  4. It would be great if they kept Sleipner in WoWP too. Sleipner is actually pretty awesome :-)

  5. No please nooo…..

    I tried one battle and its enough.

    Can you keep the commander in barracks?

  6. I think it’s quite a good mini game which reminds us of our childhood,but maybe it’s better to keep as a joke,but please leave the slot and the crew!

  7. I think it’s better to keep it, but instead of “regular” use you can only play it on holidays and only with your friends (with those who are on your friendlist).

      • Every weekend would be too repetitive and thus the “fun” factor would be lost in a month. And the less fun the less people would play it thus it would have an hour long wait queue.
        Holidays are not so often but usually you don’t work at that time so you have A., time B., mood C., available friends to “enjoy the 8-bit massacre”. :)

  8. It’s not point how much he earn, it is game of my childhood and I would like it to stay, he really do wonders.

  9. I’m thinking, what’s the harm in leaving it in? It’s a fun, whimsical game mode, where nothing is on the line. Every now and then it’s nice to take a break from srs tenking.

    Besides, to remove it, there’ll have to be another micropatch. To leave it, absolutely nothing. Might as well just leave it. It’s not like it affects the main game in any way (aside from a single fully-trained German SPG commander that I…guess you could retrain? Whoopee).

    …too lazy to go sign the petition, though :v

  10. my proposition is,
    make a game mode for practice match.
    since this earn no credit no count etc,(5000credits for april’s fool but dont care)
    we might enjoy with friends or some one joinning

  11. I agree with this… just like the upcoming “Historical Battle” mode is on the drop-down list, I think it wouldn’t hurt WG to add an “8-bit Relief” mode as well. Karls were just the start, but this would open the door for WG to just make comical 8-bit models of tanks that would not normally be in the game because they’re considered OP (such as the 2B1 Oka, or the made-up SturmMaus).

    You get no exp for the crew, the crew aren’t transferrable to your main tanks, and the ammo costs could offset so there’s no farming ability … just a little “fun” which some people are looking for.

    • Antonov-KT, T-35, Machine Boirault, Lebedenko Tank, Krupp Kugelpanzer, Ball Tank, Fahrpanzer, T-100, MarienWagen Gepanzert, Treffas-Wagen, Tortuga-tank, TR-26C, Chrysler TV-8, Chrysler TV-1, M15A and Progvev-T wants to join this 8-bit club. :)
      As well as those that were published by Yuri and was reblogged here.

  12. The answer to this is, keep it, the players that don’t like it can delete it and never play it again, and leave it for those who want to play it when they get pist off from getting in crappy MM (stress reliever )

  13. Keep it its fun helps me cool down after losing 10 games in a row like just now.

  14. “Personally, while it’s fun once or twice, watching two Karls chasing one another for 3 minutes around one block of bricks kinda “cured” me of this mode, but maybe it’s the fact I didn’t play this Battlecity game as a child :)”

    No no no, how can you say this? Karl is life, Karl is love.

  15. Petition ?
    Didn’t Serb say lately, that there will be democracy in WOT only if american bombers strike at WG central ?

  16. They should do Karl battles as tiebreakers in esports instead of the lame shootouts they do currently.

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