Test 9.0 – Round 3 is Live

Hello everyone, another round of Test 9.0 is live, if all goes well (!), should be the last one.

List of changes:

  • Issue with permanent disconnections from server on PCs with AMD processors fixed.
  • Post effect issue affecting Sniper aim depending on type of additional mounted equipment fixed.
  • Option to disable Sniper aim post effect added.
  • The following maps reworked for better lighting: “Mountain Pass”, “Mines”, “Erlenberg”, “Malinovka”, “Ensk”, “Ruinberg”, “Province”, “El Halluf”, “Sand River”, “Winter Himmelsdorf”, “Serene Coast”, “South Coast”, “Highway”, “Northwest”, “Live Oaks”.
  • Certain bugs and defects in Premium and Non-Premium Garages fixed.
  • Camera displacement in Exterior window fixed.
  • Lamp blinking in Premium Garage fixed.
  • Issue with camera clinging to lamp in Premium Garage fixed.
  • Issue with tracks of certain French vehicles being too dark fixed.
  • Т-34-85 and Centurion 7/1 vehicles reworked for better quality. (HD Models)
  • Bugs and defects in the following updated vehicles fixed: Т-54, Tiger, Panther, Maus, M103, Hellcat, M4 Sherman, and Tortoise.
  • Bugs and defects of the following damaged vehicles fixed: Т-54, М103, and Tortoise.
  • Certain game client crashes fixed.
  • Volume of gunfire reverted to the level in version 8.11.
  • Effects of dust raised by gunfire debugged.
  • Display of shadows cast by a number of objects on different maps fixed.
  • Issue with player list (TAB) refusing to go off screen fixed.
  • Certain bugs in display of tank’s blown-off turret fixed.
  • Issue with blown-off turret getting suspended in midair fixed.
  • Issue with vehicle getting stuck upon contact with another destroyed vehicle fixed.
  • Camouflage issues affecting certain vehicles fixed.
  • Issue with display of tooltips in “Service Record” window fixed.
  • Text descriptions for settings in “Graphics” tab finalized.
  • Issue with reticle jumping around when in Sniper mode fixed.
  • Issue with impossibility to change graphics settings in certain cases fixed.
  • Issue with display of gunfire effects while in Sniper mode with disabled additional effects fixed.
  • Issue with tracers being insufficiently bright on certain maps fixed.
  • Issue with transparent landscape being displayed during the 1st second after map downloading fixed.
  • Issues with display of tooltips for historical loadout in “Service” window fixed.
  • Engine exhaust effects debugged.
  • M24 Chaffee tank retains its previous turret.
  • Gunshot effects for certain vehicles fixed.
  • Certain bugs with battle playback fixed.

60 thoughts on “Test 9.0 – Round 3 is Live

      • Yep. It’s not like that issue came up yesterday. It’s been there for ages. Enough time for everyone to buy a proper CPUs.

      • Damn fanboys. There has to be one of you on every article related to AMD, Nvidia or Intel.

        AMD have their pros and the cons. But let’s not forget they helped the industry by moving things up a bit. Such as Mantle forced lazy Microsoft ass with DX12. And dont forget that AMD and Hynix are the creators of HBM memory. Yes the one Nvidia will use for Pascal, Volta etc.

    • Chaffee gets its old turret back? I know that the hitboxes of armor layout were kinda messed up but instead of fixing it they roll back to old turret? This company will never cease to amaze me.

    • Issue with permanent disconnections from server on PCs with AMD processors fixed.

      Nope for me, my old PC can’t log in and it has AMD processor.

  1. Well, downloaded the update, but can’t log on. When i click “Connect”, nothing happens. It says “Connecting…” for a moment, but then nothing. ( no errors, or notifications about wrong email or pw ) Not sure if the problem is on my side, or the login server isn’t working properly.

  2. I wonder if the fix on the Panther model includes sinking the tracks into the ground so the Panther isn’t riding on top of its grousers instead of having the pads on the ground.

  3. ” – M24 Chaffee tank retains its previous turret.”

    the new one was really nice…

    • I agree, a shame … I fancied to get a new look at my old Chaffee … it is like telling a child that is getting a sweet and then at the last second you take it from him … not fair :-)

      Could they buff the credits? that would be nice …

      • Don’t worry Chaffee will get a VK28.01 treatment in the future which will see its repair cost lowered to normal for which ever tier its put it

    • Oh yeah? Well why don’t they just employ you, as perfect as you obviously are?
      Developing a game is hard as fuck. You do something and that makes a bug. You fix the bug, but the new code causes something else to misbehave.
      It’s like having a pile of apples in your hands, and you drop one.
      You pick it up, but as you bend over another apple falls off. You now have the original apple on the pile but some other apple fell off. And you have to repeat this until you are holding all the apples.

      • I agree with you on this. This guy (TT3Az) always try to show as if he is smart ass person. He cause trouble in every post with his comment, pretends to know everything but actually knows nothing. I usually don’t want to cause trouble or bashing people but I have to say this because this guy really need to think before posting.

        @TT3Az: don’t know how smart you are, but base on your comment recently, your argument usually have no point or very weak. I don’t care how old are you, but your way of acting show me that you are childish and arrogant. If you confident that you are the smart person, show me your WN8 in WoT. If you have about 2000 WN8, I can at least admit that you are smart enough to talk like that.

    • They’re not bothered. Why would they? There’s more than enough testers for their needs.

  4. ” – M24 Chaffee tank retains its previous turret.”


  5. Well still have same lighting problem since 8.11
    i could fix that after getting out of the game with alt + tab
    and back in but now when i do that it crashes!

    at least no more computer restart i hope!

  6. Finally got in… so they put the old turret back on the Chaffee, but the M5 Stuart still looks messed up… they replaced the 2nd turret, but they still didn’t change the guns to fit it. The gun mantlet is just hovering in front of the new turret. And looks like the mg on the Centurion 7′s 2nd turret isn’t textured yet.

  7. Nvidia SLI compatibility is still bugged! I’m losing faith that they will fix this issue :/

  8. “- Option to disable Sniper aim post effect added.”

    Where (in which menu) can I disable this green colour effect? I didn’t find this option.

  9. wargayming can go to gulag. they dont have time to implement better engine, physics, good mm or rng, but will always find place to unnecessarily mess up things which were good.
    I just got elite chaffee now they are screwing it up, thanks. Same with t50-2, as soon as i grinded it out they removed the poor bastard.
    if thats the case, better grind kv-1s and hope for the best ;)

    • They aren’t screwing up Chaffee yet. In 9.0 Chaffee is the exact same as 8.11. And WG already stated that Chaffee would be rebalanced like the other 3 end tier lights(T-50-2, VK28.01) BEFORE the VK28.01 was made a Tier 6 tank. This is not some new thing its been known for a long time.

      And don’t worry they are going to release better MM in 9.1: New MM rule: Players who complain about MM will always be put on bottom of team and all players on their team will have the same win rate and efficiency as them while all enemies will be unicrums.

  10. “Lamp blinking in Premium Garage fixed”

    Storm changed the lightbulb?…

    • exactly what I tought.
      getting better servers, optimising the game, milticore support, all sorts of stuff that really need their attention.
      But no. They fix a lamp in premium garage. WG for ya

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