Test 9.0 – T-34/85 and Centurion 7 Armor Changes

Hello everyone,

with test 3, two final HD models arrived: the T-34/85 and the Centurion 7. And how do they look armor-wise?

This is the old T-34/85:


45mm hull armor, 95mm turret front and that armor stripe on the lower frontal hull, 75mm rest of the turret, 90mm copula

And the new one:


As you can see, very little has changed. The frontal red hull stripe (90mm) is thinner, overall the thicknesses are the same. The only thing that changed a bit more is the upper part of the mantlet, the blue mantlet parts are 45+20mm thick (violet part is 90mm thick) and the upper mantlet now has some sort of hole behind it, which in effect is of the same thickness than the mantlet. Given the structure of the hole, effective armor remains the same.

And this is how the T-34/85 looks in Tank Inspector:


Now the Centurion 7.


121mm UPF, the middle strip is 151mm, 76mm LFP, 165mm frontal turret, that blue part of the mantlet is 100mm thick and has 165mm turret behind it, violet part is just 200mm thick with that 100mm small weakspot, hull sides and upper turret are 51mm, copula is 112mm and its roof is again 51mm. Side plates are 6mm thick, with tracks being 25mm thick (turret sides are 112mm)

And now the new one:


Centurion 7/1 armor recieved a clear nerf. UFP and LFP stay, the thick strip at the weld changed from 154mm to 151mm. Hull sides remain the same. Turret however got “hit” worse. The frontal turret plate was changed from 165mm to 152mm, the transition between frontal and side turret armor is 121mm thick and the sides are 89mm thick (nerfed from 112mm), the roof (the large weakspot) remains at 51mm, copula got nerfed from 112mm to 89mm.

The mantlet is quite complicated: the blue rim is 76mm + 152mm (turret armor), but the violet center is only 152mm thick (from 200mm), the magenta part is 152+114 (from 100+165). Overall, the turret will be more vulnerable, unless you start firing at the mantlet.


57 thoughts on “Test 9.0 – T-34/85 and Centurion 7 Armor Changes

  1. I want to jizz all over Centurions turret.
    Curse my life for having a crap computer.

  2. Centurion 7/1 Turret armor nerf?!?!?!! NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s it, I’m DLing WTgF!

  3. Unfortunately, it would appear that the Cent’s turret nerf is historically accurateTM…

      • Mk 9 is just a Mk 7/1 with the 105mm gun. It’s actually the same turret, more or less.

        • Pretty much. The Mk 1 turret is different, but nobody cares. The Mk 8, 10, and 13 also have a different mantlet, but with the same thickness.

  4. 95mm for the T-34 bow casting? I guess that’s fine. The US measured it as 5″ but is cast and rounded at only 192 BHN.

  5. I’m really curious what are they trying to achieve with all those armor nerfs.. there are some speculations on forums that they may remove gold ammo after most of the tanks will be ‘rebalanced’ during HD remodeling..
    But it’s really strange that they are nerfing almost every tank that was remodeled..

      • Yes, except for the mantlet edges, it should actually only 254mm thick; I remember SS saying something about that some time ago. Ofc, almost no gun at Tier 8, let alone Tier 7, has a gun with gold ammo that’s APCR and can pen it, and it would still eat HEAT shots, so no problems.

  6. so I guess this is what the devs are doing to improve the Fv4202′s Armour by nerving the centurion 7′s armour lol great decision and I assume we will have a a speed nerd to the centurion 7 aswell making the Fv4202 even better :D

  7. HEY LOOK!! an already vulnerable sub-par tank got it’s armor nerfed! way to go! now im 100% sure i wont be wasting my time researching it.

    • Its so fantastic and overpowered that i can even live with this huge turret armor nerf. Dat penetration. Dat damage. Dat accuracy. Dat handling. Dat mantlet (still). Dat acceleration and hill climbing. Dat gun depression.

      Firepower of the heavy, speed of the sluggish med, accuracy of the best TD, viewrange of the scout (but you can be 100m behind him and still spot for him).

      <3 <3 <3

      • Say whatever you want about FV4202. It is “comfy” in a special way but still it sucks balls compared to T62 and its clones. Yet Centurion 7/1 is faaaar from being UP. Actually i think it is a bit OP as in 8.11 patch. Especially since arty got nerfed into oblivion, British tanks prosper.

  8. yikes… that’ll hurt the Caernarvon more when they get around to it. Luckily it’s not likely to be high on their list of iconic tanks.

    In the Centurions bouncing shots is amusing but not something you should really be going out of your way to try; they both need sloping terrain to add to the effecive armour, but the Caernarvon has a better sloped upper glacis that it can actually afford to catch shells on.

    That “weakspot roof” is actually well sloped enough to bounce shells since unlike a lot of roof armour for other nations it’s thick enough to avoid complete normalisation of incoming shells (looking at you in particular, IS-3).

    Can’t tell well from the pcitures, but has the Centurion’s front plate become better angled? Not sure if it’s the camera position or not. I’d like to say it’s not something WG would get wrong, but…

    • This batch of HD remodells is the worst of all. I actually liked the old cent better. And top of it – the most fugly roof machinegun i have ever seen. I dont even care about armor.

  9. One more thing i noticed about the Centurion 7/1. The hull seems to be a lot shorter compared to the old model. Just go to the garage, and switch between the Centurion 1 and the Centurion 7/1, you’ll see that the front end of the hull is a lot shorter. ( In 8.11 the hull size of those two tanks are pretty much the same, so on the test server, comparing the size of the mark 1 hull to the mark 7/1 is like comparing the old model to the new HD one. )

  10. The Centurion looks amazing. Not bothered by the loss of armour at all, I expected it. The gun looks fantastic as well. Looking forwards to seeing an updated Conqueror model, when ever that is.

    I wonder if the T-62A will lose armour on its turret. My guess is yes.

  11. T-34-85 will go from having no armor whatsoever to having no armor whatsoever.
    How terrible.
    Let me tie some conscripts to the front, maybe?

  12. Are you sure that you got the numbers right for the Centurion? The magenta part in the very center should be weaker than the violet part, as it has no turret armor behind it. In your numbers you add the turret armor to the magenta part though, but not to the violet part. Methinks it should be the other way around.

    This then even looks a bit like a small gun mantlet buff, because the weaker magenta part (weak because there is no turret armor behind it) got smaller.

  13. WG Logic.

    You nerf the strongest point of a tank, further putting it at disadvantage v Russian t9 med T54 (which was OWNED by the Centurion in the REAL WORLD!!! Mostly By the Brave Tankers of ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My magnificent country, hated by so many basket case racists in EU and RU server (FUCK YOU TOO!!!!)

    Logic would mean nerf armor, Buff ROF & traverse speed, but NOOOOOOOOOO. Must make all Med’s prey to the Most often Killed turned into scrap metal tank in Post WWII, The T54.

  14. If centurion gets turret nerf, its gonna lose its main armour/defence. And why did’nt they compensate the nerf for a buff?