Russian Tank Research gives the Phrase “Poo Flinging” new Meaning…


Thanks to RW for this one

Hello everyone,

when I saw the abovelinked article for the first time, I thought it would be “one of those British things”, given the fact it was published in the Guardian, but no, it comes from Russia.

Apparently, Russian inventor Aleksandr Georgievich Semenov, invented a brilliant way of disposing ehm… “human waste” in a tank. You fire it at the enemy.

A drawing explaining Aleksandr Georgievich Semenov's patented weapon system

The basic principle is: soldiers shit in shells and then fire them. Nope, this is not a joke or a prank – this guy actually had this seriously patented in 2009 (two drawings – one of them postedabove – and 12 pages of text). Basically, a soldier shits into the open compartment in the shell warhead, loads the shell, and fires it either into “safe area”, or “at targets of opportunity”.

Well… everyone knows Russians are into psychological warfare, but this is brutal… even for them.

55 thoughts on “Russian Tank Research gives the Phrase “Poo Flinging” new Meaning…

    • Yep, new shell confirmed, penetration same as AP shell, however, after penetration, there is a 25% chance of temporarily disabling a crew memeber due to his fighting with the smell… :) After 10 secs he recovers (more precisecy, he roughly clears his eyes and nose) with 5% skill penatly becase the “shell fragments” are stuck everywhere around his place and it really doesn’t help with top performance… :) :) :)

      Edit: open-top vehicles crew recovers more quickly as the smell gets ventilated much faster

  1. What would it do in WoT though? +10% chance to kill enemy’s crew member? :D

  2. Oh look a new trades skill added to armoured warfare….plumber.

    Only a Russian would be stupid enough to pay the money to patent it.

  3. that’s the biggest fear of Infantry beside shrapnel Shell or Canister Shots

  4. To answer for that technological leap, the US army has now developed a shit-warhead ATGM missile.

    Javelin is *not* a word you want associated with shit.

  5. We should send this to Yuri Pasholok. Wondering what he thinks abot it.
    “Tiger II road wheel design sucks, Russian shit shell much stronk”!

  6. Re-posted this on the EU forum, despite a lot of hilarity from the other forumites the thread got deleted and I got a warning point and a 1 day ban, because of my “Eat My Poo Mutha Fudgers!” troll meme.

    EU forum mods, no sense of humour? It could just have been moved to Off-topic.

    You just have to laugh. :)

  7. Sounds like an expensive way to dispose of waste. Shells aren’t cheap so not a lot go bang for your buck by filling the warhead with poo.
    Biological warfare maybe?

  8. hahahahahah now wouldn’t loading a 203mm arty shell with shit be more productive? :D

    now THAT would be a royal shitstorm, you hit an open topped vehicle and SHIT EVERYWHERE!.

    when it lands nearby “observation device clogged” :D

  9. to increase production of those organic tank shells:

    american crews will get spicey buffulo wings as a consumable.

    germans will get sour cabbages

    russians beetroot soup

    chinese crews get “medicinal laxative tea” with wonton

    japanese crew will get wasabi

    english crews buckets of prunes

    i dont know about the french

  10. I’m pretty sure this is against the Geneva Protocols (as a form of biological warfare). XD

  11. I always wondered why people were camping at the back, now I know why… Oh god, this gives a new meaning to “shit players”