Developer Diaries – New Game Modes



- fortifications – basically, clan bases with various bonuses, that give various bonuses (for example credits, XP, free XP) to the clan:


- there will be a possibility to fight over clan bases, this will be independent on CW’s
- features in this mode: airstrike, recon, mines, AI pillboxes (acting like artillery apparently)
- historical battles – uneven team numbers, special characteristics for HB tanks (different from the tanks of the same configuration in random battles!), heavies will have less HP, respawn model (heavies don’t respawn, lowtier meds do)
- garage battle mode is coming by the end of the year
- team battle mode will be improved (team names, special awards)

Personally, I am not actually convinced this time this is for the good. Instead of improving Clanwars (not a word about that apart from the general phrases), endgame players will be split between CW mode and the “fortification” mode. This sort of “shattering of audience” proved practically fatal for the current company mode – before team battles, this mode was full of players, right now, it’s practically exclusively a training ground for clans for CW.

And garage battles? Who the hell actually needs that? I mean, it looks like random mode with respawn. I don’t know.

PS: Wouldn’t be WG EU without a fail, would it? Everyone gets a video. Not Germans though, they get a placeholder:

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52 thoughts on “Developer Diaries – New Game Modes

  1. Garage battles mode must be done because of historical battles respawning system. Without that we will see on and on battles 5xTiger vs. 5xISU, which is really not funny, nor historical.

  2. Oh my god. I’m speechless at the point with garage battles and team battle being reworked. This will be totally awesome. WoT has a good future. HD graphics, Havoc engine, new game modes etc. War Thunder can suck it now. I’ve always said that I will play WT GF when it’s out but I changed my mind now. As always thanks for the information SS!

      • I sense you are joking, but I hate fanboys. WT and WoT have tanks. That is the only similarity. Gameplay is totally different. It’s 2 different games. Only things someone can compare are textures and physics. That’s it.

        That said, I am enjoying WT GF closed beta testing, a break on WoT is good once in a while.

        Also it would be nice NOT to compare WoT and WT since WT has a lot more to go to open beta(aprox. 3 months if not more)

    • 1- WG’s mercurial search for a popular, new game mode will finally come to an end cause they announced a new one? Blind faith, much?
      2- HD graphics — catching up to WT, which, btw, is still better optimized. meh
      3- Havoc — hay, one good thing. (Note: this isn’t multi-CPU support)

      The Achilles heel of WoT remains the abysmal maps, abysmal optimization (get a new pc lul) and horrid play of pubs. Horrible pubs don’t hold you back in WT — 5 kills and you get massive exp, win OR lose. (and no, I’m not a WT fanboy; I’ve played both, and currently I spend all my gaming time in Titanfall)

    • and when you actually play it you realize what a pile a poo is
      just like “team battles” before and historical battles upcoming

      • What are you on about? Team battles are great!
        I suspect you’ve only tried it with random people and not with coordinated teams employing proper tactics, which would be completely missing the point of the whole thing.

  3. It’s fantastic to switch to english, because the german community team isnt even able to link a video -.-
    Sometimes I think, we germans have the worsest CM of whole WoT -.-

  4. Respawning is the dumbest idea ever…just the opportunity for morons to keep killing themselves or to piss his teammates. Now..if u had a player who just kept playing badly and or kept messing with his teammates…when he died it was over and u could play normally….but now…he will keep coming back….this is the thing i’m most worried about….I really think this option is a very very bad idea.

    • Report him, there’s always a chance of ban. Also it can swing both ways, I can’t even count how many I’ve played against not 15, but 14 or even 13 tanks, because enemies drowned, shot each other or something.

  5. What IF those modes would be made for tiers that are too popular on random mode? For example tiers 6 and 8 that have to wait too long on random queue for battle, would be great candidates for garage battles and fortification. OR we could get those modes on UNPOPULAR tiers (like t7, t9) so people would have a reason to play them

    Why do this like i wrote above? To lower the ammount of people that stay in queue on t8 because ammounts of those are sometimes riddiculously high

    What do you think?

    • Why do you think tier VII and tier IX are unpopular? They are just like other tiers. And some people really enjoy playing them. In my view making tier cap is abstraction, totally stupid. Garage battles – good when you will be able to pick only one tank class and one tier( I mean only TD and 7th tier for example). Clan Fortifications is quite nice idea for small clans and as a commander of really small clan I’m happy to recieve some bonuses without participating with large, proffessional clans.

      • Trust me if it will be worth it ( as i am sure that they wg will make it ) you will be fighting against kazna, rsop, f15 etc. they will band together, forge large alliances so that they can concentrate on this new game mode and rake in the gold and bonuses from both places

        • You do know that its possible to use the new fortification mode and have no enemy clans be able to attack you.

          Simply leave your buildings at level 4. No one can even touch you or your buildings unless they are level 5.

  6. “To Destroy a vehicle, you had to knock out all of its module or put all of its crew member out of action”
    “This supposed made the Game worse blablabla the players will become frustated”

    -Not in the “other Game” YKWIM

    • “They didn’t know why they are shooting for 2 minutes and the other tank is stil alive.”… I just wonder who was the fucktard that shot shells for 2 mins(!!!) and whined “the module-killing or crew-killing thing is nonsense…”.
      “This also caused camping.”… then change the timelimit ffs :D
      “There is a 3rd party program that shows zones of penetration on the vehicle model and we don’t want this mod to be necessary for players”… implement a “lookalike” then? BTW: Mods are bad ‘mkay?

      • According to that video hit skin mods are considered legal and WG has no plans to ever make them illegal. If they planned to make them illegal they would not be worried about people being forced to use the mod.

  7. The problem with current CWs model is that it’s hard to improve it, so they are making an alternative instead. There are a few ideas I’ve seen fly around to improve CWs, but they have one thing in common – none of them is guaranteed to work. They “might” work, but the problems might be just shifted to other area or return after some time.

    I take it like this – while CWs will stay the “elite” endgame, this will be something that will be available to everyone – which is what endgame should be about, available to everyone.

    As for garage battles, it’s just player mentality – they want to “get another chance”, be able to take revenge on that guy who killed them, score more frags per battle, etc. If it’s not too much of a complicated mode (which it won’t be, since it apparently has to be developed for historical battles), I’d say why not. Some people will whine about it and not play it, some people will play it just to whine about it – as with every mode.

    • I think the CW mode would be very easy to improve. What I see going on with the new clan mode is a way to link Wot with WoWP and WoWS.

  8. So earning exp in Historical Battle will allow to unlock modules in Normal mode yes? Grinding some tonks might be less painful…

    • more like this:
      Nowdays MMOs tend to implement this “mechanic” to guilds (e.g.: WoW guild specs, RO etc) to get more people involved into “guilding”.
      On the other hand tho it only serves as a “guildad”. The bigger and better the clan the more treats you can get from them, thus harder for little clans to get any new members.

  9. It is funny how WG is basically copying Gaijin with their garage battles. It is pretty much what WT has/will have with GF in arcade mode.

    Also, their attempt at making battles more realistic was stupid. “All modules or crew”? That is stupid. You shouldn’t need to destroy it all to knock a tank out.
    WG, just admit that you were caught with your pants near your ankles and now you’re trying to adapt.

    • Garage battles was planned in WG before WT even came out.

      The idea of the “total” battles isn’t that stupid – some tanks were just able to fight until they got everything destroyed (especially heavies) and the same goes for crew – and there’s currently not a chance for a tank to survive multiple penetrating hits, because it just loses HP and dies.

      • “Garage battles was planned in WG before WT even came out.”

        Not only planned – by the time War Thunder entered closed alpha stage, we already had at least one WoT supertest screenshot leaked from early iteration of garage battle.

      • Yeah but todays trend is to bash WOT no matter what cause its cool. Doesn’t matter if its by lies or truth :)

        • No need to bash. It is always nice to have alternatives. I played WoT, then switched to WT – but that does not mean I condemned WoT entirely, in fact it is still installed on my rig. I just have not played it in six months or so.

          Perhaps WoT can come up with something that will lure me back. So far, “historical” battles with sixth sense are not that motivational for me, but things may change.

          Good thing is that the competition of WT made the WoT move again, it seemed pretty stagnant lately.

  10. Well…if we count the new graphics and patch 9.0 as “WarThunder” patch #1 then this is WarThunder patch #2

    AI targets? Pillboxes? really WG ?

    People say competition is a good thing ..but imo that doesn’t really work if both products end being exactly the same game…

    It’ll be funny if in the next patch WG introduces wheeled vehicles :D

        • No, bash the WG, not the WoT :D

          And bash the WG by giving a good reason too

          Also played THE WoT for 3 years
          Spent a lot of money on the WoT and not regretting it at all. Had a lot of fun with The WoT
          I just found something better then The WoT in The WT and its funny how The WG tries to catch the WoT up with the WT:GF from the Gaijin

      • obviously they cant end as the same game…but they can offer the same things , as we are seeing.
        One has AI targets, the other will too
        One has Pillboxes or whatever, the other will too.

        WoT has a pen indicator(green, yellow, whatever) so WT has one too.
        WoT has arty , WT has arty(although not as a directly controlled vehicle)
        They end up taking stuff from each other until eventually it’s all a blurry mess.

        What pisses me off is that WG planned stuff for years, when people say they planned this and that before everyone, they’re right. But Gaijin actually DID all this stuff.
        And now all of a sudden WG starts making big graphics changes and new modes and whatever the hell, because a fire happened to ignite under their fat ass.
        And its obvious and almost kind of desperate that they are doing it….”Oh shit, they have AI, we need it too, NOW”….after more than three years.

        We could’ve had a much much better tank game….But we got WoWp instead so cheers for that, i guess

        • The thing is… many of the changes WG introduces like models and physics are LOGICAL progressions of the constant changes to the engine. The new models and other things were obviously made for quite a while now.

          WoWP is not THAT bad… and it can still be made better.
          Besides you do realize that making WOWP does not stop WG from developing WoT?
          Different studios, WG has enough money to also make Crysis 4,5 GTA VI and Titanfall 2 and 3 at the same time as WOT.

          • Well, if it decides not to pay its employees for a while :D

            The fact that they have so much money makes it worse…They are logical progressions , that is true..
            They just happened to appear when the competitor implemented them first…immediately one after the other. The biggest change they did for three years was the 8.0 graphics update.
            If they decided to take stuff from WT at least they could’ve taken the friggin’ “test drive” option.
            Or a single player mission wouldn’t hurt every once in a while.
            In fact last year’s April 1st joke with the zombie mode ….don’t care if this sounds bad , but i would’ve loved that….if they actually put it in.
            Frustrated match after match? …have some zombie stress relief!
            Plus they don’t have all the models and are actively making them now. And you cant afford to spend months on making models in the video games industry. So i doubt they spent that much time on them.

            Anyway, the idea is that they could’ve done more instead of rapid fire announcing stuff to make their game shinier than the competitor.

        • Had Gaijin been making their tank game first and WG started making WoT 3 years afterward it would be the exact same. WG’s game would come out at first more advanced than Gaijins game would be and Gaijin would then be seen as “copying them” when they implement those modes that were planned long in advance.

          The reason being is that right now Gaijin has this stuff before WG did because they didn’t have to spend time adding the things that WoT has been adding. WoT was concentrating on adding Japanese and French and British and Chinese tanks and adding different branches to their game then they went to add the new mods and the new visuals.

          Gaijin put in 3 nations then before worrying about adding other nations they went for graphics and game modes
          WoT put in 7 nations then worried about graphics and more game modes.

          And no WoT is not suddenly adding all this stuff because Gaijin added this stuff. WG had these game modes and graphics updates planned for this general time before Gaijin EVEN announced they were making a tank game. Companies don’t just suddenly decide to do things like update graphics and add modes simply because another company is doing it. They plan these kind of massive updates LONG LONG in advance. Companies make three year, five year, ten year goals. They plan to do things long before they ever start to even looking at how to do that thing.

          So no Gaijin has nothing to do with anything WoT is doing. These are things that were planned far in advance before WT:GF was even announced to the public as being near alpha version

          • As i said, WG planned many things and the players had many ideas.
            They just didn’t do any of them. So even if they were planned back before man first saw the light of the sun, it doesn’t matter because someone else did them first.
            And it would’ve been the same if Gaijin and WG had reversed roles. But they don’t.

            And if WT:GF hadn’t come along most of these ideas would’ve remained just ideas for months and years to come. As is evidenced by the incomplete number of higher poly models, i.e “Look we have graphics too!!!11!1 (and to the art team – > MAKE MODELS FASTER)”

            I have to give it to WG for opting with Physical Based Rendering though, that is where next gen is going

  11. It’s funny when shitty players cry , they can’t on equal with good ones…
    Same with clans.
    “7tier, +14 years , TS” – so.. clan full of people with top 7 tier, felling like biggest bosses on planet (14 years old) should be on equal , with clan where people are 20+, they can listen their commander , and commander have good ideas how fight on different maps, with at least few good tactics , knowing all spot bushes , most possible enemy tactic and counters on them, in my clan many times battle is so well timed that when you drive on ridge, enemy is just gets spotted, you fire 1 salvo and go back. 3-4 damaged enemy tanks is all you need to win later.
    Crap clan , is crap. People fuck up , commanders fuck-up, how and why they nonstop bitch about clan-war map, team battles , ect ? -.-

    • Maybe the butthurtness is too high….donno.

      They should’ve firstly do something about clanless people who want some endgame without the needage of being part of a clan, not about shitty clans made by players who want clans just because it’s cool and “why not?” arguments.

      Edit:And I know about the 1vs1 ESL format, but, imho, that’s not enough.

    • CWs are really bad designed, most of the map is controled by 3 clans and their alliances…

      other FAIL is that CW’s EATS too much time, 3/7 instead of 7/7 would be great, while the other 4 days can be used to fight “minor” battles like the new “fortress” feature

      other fix? limit the number of provinces that a clan can have to 3 or 4 and the number of attacks, that way more clans wil be inside the map, while the fight for the zones with a lot of gold will still be there.

      • CW’s is meant to demand time and effort, if you cannot be around to defend your territory or capture new territory do not join a CW clan. Also the only thing wrong with CW’s is A. not enough territory and B. Tank locking….A. needs to be expanded and B. needs to be removed.

  12. I look at that tree looking picture and imagine a sort of crew member skill tree. It would be an RPG like aspect and probably not work to well but at least they would do something with them. I mean crew skills haven’t been added or messed with since implimentation about 2 “Full” numbers patches ago.

  13. The biggest problem with CW’s right now is two things. One, there is not enough territory to handle the amount of clans/players battling for them. Mexico/Caribbean needs to opened up as another low level zone for newer clans. Secondly tank locking needs to be removed, that feature was meant to help lesser clan but it all honesty all it did was help the larger clans due to their numerous members with 7+ tier 10 tanks compared to a newer clan where each members has maybe 2.

    On the idea of WT vs WOT, who really gives the shit. WT has and will have things that WOT does not have, and WOT will come out with stuff that WT wont have. It is all personal preference and no game is better then the other because the whole idea of “better” is a persons personal preference. The ONLY comparable things you can logically argue with these games is 1. Performance and 2. Graphics/Audio.