Stronk 9.0 – All remaining Enemies Crashed, Player Gets Top Gun

Sorry for the video spam, but this is kinda hilarious :) Player Korbu sent me his video of this particular event. Two remaining tanks against six enemies – the battle seems decided! But wait – patch 9.0 is very stronk and so it happened that ALL the enemies’ game client crashed, much to the amusement of the two survivors…

Free kills, everyone!

(at 5:40, everyone loses connection, at 7:05, Korbu and his teammate learn of this from an enemy player, who is active, but dead)




62 thoughts on “Stronk 9.0 – All remaining Enemies Crashed, Player Gets Top Gun

  1. Yep, seems about right. Oh WG, how blatant your mistakes are sometimes(more often than not).

  2. i remember something similar from releasing 8.11., there were massive lagspikes and all that shit like week after the release. In one battle on steppes, out of 30 tanks about 25 crashed, and of the remaining 5, it was 2vs3. Last one who survived that was a WZ-131 ( it was T10 battle ). Then he has gone to our spawn and shoot and kill till the point he ran out of ammo, result: 7,7k dmg, top gun and about 2900 base xp ))

  3. This happens in all patches ._. Search in for 15 kills games and you’ll find 8.11 matches where both team crashes except for one player who gets 15 kills.

      • You can’t enter in game again, until the match is over. I always get kicked to desktop in ruineberg on fire..

        • Pretty much, once you crash, you can’t join the battle again.
          It will just keep on crashing when it’s loading the map until the battle is over.

        • Umm BS? Every time I crash during a game I am able to get back and continue playing if enemies didn’t manage to destroy my tank yet.

          • Same to me. But sometimes battle edned before my computer manages to stop non responding WOT and launch new WOT process.

          • not in the 9.0, the only time it crashed for me (driving a hellcat), i couldnt join in until the battle was over..

          • Then u didnt have the bug, just ur PC fucks up. If u had the bug u wont be able to join anymore – look in the forums 99% of the players are reporting the same….

            • In this 9.0 bug sometimes you can join back, but it will only last for a few seconds, maybe enough time to take another shot. Then it crashes again. But in most cases this doesn’t work and you crash during loading screen of the battle all the time. Either way it makes not much sense to even try rejoining.

              But I admit: If you crash and can rejoin without crashing again and continuing the battle – this is not the 9.0 bug.

          • You are wrong. Witht this issue there is no rejoining unitl the match is over.

          • No its not bullshit. The CTD bug in 9.0 prevents you from re-entering the game at all, you crash on the map loading screen and CTD each time.

            Before 9.0 you could rejoin easily, but not with this particular bug.

            Don’t call people liars before you learn the facts.

      • I think the bug mostly caused by a tank destroyed in your vicinity. It happened to me before, my enemy who was chasing me suddenly stopped moving after I killed another enemy tank close to him, and I crashed after I killed the other tank. And unable to join the game after and waited for 5mins.

          • “Anywhere near me” in your case would be everywhere your drawing distance reaches, meaning quite large square covering a lot of the map.

            Also, it seems only people with improved graphics selected suffer from this crash. Try setting it to normal graphics. The game will look ugly, but it will be stable.

  4. How interesting!
    When the player zooms behind a bush or tree the leaves are stepping aside and he has a crystal clear view of the enemy without any signs of vegetables in his view…Tataaaaa.
    You can see it nice at 1:40.

    That happend never for me before, what a miracle, how must I setup my WOT to get it?
    Now serious, Isnt that stricktly forbidden like agent orange or the missing leaves in zoom.
    I dont get it….Explanation?

    • First time I belived, that this is a cheat mod, but than I played his replay file, and the same thing happened for me. My client is totally mod virgin.

      • Level of zoom in given time is part of the replay data. It isnt some sort of external hack, zoom could be increased with notepad.

    • I agree its illegal /cheating and it should be fixed. By a total rework of the zoom mechanism.
      1) remove this bush transparency bug, i dont really understand why it even exists.
      2) increase vanilla zoom for every vehicle at least to 16x, which is safe to use even now (it doesnt remove the leafs, only extreme +20x zoom does)
      2a) increase the zoom for each vehlicle equiped with coated optics / binoculars, that would make sense. (again, 16x maximum, or unlimited when combined with 1))

  5. 100% confirmed crashing problem. This game crashed 4 times in 1 battle for me. (after each crash i re-logged). IMO this is the first time for WG they released game update with so much mistakes.

  6. use the damn standard settings. its confirmed it has little to no crashes at all. people are stupid sometimes. The temporary fix is in their face yet the keep complaining.

    I had crashes on improved graphics too. Until i switched to standard and no more CTD’s at all. I even tested the tanks known for the crash and it working fine.

    I also redownloaded the old vehicles pkg files to replace the damn buggy HD models for now. (thankfuly we will have the option to choose them or not in 9.1).So it will ease down a bit on that known issue when someone explodes/fires the system hangs for a few seconds. It was terrible for me. Now it’s just a microfreeze instead of 2-3seconds freeze.

  7. I remember that, long before, around v.0.8.1/0.8.2(before the creation of EU2?), there was a huge server problem and in a match, all, including me, got disconnected.After I managed to connect I was surprised to see that everyone was sleeping.They started to wake up after few minutes one by one.

  8. If I were there I would just go for cap to be fair with the enemy players because it wasn’t their fault and shouldn’t pay for that defeat. But that’s just me.
    On the other hand, I “smell” a tipical big company strategy from now on similar to what Microsoft did not long ago. Win XP wast fast and stable then Vista came and ruined everything by beeing much slower and had compatibility issues. Win 7 improved performance but still wasn’t as fast as Win XP. Now Win 8 is again faster than its predecessor and finally better than XP in terms of speed. It took them 13 years to create a product as competitive as Win XP launched back in 2001.
    For sure WG will do the same from now on. Every patch will be a race to take the game back tot the performance and stability of 8.11. Let’s see how much time it takes them. Of course they will present future patches as improvement even all they will do is correct a failure that is 9.0 and not natural and continuous progress.
    Good luck and nerves of steel!

    • Well, capping would be fair, but since i got so many disconnections whether by WGs fault, or my shitty 3rd world country ISP where my tank drove itself in front of enemies w/o my control, or simply fell off from a cliff(into the water) i would gladly had my revenge on those afk tanks, just the way they had on me while i was pulling out my hair in all my rage because of disconnections.

      • Don’t get me wrong as I wasn’t judging you. It was my opinion and nothing more.
        I understand your frustration and reaction to it as I believe each one here has been through this at least once.
        For me, the game crashed only once so far since 9.0 update and I was not able to login again until the end of that battle.

    • Germany built Tiger tanks in a rush
      WoT developers (bastards for me) made 9.0 patch in a rush

      Same story, different people.

      Fucking WoT. Good thing I left it.

  9. Yesterday I was platooning with my friend, both with arties and we were continuosly getting disconnected, even after we got into the battle, we were in for maximum 10 seconds and then it crashed over and over again.
    Somehow our team won without arties, but it was a painfull disconnect, nevertheles

  10. LOL! Too bad the SU was still around, imagine the epic lulz if it had been just the guy who filmed the battle killing all those afk tanks!

  11. Stronk stutter, game very stable, much fps(eight even at moments) with lowest possible settings(where i had 30+ with higher settings before)…..
    If they had an ounce of common sense 0.9.0 would still be on the test server(or even roll back to 0.8.11).
    Funny thing as I had 40+ fps on 0.9.0 test server every time I tried it… what changed?…..

  12. well, this actually happened to me back in the closed beta, I was in my SU-18 and all my team and all enemy team went off-line even before the initial countdown, I was the only one moving, drove to the other base just to see 15 more afk tanks lol. Killed 12 (no more ammo) and capped to victory xD

    what sucks here is that I only have a screenshot proving my 12 kills (taken before the total wipe out at the end of open beta test)

    • Killing 12 AFK enemies is a curiosity, not achievement.
      And everyone crashing in closed beta might be inconvenient not unexpected.
      Everyone crashing in 0.9.0 is very unexpected.

      • No, WoT’s server load in closed beta was much better than the current situation. I was playing with 200ms ping, but it was like I was playing right beside the server.

        I can expect everything from this last 9.0 “patch”.

  13. I lost a couple of matches coz of it. Also one potentional Pool’s and kolobanovs.

  14. Somehow I’m feeling like incidents like this will keep occuring again and again…

  15. epic patch ..
    sine this 9.0 patch, wot for me crashed some 8 times , and last 2 days i had fps ~ 90 -120, but when i look at the center of map, where most of the maps have more trees, houses and other objects, my fps drops to 20-30 and have huge lags, look the other way – back to ~ 100. srsly found someone who knows how to make it work normaly..

  16. What can be worse than that 8 players who are in battle, on both sides, get crashed in same time and can’t get back in… I played with Churchill 1 to get Churchill GC which I have skipped, unfortunately, all crashed, battled ended as draw, 3 players on my team, rest in their..

  17. piece of shit programing i keep getting game crash after game crash.. WTF? !??!?!1/

  18. Great adverstising for WG! Play WoT!

    Get yelled at by idiots who do 143 damage themselves (that would be Bili72, ruling in his StuG) and win because 6 people crash out!