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Hello everyone,

player Gabo from US server recently visited the famous Latrun tank museum in Israel and decided to share a few pictures with us. Enjoy!

Sherman with AMX-13 (FL-10) turret

This conversion was, if I recall correctly, made by Egypt, this vehicle was captured during the Yom Kippur war.






T-100 SPG

This is an Egyptian conversion of the obsolete T-34 hulls, used during the Yom Kippur war and captured by the IDF. The Egyptians replaced the main gun and turret of the tank with a 100mm BS-3 (M1944) Soviet AT gun, attached to an unwieldy superstructure. The vehicle was used as a self-propelled gun and an ad-hoc tank destroyer. Was not very effective.

By the way, the vehicle standing behind it is not the SU-100, it’s its Czechoslovak copy, the SD-100. Czechoslovakia at one point wanted to get rid of the SD’s and sold them en-masse to “friendly” Middle-East countries.You can tell the copy apart by the shape of the mudguards.






Israeli Centurions





This is somewhat rare: a 20pdr Centurion Mk.V



M10 “Achilles”

Achilles is the version of the Wolverine with a 17pdr British gun



Tiran 6 (T-62)




Achzarit superheavy APC



M48A3 Patton




M60A1 with the Blazer reactive armor


M51 “Super Sherman”

This is the latest version with the French 105mm CN gun. Due to the contraints of the turret, the gun had to have short recoil and therefore, its muzzle velocity was limited. It was basically a HEAT/HE shell lobber. Not quite sure, what the Ford Mustang is doing there.




M50 “Super Sherman”

This is the improved Sherman, equipped with the 75mm CN75-50 gun, a French gun, developed from the German 75mm L/70 KwK 42. By the time of its introduction, it was obsolete and had trouble dealing with the modern Soviet vehicles it was facing, leading to the upgrade to the 105mm version. The car is Chevrolet Camaro, probably 1968/69 or so.



To be continued…

56 thoughts on “Latrun Museum Pictures

  1. that is one badass-looking t-100 turret. too bad it’s not as badass performance-wise as it looks…

      • Wut, really? We have every Mustang ever made on the roads over here, and Camaro’s too. Just about every Muscle car and Pony car comes out once the weather heats up. We have so many classic muscle cars that the Heath police and highway patrol have to drive Challengers (the new ones) just to keep up.

        I saw a ’77 Vette, and Chevelle SS in the parking lot at Kroger the other day when I went shopping. I drove home from work behind a Porsche Carrera once, and someone else took a video driving behind a Lamborghini.

        But yeah, we have a couple Thunderbirds and Firebirds, at least one Super Bee, a Road Runner, a Barracuda, I see lots of Corvettes from time to time, plenty of Camaro’s, and a couple of Pontiac GTO’s. There’s a lot of other classic cars around here too, but those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

        It isn’t just old cars either, we have plenty of modern sports cars to go around too, and lots of much older cars from before the muscle car era as well.

  2. That Sherman with the french turret is hideous, second only to the T-100 that follows it…

  3. Actually the Sherman with AMX-13 (FL-10) turret and Super Sherman were both modified in France for export, France was playing both sides during the war!

  4. What were they trying to achieve with using sherman hull with FL-10 turret? Just cheaper tank for same role as AMX-13?

    • More like increasing firepower of their old Sherman.

      Slapping pre-existing turret to other hull, if it fit, is quicker and simpler than making new turret design for new long 75mm gun.

  5. I’m pretty sure AMX13/Sherman conversion was captured during the Six day war (1967), not Yom Kippur (1973).

  6. Btw. there are even 1965 Ford Mustang fastback and 1973 Ford Mustang

    • That’s right.
      I’m no expert but that blue Mustang doesn’t look stock … Maybe a Shelby?
      The 70-71 convertible Mustang is also rare.

  7. lol there a renault 4L on the last photo of the M51 in the back, the white crap looking car , my dad had one back in the days… its fugly but when something break ( if ever things can break on this thing) you just need a big hammer to fix it … hit it and it drive like its just out of the factory XD

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