World on Fire: How Many will get T23?

Thanks to jakub_czyli_ja for this one.

What, you thought Wargaming EU can into posts without fail? :) Check the new minicampaign post World of Fire.

So, how many people will get the T23 premium?

Pretty much all languages say “6000″:


Polish says “15000″

Maybe the 9000 difference is special reward for Polish players only? :)

26 thoughts on “World on Fire: How Many will get T23?

  1. It was 15k when they published it. They changed it quickly to 6k.
    These guys at WG really need to work in the same room, cause they always mess things up when they don’t.

    • think it went like:
      WHAT you put 15K? no it should be less it is 9K
      aha ok 9K less ok 15K-9K is 6K

  2. SS, I’m 100% sure that it was 15000 also in English website at beginning, right after it was posted, I checked it like 15-30 minutes after it appeared. So pro wg ninja editing like always, but ofc they cant even do it all at same time, polish guys probably still too drunk after weekend nights fever to change it on time.

    Edit: My guess is that 15000 slots are intended for 3rd campaign ( I hope at least ^^ ) they are just too drunk in wg office to master skill of using calendar properly to check event corresponding to current date.

    • No, they just fucked it up while translating, 15k is ment for RU server, 6k for EU

  3. Tell you what, after posting & drinking one or two bottles -pardon- glasses of good french red wine they had the brilliant idea to just give away 6.000 and sell the rest on ebay…

  4. It was clarified on the forums, they made a mistake when making the news for EU: 15k T23s are for the Russian server, but EU gets only 6k because of the smaller playerbase.
    Probably Polish office forgott to edit their news :P

  5. The NA server gets 1500 of them. Fifteen hundred. One and a half thousand. Boo.

  6. yeah NA server as usual gets the shaft. And go figure seeing as the NA server spends more per player than the other servers as well LOL

    • Unfortunately the NA and EU server stats aren’t updated as often as the RU stats on, but as of last October the NA servers had 140,851 Clan members, while the RU cluster currently has 1,405,408 clan members.

      This means:
      1 T23E3 available per 350 clan members on the RU cluster.
      1 T23E3 available per 93 clan members on the NA cluster.

      Who is really getting the shaft here?

      • Uhm… Not really.

        RU has 10x the pop, gets 10x the reward.

        Comes out to 1 tank for every 93 members in both servers.