19 thoughts on “WoWs Alpha Test in Numbers – April

    • The game is in Alpha testing, gameplay may change between here and Beta, so it is better if they do not.

  1. I remeber how Overlord was posting about wows
    They got the game really polished and ready for (quick)alpha, becaue they already play teseted it.
    5 Months later and CBT seems to be no closer.
    No news, just some meaningless numbers.

  2. The video is interesting, but you know what I don’t get? Why do they bother making such a video, when it’s only an alpha-test…

    People are whining about the game taking a while to come, comparing it to Half Life 3 and calling it World of Waitships. This shows them that there is progress being made.

  3. Funny.. I remember WT making the same kind of advertisement when they were going out of closed beta quite some time ago, seems like WG is really trying to make this ship float better than WoWp.

    And seeing how ships (unlike planes) more easily can be played like tanks, I think they are going to put up some tough competition with this.

  4. They’re afraid of another WoWP failure, and want to know public response before they put more money into it.

  5. WoWs Alpha Test > less bugs than in WoT 0.9.0 release
    Not really but I would rather try WoWs Alpha than play WoT at fps that I get in 0.9.0 tbh.

  6. 12 minutes? Didnt’ they want this to be a longer match type of game? I was thinking 20-30 mins.

  7. Now we can define things because we understand their definition of a wide-brimmed hat, I wonder if a Stetson is part of their “wide-brim” or is that an extreme-brimmed hat. Although they need to include more Olympic sized swimming pools in their comparisons. If they filled the pool with wide-brimmed hats would we still hear a tree fall in a forest.

  8. Wow….

    I’m >in< Alpha and I didn't know ANY of that info – you know why? Cause It's Useless!

    This is what you get when you let some prodigy in marketing run with a pet concept. At least it's the main WG office wasting resources on this, not the design studio for the game.

    I was always partial to the Man in the Yellow Hat's hat for the dispersion curves in WG games.