Japanese Tank Drawings from SEA

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it’s probably not widely known, but SEA (how the hell is that server called now? SEA? ASIA? WG East? WG Asia?) has this running program, where various authors make drawings/paintings of Japanese tanks and someone (WG “expert” or whatnot) makes a write-up of that tank’s specific history. That alone is not interesting, but the drawings are pretty. Check this out (by clicking on the tank name, you’ll get to the original article with tank description):

Renault NC27 Otsu


Type 97 Chi-Ha



Very tank, much cat, so leaves, wow!


Type 95 Ha-Go


Type 98 Ke-Ni


Type 1 Chi-He


Shinhoto Chi-Ha


Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai


These are the ones that have been already published. Want to follow the portal to see, whether there are any more? This is the category to follow.

64 thoughts on “Japanese Tank Drawings from SEA

  1. I didn’t like them. They look like …. hmm how can i say? They look like “very amateur” drawings…

    • Amateur? What the hell do you know about art and drawings? They got the fucking proportions correct and that alone is a feat to admire, I like to see you do the same, the colouring is also well done. Some pictures really capture the motions and movements I mean really, troll harder.

      • Yeah! The chi-he and chi-ha paintings may be a bit off here and there (especially chi-ha’s tracks), but the rest of them are perfect, especially the chi-nu.

    • WTF, amateur? Do you know one of authors “Genbun”, aka Motofumi Kobayashi, is one of the most famous military manga artist in Japan?

    • You’re that kind of guy who would look at a Hjertén and go like “What is this amateur shit?”. You can’t even tell the difference between Monet and Manet. Rembrandt is all brown to you.

    • This guy maybe one of those DeviantTards who draws blinding sparklefurries and shitty scene OCs and Flouresent-bathed anthros then posted it all over internets.

      And always brag about hoe awesome he is, and cry-a-river when critiqued.

        • Many people over here do the same thing when they celebrate the Russian or German forces in WWII.

          Even the Americans had skeletons in their closets.

          • The Japanese are actually right up there with the Nazis making literally *everyone* else, the notably callous and brutal Soviets included, look pretty damn decent in comparision actually. The absolutely batshit insane doctrines the ultranationalists imposed on the military had a lot to do with that. The manga author Shigeru Mizuki – who served as buck private in the ass-end of nowhere on Rabaul and only dodged death in a particularly absurd suicide attack due to getting his arm blown off in an air raid – has succintly described those as “contempt for life”.

    • chi-ni (with the english pronunciation) means in hungarian pretty, in a cute way :)

  2. That artist ‘Genbun’ has a weird palette, but the others have stronk vehicle detail. The last one is probably my favourite, showcases the vehicle best.

  3. With the Chi-Ni picture, as you can see on the left of the picture with two british troops surrendering. They will probably be sliced to bits :P Tenno heika Banzai!!!!

      • Since when did the Chinese use Brodie helmets? Turbans might actually have made some appereances due to the sizeable Muslim minority in China…

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  5. As a Chinese,I will never forgive Japs for what they have done.
    One day,i’ll take revenge on Japs.

    • Meh I am Chinese, I hate it for what they did do, but i respect their culture. What you want to hate is their imperialism, any scum that thought in the japanese army and allowed the slaughter of millions, HIRIOHITO, and the americans who let people who were responsible (Japanese) for Unit 731 (Japanese biological experimentation on Chinese) unpunished for their crimes for their research. Though what really bugs me about this is that the Japanese still have yet to formally apologise to the Chinese, and that is now what us modern day chinese should strive for with the Japanese, is to make the japanese apologise for their ancestors crimes which they just swept under the carpet. To me what the Japanese have done, which is no apologise, is dishonourable.

      • Yeah, they did the same with the Koreans and some Russians. I think korea is still waiting for a formal apology from the japanese government for unit 731 + other occupation crimes till this day.
        Probably the reason why asia is against the rising sun flag for WOWS

        • Ok now i’m confused. Many sources are telling me that Japan never apologised, now wikipedia is say they did? I trust both sources but I have no idea who to believe…

          • They have yet to apologize for certain atrocities such as comfort women, and the Japanese government’s stance on her imperial past is not “apologetic” enough (like Germany’s for example). The Japanese don’t consider the Nanjing massacre a massacre, and argues that the comfort women were their voluntarily; which is the source of so much anger from China, Korea and Taiwan. Visiting the Shrine is not helping either.

        • How do you expect people to accept your apologies if you’re not sincere? Look at your history textbooks, look at your official stance on these subjects; now compare it to Germany, the sincerity is not there. So don’t tell us that you’re pissed off someone is still ranting about you having said “sorry”, action speaks louder than words.

  6. They’re cherry blossoms, not leaves. I can understand that the Japanese are proud of their past glory, but as a Chinese (Taiwanese), I feel that some components of the drawings are quite tasteless. Nice pictures overall.

  7. SEA is still correct, because it stands for “South-East ‘n’ Asia”.

  8. A sadly story:when they were moving,suddenly some 59s crushed them from the hill. ———WOT