Photos from Military Museum in Beijing

Hello everyone,

ASIA server player Benrefle was kind enough to send me a couple of pictures from the Beijing Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution. I think some of them are very interesting.

Chinese Chi-Ha



Type 59


Type 62


Type 63 Amphibious Tank


Type 63 APC


Some sort of rocket launcher – type unknown


Type 59-II?

Some of the Type 59′s were fitted with a clone of the British 105mm L7 gun.


M24 Chaffee


M26 Pershing


M4A3 Sherman


M19 Gun Motor Carriage

A Chaffee hull with twin 40mm AA guns, quite a rare vehicle


M36 Jackson




Italian CV.33 Tankette


WASP? (“Canadian Flame Tank”)


Type 97 Chi-Ha




54 thoughts on “Photos from Military Museum in Beijing

  1. Awesome! I was secretly hoping for the t-34-X series, but if memory serves me well those were destroyed :(.
    Keep the museum pics coming SS! Really enjoy them, rather sad that they let these beauties collect so many dust though..

    • T-34-x were just prototypes and here you can see mostly serial tanks. I guess their fate was simillar to my lovely 113…. used as a test subject for nuclear bomb ;(

      • Some prototypes are shown off at the Beijing museum like the WZ-132 with the smoothbore 100mm.

    • OmG, look at the Type 59 II, phuking dream tank their baby, shaggadelic. Nice pics btw, ty for ur work on this. I really dig this stuff.

      WG, something to think about, this dark green factory cammo is pretty sharp……I c the IS7 and Is6 already have it though???


      Need to Get the Panther F 88L/71 out Serb. I know its done. You’ve redone the Panther I. hehehehhehe, ty for the German love lately, some of us are here for the Historical tanks themselves.

      Little German gun balancing and you guys are gonna be gold by 9.2.

      TYVM again fellas, great work.

      • There are a few but as far as i know, they are just wrecks… broken and rusted but distinguishable as Ke-Ni’s.

        There was a private collection of Japanese tanks i heard about somewhere in the US that might have a semi-operational one… i haven’t heard anything in a while though.

    • That’s the first production version of the Chi-ha. It equipped with a short barreled Type 97 57 mm gun and smaller turret. ( stock turret in wot ). Type 89 I-Go and Chi-ni had the same gun.

      Later they upgraded the chi-ha with a better 47mm gun because the short 57mm is ineffective against armor thicker than ~30mm, and got a larger turret. That version is the shinhoto chi-ha ( top config in wot, you can also see it in the first pictures ).

  2. Would love to see that Type 59 with that 105mm gun as Type 59 in game is already awesome, i think that could be epicly more awesome.

    • Is there even a difference? I thought the Type 58 was just a Chinese name for T-34-85 that Russia exported to China. Like calling the M4A4 the Sherman V.

  3. Both Type 59 and Type 62 are production tanks, and yet Wargaming made them premiums that you can’t even buy… Good job…

    • yes, but the tanks are in the normal chinese tech tree as the WZ-120(type 59) & the WZ-131 or 132 (type 62 – not sure which one to be exact) both are factory designations if memory serves correctly

    • As noted in the thread, the type 59 and type 62 are duplicates of production vehicles which are available in-game.

      At the time the type 59 was available to buy, there were no plans to bring in a chinese tree on the main servers, and so it was a novelty tank with no real use other than credit grinding (no crew training use). Due to the fact WG managed to have this tank released in a somewhat OP state compared to available tanks at the time, I think they pulled it, rather than having servers overwhelmed by them. (I think type 62 was a novelty light in a similar manner that was only available via gift shop and never for gold in-game).

      Of course, with various nerfs and power creep, the type 59 is nowhere near as good as it was on original release…Another year or 2 of power creep, and it may become a viable premium to be rereleased.

  4. Great photos. Can anyone tell me why the type 59 has that horizontal strip of steel on its upper front plate? What purpose did it serve? Also, it appears that there are two headlights above that strip of steel. Is this correct? What is the black one? Thanks.

  5. Not bad, maybe the most strange tanks are missing… if i dont remember bad chinese use PzI and Sdkfz scouts.

    M19 GMC is the AAA chaffe used in Korea… if i dont remember bad they use the turret in M42 “duster” that is more know by his service in Vietnam as “mower” hehehe.

  6. “Some of the Type 59′s were fitted with a clone of the British 105mm L7 gun.”

    Stfu and take my money! All of it! Here, my wife and bei kids too. If you want my Mercedes, you can have him! ;)

    • With the T59 mobility, armor and that gun(accuracy <3) = Ridiculously overpowered!

      They can have my money too, it would be such a bad ass and fun to troll with.

      • New type59 tier8 premium tank confirmed, T-34-3 will be removed from the shop – for the record >:)

    • No, this what it will look like when you are playing in sand river when the weather effect is implemented

  7. Well, the fix is released tomorrow and until we have 9.1 museum is going to be umplayable at 8.11 level LOL

  8. Thx Benrefle and SS for the pictures!

    Same Type 59 is pictured in the informative english Wikipedia article about this tank:

    Seems the museum does not really take care of the foreign tanks, covered allover with the dust from the polluted Beijing and/or sand from the Gobi desert… weird.

  9. Some of the Type 59′s were fitted with a clone of the British 105mm L7 gun.

    so pretty :3

    A Chaffee hull with twin 40mm AA guns, quite a rare vehicle

    Low tier premium? C:

  10. Notice how the chinese vehicles have no dust or crap on them.

    Then how the foreign vehicles are neglected and are covered in crap. That’s racist.

    • This reminds me of the poor Bat.Chat in the crap =oooooooo0l Isn’t itself turned into crap now? That’s capitalist. _(:з」∠)_

  11. The foreign vehicles are in a weatherproof shed outside the museum so at least no direct sunlight or rain falls on them. Can’t beat the dust because Beijing is a very dusty place from the Gobi winds, leave anything outside for three days and they will be like that. Still better than a certain BatChat in a certain Saumur, I really wish something done about that one…