Storm talks about 9.0.1 Hotfix


Hello everyone,

Storm confirmed that the hotfix will come on Friday for both the EU and the RU servers. He wrote:


“I will be brief. We fixed the crashes. We also significantly reduced the lags caused by destroyed tanks and explosions. We removed the bug that caused the client to hangup during transfer between servers. That’s the most important thing. We are fixing the game performance”

Further info from the discussion:

- Q: “Is it true that 9.1 will bring no new HD models?” A: “9.0 was difficult” (SS: as in, yes)
- platoons for historical battles will come later

32 thoughts on “Storm talks about 9.0.1 Hotfix

  1. will this fix the issue with the freezes not only the one with the eplosions but the freezes that occur when the enemy team HD tanks are spotted as well ?

  2. Cross posted to Asia WoT forums (linked and acknowledged). Hope you don’t mind, thee are many of us over there waiting for news…

  3. From what I’ve read, this will only fix a few of the issues I have been having since 9.0.

    I’ve been playing online games since 1998, and this is literally the worst patch/update (for me personally) that I can remember for a video game that isn’t in beta. I could totally be forgetting something worse though. But even so, it probably didn’t take them a full week to fix some of it, and say “We can’t find any issues” for the rest.

    During 8.11, the game was running smooth as butter, every option conceivable was set to max, except shadows and grass (which was set to high instead of maximum), and I was averaging my hard limit of 60 fps, except in really intense instances where I would drop to about 35 to 40.

    With 9.0, I am experiencing hard memory leaks, an average frame limit of 20, and a crash roughly every 3 games. This is with everything from max graphics, to minimum, and everything in between.

    Not only that but the new lighting system makes areas way to bright, and many tanks look like they are plastic finished.

    I’ve not seen any of the new HD models yet, but using the tank inspector.exe on the forums, they look absolutely horrible, but that could just be an issue with that program.

    I’m not the most interested in Warthunder Groundforces, but seeing as how great looking (graphically) that game is, and actually playable for me even on the highest settings, I might have no choice but to switch to that if I want my tank fix.

    I will still keep frequenting the WoT forums and this blog in hopes that eventually a fix for my issues will be found, but I’ll probably stop playing for a bit, like SilentStalker claimed he might.


    9.0 broke my game hard, highly doubting this update will fix it, guess I’ll be waiting on WT in the meantime.

      • I don’t believe it is a problem of PC. It might be something related to old WoT data, but it can’t explain why game crashed for 3 tanks at once, only hummel was able to log back, excuse, play for 30 seconds and game ended by timeout when only enemy arty was alive (and responded in chat). If i had told him that all 3 players crashed 30s before the end. It breaks game, because it can either prevent ace tanker or lead to free acetanker/kolobanov/whatever.

        For me it brings something new – so significant FPS drops that i had to switch shadows off, light off, everything in improved renderer from medium to low or off. Finally I switched to standard renderer. It used to run at 60-80fps in 8.7 when I bought new graphic card, now runs at 35-45fps. I have missing sounds (rare problem, but not hearing direct hit from arty is weird), explosion of nearby tank sounds like something in distance, response to driving is sometimes awkward and every 10th-15th game crashes with no way to log back. Apparently you can find idle tank in your or enemy team quite often.

        Slight performance drop was in 8.11 already, but it was overcompensated by shrinking view field so it was called improvement.

  4. so, once again we will another USELESS PATCH: 9.1

    tell me, what will another “NO FRONTIER” patch will bring, let’s think!:
    1) the Havok physics that should be in 9.0?: ohh no no, that’s maybe 4+ months from now! “just around the corner” -_-
    2) more HD models?: ohohoh you kid me sir, no, that’s for 9.2 maaaybe!
    3) new tanks?: no (the only good thing…. game should not add more tanks)
    4) new maps?: who knows, maybe, i wouldn’t bet on it

    • this is a hot fix patch not a content update patch. So it will still be 9.0, but with (hopefully) some or all (unlikely but anything is possible), thus it is 9.0.1, not 9.1.

      the rest:
      1) they never said havok would be 9.0, they said that would be graphics, they did not lie
      2) if they dont do more HD models then it can only be two things. more tanks or havok, its probably going to be more models with better QA.

      • i’m not talking about this hotfix, i’m talking about upcoming 9.1
        yes, they said thathavok would come with 9.0 then they backpedalled totally, they lied like they always do (horns and multi-turret that should have come with patch 7.0!, still waiting for youu…)
        they already said there WONT BE NEW MODELS in 9.1
        so the patch is pointless, probbaly will be the TD nerf that will make game unplayable

  5. These problems would be massively mitigated if they only did more testing. Instead there is some sort of hard deadline from when the test client is out to when they must release it live.

    It’s kind of embarrassing the problems they have when the game is so profitable. A lot of industry standard stuff is very difficult for them to accomplish.

      • Double the testing. Or at least don’t release a known to be broken build; people were reporting big problems with test 2 or 3.

  6. 9.1 is a balance patch and a bug fix patch for 9.01. (What they missed in the hotfix) They are rebalacning 20 odd tanks. buffing 8 nerfing 12. The only tank for sure getting a nerf is the tiger 1. Probably T18 too, but that is a guess.

  7. - platoons for historical battles will come later

    Stupid idea, which will destroy balance, which they are trying to achieve. One 3-tank platoon in random 15-tank team can do quite a lot and we are talking about HB, where there can be 6 tanks on one side…

  8. I think its pretty impressive that they released patch so soon as old dogs could remember this wasn’t usual awhile back when we had to wait for patches even months…

  9. “destroyed tanks and explosions”
    is becaues they not load it at start of game, why? I have 16GB ram, 3GB on graphic, why u not load it on my comp? Let ppl with good comp play smoothly.
    And one more thing, why they not do load screen like etc in LoL? So all start at the same time.

    • this probably doesn’t have anything in common with what GPU you have its more or less hard drive speed…

      • you not understood. u need hard drive baceuse is not load on battle loading. because is use ram, is ok for weak comp, but not for good. And they have many this shit, so game works same on top end comp and archaic.
        They not try think how to make it work well on waek and good comp, only consider weak, and do something for good comp if it start not working.