Meanwhile at Lugansk…

Hello everyone,

Here’s a restored T-34 driving around at Lugansk (6.5.2014, video posted by Yuri Pasholok)



Apparently, it served as a monument in Lugansk and was restored to working condition. And two days later, it’s driving around the city center (thanks to Andrys9 for the link), likely for the preparation of 9th of May celebrations. The article connects the appearance of the tank to the pro-Russian rioters in Slavyansk and Lugansk, so it could also be the Russian armored support coming to help the separatists… :)




12 thoughts on “Meanwhile at Lugansk…

      • I was about to say the same thing…And for some reason, it looks a bit like the T-43 as well (Could just be because the two tanks look quite similar).

        Looks like those Seperatists have some potent armor on their side lol.

        • At first I also thought T-43, then I realized that the hull is not quite right (the 43 was not supposed to have sloped side armor on its schematics) and the turret is definitely from a 34-85 (note side cupola versus the back cupola of a 43)

          • Oh god, people !! How could you think it was T-43?! T-43 was only a prototype, they don’t have monuments. You guy should read those articles instead of just watching pictures and rushing in to comment section.

  1. It”s smaller than I had expected, compared with the other vehicles I thought it’d be bigger!

  2. Is it just me or do the external fuel tanks on the back make it look a lot better? The rear of the T-34/T-34-85 otherwise kinda reminds me of a coffin…