WG EU Clanwars Stream Summary

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Wargaming EU employees Obirian, Cmd_Latina and Deception1 recently made a stream, talking about CW stuff and all that. I wasn’t home, but WoT EU player Coolathlon was kind enough to make a stream write-up. Thank you, much appreciated!


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And here is the write-up of the stream:

World on Fire Live Stream information (Obirian and Cmd_Latina hosting, Decept1on playing some randoms)

- Tier 8 in CW event to get more people take part in the event.
- The_Challenger was climbing on TOG and other tanks–> vid on them will come
- Matchmaker for T23E3: special MM
– different ideas for T23E3 spreading to players. “Nothing written in stone.”, there will be other possibilities to get the tank. “Quite confident about it.”
- Type 59 will not be available again. “I play it everyday.”
(Obirian gone, Decept1on playing with Cmd_latina)
- WG team will have a tactic for taking part in World on Fire event. Last time they smashed TESLA.
- MM of T23 is same as Panther M10
– event simplier than campaign: e.g. less medals
- no missions to get fame points –> noone can lose 1000 places at once like in last campaign
– Decept1on uses rammer, optics and gun laying drive on T23E3; gold consumables (medpack, repair, extinguisher); ammo: half AP, half APCR
(- Decept1on has 25 k gold, 22.5 M creds, 1.15 M free XP)
- 2.85 secs rld (rammer, BiA)
- 22-30 frames on South Coast (PC is okayish), 40 fps on Polar Map, 40 on Redshire
(- Obirian died first in platoon)
- Decept1on usually uses mods, J1mb0 was named
- D.: “Turret speed is a bit meh.”
- Tier 8 games: 1; Tier 7 games: 3
– D.’s job is taking care of CW things, and reporting critical bugs to WG HQ
– D. on event expectations: RSOP might go for the attack tactics again. Polish clans: 1SBP not seen on map, nor 1PAD — there wer better times for polish clans. “Maybe SBP will win something.” Not much noticable on French clans.
- D. likes to play platoon with ppl with >60% WR
(commercial: GB-tanks introduction trailer)
(commercial: CN-tanks introduction trailer)
– Want T23E3 asap? Gain fame points in CW event!
- WG will be in Wrocław (PL) on Saturday and Sunday this week, Cmd_Latina will be there.

15 thoughts on “WG EU Clanwars Stream Summary

  1. Oh smashing TESLA is fun. Unluckily, they can use the Russian doctrine very well. Our guys were tired after countless battles defending Stalingrad from them and trying to take other provinces, and our tanks were all locked at one point…

      • Ive fought quite a lot of battles vs TESLA when I was in I337, and they may not be a top clan or have only unicum members, but they are damn determined opponents who usually gave us quite some trouble, definitely FAR better than africa bobs.

        • most clans full of blue and unicums are like Real Madrid… lots of great stars that cant win a single title cause they dont know how to play together or will not listen to an officer/comander order that is asking them to “suicide” at a certain place cause it will ruin their precious stats.

          green+ good comander + decent team play = rape all the purple fags

      • Then explain to me how they and their baby clans hold ta large portion of southern Russia. An average Africa clan can’t do that.

          • lel i have the tactics to beat them on those maps (already did… heuheuheu epeen so big now)

            and also oit’s the easiest area where you can go

  2. Can someone help me as I’m limited on time currently? What time codes are the commercials, and are they showing new tanks or stuff already in the game?