Wargaming Brand Products…

Thanks to Daigensui for the picture.

Meanwhile in South Korea – World of Tanks Ramen! Bon appetit :)


So, when does Wargaming EU start selling World of Tanks brand biological products… nah, better not give them any ideas, otherwise we’ll end up with WG brand manure…

41 thoughts on “Wargaming Brand Products…

  1. Condoms in the three sizes “Leichttraktor”, “Panther” and “Maus”.

    • ……………….

      They’ll be making a good game about tanks next….


      • Google Tanks? :O I hope it will be HD and it’s compatible with Google Glass!

    • You know, that this isn’t influenced by wargaming itself but the companies that allow to publish the game in the asian region?

      BTW on the first look it looked like a Germany Flag

  2. +10% performance, must have for CWs/tournaments/solopub.

    Best used when playing arty and waiting for reload.

  3. But my question is: why?
    Is the World of Tanks brand some sort of marketing?

    Or do we need special wargaming food while gaming? XD

  4. It’s the pemium rations for the upcoming Korean line.
    And it will be sooner here the EU tree. :(

  5. I have enough with lag in server to have lag when i go to the ” iron throne” is not fun leave the “throne” and see your sells arriving with minutes of diference LOL.

  6. “we’ll end up with WG brand manure…”
    It’s already here, and it’s called “World of Warplanes”

  7. well.. that noodle is for promotion. WG KR handed out that noodle at WTKL2013. so not on sale.. And that’s just attached stickers on other noodle.육개장 컵라면

  8. I bet if WG EU would put something to the shelves it would be hazardous for health.