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What is the Stronghold mode?

New mode for clan players, available within the game and not tied to the Clanwars. A clan has a virtual base with buildings, road leading to it and additional constructs. Can be created by the commander of the clan free of charge, whenever he wishes, but the clan has to have at least 20 players.

The clan can develop its “stronghold”, construct buildings on it in order to access various economical bonuses, that can be activated for limited time. For example, increase of creditmaking of vehicles in the game, or increase the crew training speed – everything depends on stronghold development strategy. In the future, new features will be added to this mode, such as upon reaching a certain level of the stronghold, players will be able to attack enemy strongholds and defend theirs. During such battles, there will be unique features such as air support (bomber raid), artillery fire mission, minefields and others.

Parts of the Stronghold

The stronghold consists of several parts:

- command center: your main building, its level determines the level of the stronghold, maximum level of constructions, the depot (warehouse) space, the amount and time of transport of the building resources. Initially it will be limited to level 4.

- resource: main resource of the stronghold mode. It is earned in battles and it is used for creating and improving buildings and for activating the clan combat and non-combat reserves (bonuses)

- areas: these can be unlocked at the will of the commander in the ratio of one spot per 20 people in clan. Each area unlocked gives your clan two building slots. In the future, areas will be used for combat operations against other clans.

- building slots: free space where you can build buildings. Each unlocked “destination” gives you two building slots.

- buildings: they can be built on areas in order to get the bonus you want. The quality of bonus depends on the level of the building, that can be improved by spending the building resources. Each building has some sort of strength measure (hitpoints) and a pool, both measured in building resources. A building can be destroyed by owner if needed.


Following buildings can be created:

- financial: “Paying for battle” (gives credit gain bonus)
- tank proving grounds: “Tactical training” (gives bonus to XP gain)
- military school: “Military facility” (gives bonus to free XP)
- teaching: “Additional training” (gives bonus to crew XP)
- transport: “Heavier transporters” (gives bonus to resource gains in Stronghold mode battles)

There are also two special buildings, producing reserves, that are connected with planned battles between strongholds in this mode

- “Evacuation” (mitigates the consequences of enemy clan looting your stronghold)
- “Requisition” (gives a bonus to the resources looted from enemy stronghold)

How does building work

The player chooses the spot for the building and the type of building he wants to create. If all requirements are met, a “construction site” will appear on the map. After that, the resource has to be transported from the place where it is kept in depot to the construction site. The resources can be transported between buildings (including your command center) within the stronghold. This is necessery for creating buildings, improving them and for creating reserves (bonuses). Transporting is not immediate and it takes time, it is achieved on stages. The size of single transport batch depends on the base level.


Reserves are bonuses given to the clanners by the stronghold, that are activated within buildings and remain active for limited time after that. There are two types:

- combat reserves (artillery fire mission, air raid etc.) will be added later
- non-combat reserves (the bonuses mentioned above, XP, creds etc.)

You can only have one reserve (bonus) activated at any given time. Each reserve has a level from 1 to 10, determined by the level of the building, where it is created. The level of the reserve can be improved by improving the building itself. Improvement changes the reserve parameters, such as its duration, the amount of bonus it gives, its price and “reload time”.

Fighting in Stronghold mode

Each member of the clan is tied to one of the buildings, creating the so-called building Garrison. When the stronghold is created, all players get tied to the Command center building. Each player can however choose, which building will he get “tied” to. It has to be noted that each Garrison (each building) is limited to 20 people (the base garrison itself however is not limited, eg. all players can participate in this mode).

There are three types of battles in Stronghold mode:

- assaults (attacking enemy clan stronghold, will be implemented later)
- defense (the other side of assault, will be implemented later)
- raids

All three are rewarded by the stronghold building resources. The amount of resources gained per battle is tied to the XP (clean, eg. no premium) gained by the team members. Gained resources then gets transferred to buildings, to which the players who won them are tied. The better the clanners perform in Stronghold battles, the faster their stronghold grows.

A Raid is a 15 vs 15 mode of battle where the participants are chosen randomly from those, who are at that moment in the raid queue (it works as a current company mode). Any player can create a raid company, but before entering battle, he has to determine the type of the raid. There are three types of raids:

- medium (tier 1-6)
- champion (tier 1-8)
- absolute (tier 1-10)

The battle then works as current company battle does, same rules. After the battle, you will also see the amount of resources gained by each player and by the team as a whole.

In the future, attacks on enemy clan strongholds will be possible and the level limit of the stronghold will be raised to 10.





75 thoughts on “Stronghold Mode Preview

  1. So, this isn’t tied directly to the current Clan Wars structures? Is it just content (and bonuses) that you’ll miss out on if you’re not in a clan?

    • As far as I understood, yes. The map is not big enough to hold even a fraction of the clans and alliances reduce the number even further. So it’s something clans can do when they can’t compete with a few select top clans (or don’t want to spend all the required time in the first place).

    • Can anyone tell if the bonuses (xp bonus, crew xp bonus, etc) are applied to all battles or just stronghold battles?

  2. World of tanks meets Travian?

    How many trees I have to cut down and how much ore I have to mine to make tiger I?

    • Fell 100 trees for wood and destroy 200 house segments for stone to build level1 barracks to recruit bot t1 tanks for use in clanwars…

    • You seem to miss the whole point of it since it seems you did not read it..
      Yet you did comment with a completely stupid comment :) Oh how fun :)

          • If you mean the Tiger I part of his comment, then he was being sarcastic. The whole stronghold mode does in fact bear a striking resemblance to browser-brand strategy games like Travian…

            • Exactly…

              Emperors sense of humor is as good as his wot skillz. Somewhere in the yellow zone.

              Just take a look at what WG made so far of mods:

              encounter – playable
              assault – unplayable in randoms
              confrontation – so shitty they took it down
              historical battles – noone plays it
              stronghold ??? wont even bother to read what it does

    • You also have to milk 11 virgins to make premium,ultra-penetrating ammo :)

    • i hope they will,its only logical that good clans with good players will own weak clans,why should clans with bad stats and tactics have any chance on the map…

      • I don’t see how this has anything to do with the map. Please elaborate.

      • Perhaps because people who have a life and play WoT do not want to feel left out because they do not abandon their life for a silly little game?
        I want to join in on this without having to abandon all of my studies.

        • You can’t sit on two chairs at the same time. Either commit yourself to studies and get your degree and then you’ll hopefully have more time for tonks or abandon your studies if you think it’s worth to advance in tenks instead of graduating or stfu. It’s like asking for bigger salary w/o having to work harder.

          • moreover its not like CW needs THAT much time 30-60 mins 2 to 3 days a week is way more then enough and thats not much for a normal hobby.

  3. so every player (in clan ofcourse) can build his own buildings and shit? or only clan commander?

  4. Clan for every noob and every noob for clan.

    There are so many ways to change Clan War, but WG has to work their own way.

      • There have been many suggestions, such as opening up more of the global map (for NA server) and making areas that are for beginner clans.

      • For example introduce tier cap equal to distance from key provinces minus 1.
        Key province and surrounding ones – tier X, one further – tier IX etc down to tier V.

        It would drain shitload of gold from clans that would have to build up garages, buy tanks and train crews, and give some field for clans that don’t possess enough X tiers.

        Merge WoT and WoWP into air-land battles in CW.

        CW specials – split WoT tanks timeframe – roughly 45 years for week of the year.
        For every war that has been fought between 1919 and 1965, hardcap area that was has been fought on to corresponding tanks tier, and every province is a landing zone.
        Like Soviet revolution – week 1, only tier I, ex-1918 year Russia area;
        Polish-Soviet war – 1919-1920 – weeks 1 and 2, only tier I, provinces: Pomerelia, Masuria. Mazovia, Lesser Poland to the Kiev east; Spanish Civil War – 1936-1939 – weeks 17-20 – tier I and II, whole Spain.
        And stuff like that slowly progressing up till tiers X, introducing tank tiers as they progressed – II WW would last 6 weeks gradually introducing tanks up to tier VIII.

        Extending Global Map would simply mean that WG would give a lot more gold for the same playerbase, which wouldn’t be something that WG wants to do.

        • oh yeah great ideas.
          Because convincing full clan of people that instead of t10 they will need tanks from tioers 7, 8 and 9.
          And if we would prefer to change maps we play – even more tanks to farm.
          That will definirtely make CW more popular.
          And the moment those changes are introduced, people will start whining, that only big clans can afford to buy all those crews for all those tanks from all tiers.

          The same with “historical” campaigns – they will be as popular as historical battles

          • Making hardcaped zones would open a map for clans that don’t have tiers X.
            Currently clan without tiers X can kiss its own ass since has nothing to look for on the map, maybe except wasting 2x battles on opposite tiers X on landing provinces.

            It’s just to involve more tanks into CW.

    • You know that this is not change to Clan wars this whole new concept of new game mode….

  5. lets hope this isnt some pay2win minigame that wargaming have developed to fund their Maus project

    • With their current revenues they can fund a whole armoured corps restoration if they choose to. :-)

    • has far as I understood from this game mode, there are no way to benefit from gold ou premium account.
      the only way to grow stronger is getting the resources from the strutures built.

      but I could be wrong….

      • It seems like they have funds to restore/finance anything they want except their own game that becomes shittier and shitter with every patch. 9.0 was turd and 9.1 seems like another one in process.

      • I’d agree that its not P2W but it certainly is another way to segregate people in large clans from small ones or unclanned players.

        - financial: “Paying for battle” (gives credit gain bonus)
        - tank proving grounds: “Tactical training” (gives bonus to XP gain)
        - military school: “Military facility” (gives bonus to free XP)
        - teaching: “Additional training” (gives bonus to crew XP)
        - transport: “Heavier transporters” (gives bonus to resource gains in Stronghold mode battles
        Since you need 20 players in your clan to get 1 of these and another 20 for each additional building slot, you are basically just treating anyone that can’t max out as a second class citizen. Unless I’m missing the part where these bonuses only apply to stronghold battles, in which case I’m fine with it.

        Being in a clan has nothing to do with grinding tanks in pub battles so its a little unfair to hand out bonuses because your clan has more people in it.

  6. Sounds way over complicated.
    And now i have to have Tier 6,8 and 10 vehicles in garage in order to be in a clan???
    I do belive that WG has no clue what they are doing here, they should stick to what they know best, random 15 vs 15 tank on tank combat, not some shit like this. HB or planes. (I admit i had high hopes for HB. but as WG can’t be arsed to make special maps for it.. or even find good incentives for players to play it)
    mfg eXterminus

    • No… it works as the company battle, but only for clans and it’s 15v15 U don’t have to own áll the tiers…your clanmates and U will be able to choose wich tier will be good for U as in tank companies

  7. ” In the future, new features will be added to this mode, such as upon reaching a certain level of the stronghold, players will be able to attack enemy strongholds and defend theirs. During such battles, there will be unique features such as air support (bomber raid), artillery fire mission, minefields and others.”

    And all this on max 1×1 km map. EOT.

  8. More useless SHIT.

    How about you stop wasting our time WG and start giving us more Tanks, Maps, Tech Trees etc.

    Honestly, wtf wants this shit?

        • I would play it if I had a tier 5 that can enter historical battles. Tier 7s just have too long waiting times to make it worth playing.

          And, no, I’m not complaining about waiting times, I’m perfectly aware of why are they so long and I’m okay with that.

        • The problem with historical battles is that they insisted on choosing ones that were in the mid-late war, and as a result you have certain vehicles that everyone and their mother wants to drive (i.e. Tiger, SU-152 etc.).

          If they had a focus on early war battles, it could be more interesting (in part because vehicles that normally somewhat underperform in random battles, such as the Char B1, would actually have a place in an early-war historical battle). This would also make it more accessible to new players, since the tier of the highest-tier vehicles is much lower (around tier 4-5 as opposed to tier 7-8 in the late-war battles)

  9. - medium (tier 1-6)
    - champion (tier 1-8)
    - absolute (tier 1-10)

    Can we please get T7 and T9 instead of T8 and T10? We already have team battles for T8 and CW for T10. Would be nice to have battles that are limited to T7 and T9. In my opinion these are more fun than T8 and certainly more balanced that the TD infested shitfest that is T10 matches.

    • Would be great yes.
      For tier X battles there is already basic clans wars, and tier VIII team battles. can’t lower tier tanks get their special battles too ?

  10. I red the article, then I remembered that I don’t care, I play alone :)

  11. I never comment, but when I do it’s usually something I want. This is a huge thing that world of tanks needs! Everything about this mode looks amazing!

    • Yeah, and this is the first time i like the max 100 player limit in clans because our clan has two “brother” clan so we can fight against each other :3 (i can already see a 15x TOG II VS 15x TOG II Stronghold battle:)

  12. It seems to me that it will lead to a lot more spamming of ‘Come join my clan’ in the in game chat by the smaller clans trying to recruit new members so they can increase their stronghold size before they get the shit kicked out of them by some bigger clan.

    • Or we will get spammed by huge clans’ “little brothers”. Like in WoW.

  13. People need to read more…. Small clans will only have a low level Stronghold Base…. Low level bases CAN NOT be attacked !!

  14. Ran out of time to edit my last post… lol. I need to add….
    If you choose so, your Stronghold will never be attacked until you decide to upgrade it to the level at which it can be attacked. Which could be never is you want it that way.
    Small clans should like this mode… You can fight CW battles without being on the Global Map, and fight them in lower tiers. Not only that, you get rewards other than gold, which can make grinding to Tier 10′s tanks and multiple crew skills much faster/easier without having to spend gold on free XP.
    This mode is actually all about CW for small clans with no (or few) Tier 10 tanks.

  15. Does the bonuses only apply to stronghold mode or to randoms to?
    If i want to unlock all the routes will i need 80-100 people for it or just 20?
    If a clan attacks me then will i lose buildings to?
    Does the bonuses cost resource to be active? If yes, then how many (compared to the building cost)?
    Does the “medium raid” gives the same amount of resource as “absolute raid”?
    Can your clan create 2 “raid”s at the same time?
    If you have 3-4 garrisons and some clan attacks you will they need to attack our clan once or do they need to battle with all the garrisons to get our resources? If latter then how many resource will they get if they beat us with 3-1?
    How many times can a clan raid another clan’s stronghold / day?

    I think i have so many questions that are essential to know. :)

    • - I did read somewhere that when activated, the bonuses given by a building apply to ALL battles that a clan member plays (random, tank company etc) and will last 3-4 hours.

      - I think unlocking all the routes depends on how many resources you can acquire, not sure if clan member numbers will affect this. Trying to find the old source of info I read, but cant sorry, from what I remember, you earn resources fighting “battles”… not sure which type of battles though.
      - I think it depends on what type of attack I think.
      - Yes. Dont know
      - Good question, dont know either.
      - Good question, dont know either.
      - Good question, dont know either.
      - Good question, dont know either.