0.9.0 – 0.9.1 Sounds Comparison

By Carramba66 – now you can compare them to vanilla sounds and Gnomefather’s mod. Regarding the sound intensity, Storm stated that it cannot be made louder, because the sound would distort. You can clearly hear the distortion in the ultra-high caliber sounds of Gnomefather’s mod.


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  1. I still use Kriegstreiber Sounds.. they are the best..
    Gnomfather sounds got to much distortion, but i like his idea to hear all the shotsound around u

  2. They should add in some more bass to compensate for the lesser volume; if they get the mix right, it should sound realistic without the distortion.

    • I wonder why video is totally black and you cant see in which mode guy is shooting…

      Someone should point out that in 9.1 sound is different depending where you are:
      - In 1st person mode (around same as in video)
      - In 3rd person mode shooting by yourself (around same as in video)
      - You are next to other tank in 3rd person mode when it is shooting (Hell lot of different than in video).
      - You are next to other tank in 1st person mode when it is shooting (Bit muffled(?) from 3rd person mode).

      We tried this out with friend few days ago and example if you are next to KV-1 with 57mm shooting, it sounds more like 90mm-105mm in 9.0 patch with more echo etc. But if you go and shoot yourself from 1st or 3rd person… sounds like in this video. Another example is 105mm in 9.1, it sounds really really meh (like in this video) if you shoot, but let someone else shoot next to you and it sounds great. 9.1 are far superioir to current sounds except that weird RC-car sound in 1st person mode… E-25@1st person = RC-car.

  3. I still like the new sounds more.
    Besides they said those were just samples, i am sure they would improve them.

    Also would be nice to have the comparison with Kriegsteiber Sounds too, a lot of people suggested me those

    • Guys you dont need to be a sound expert to noticed the amateur quality recording made by WG with the new sounds. They just went to a firing range with a shitty mic and recorded stuff to their $50 portable player.

      There isnt even variety for a certain caliber. Everyttime you shoot let’s say the 105mm you hear the exact same identic sample.

      Take a look at how much complex recording DICE does for BF, or Relic for CoH2. Good recording equipment is also very important. Notice how big the PKM sound differs using a wide range of mics.


  4. In 9.1 150 mm and 170 mm sound the same. Gnomefather’s are just too distorted to be pleasing to the ear. But 9.1 still sounds better than the 9.0. Let’s see if they can get some samples of higher calibers. :D

    • Agreed. I would rather see the rule of cool applied here. The realism train is long gone anyway :D.

    • Yep, I’d also like Hollywood-ish sounds and explosions. In this case, I’d go with a “Fuck realism!” mentality.

  5. 9.1 are quite realistic sounds, I like it
    It is kind of weird to have so much echo on an open field… Strom did say they’d installed echo zones in Kharkov (?) so there you can test that out, which make so much sense because only in aerias where something can bounce soundwaves there should be echo.

    • I agree that the sounds are more “realistic”. And even more so in sniper mode now when the sound is muffled. But its a game, and sounds needs variation so you can hear what caliber it is more easily. And the new sounds does a poor job a that. You knew when a 122mm gun was fired near you or the Maus just fired. Now.. it could have been the T-15 in the n00b platoon with the Maus that fired for all I know.. The 47mm in game is a bit daft tho. Sounds like a 9mm gun going off.

  6. 9.1 sounds would be fine, if WG could somehow prolong them just a little bit. Make that end of sounds a bit longer even if it’s not so realistic. That is the nice thing in old 8.11 and GF sounds – they are more scary even if thats way too Hollywoody ;)

    • Dude… they are long. Much longer. You just need to shut down your laptop speakers and hear them on some good speakers. On such speakers you also can determine the variety of the sounds. I f someone says that the sounds are all the same, he should meet his ear doctor…

      • I use good headphones for that matter, so I hear them even better than on speakers. I just say that for my taste those sounds are a bit too POOFy, and something like BOOOOM or POOOOFF would sound better. =)

  7. New sounds do not sound the same AT ALL … whoever does not see any difference should spend more money on his headset / speakers, because there is a clear difference. Also, old sounds and the mod sound like they were recorded b a microphone that recorded 30% of the actual shot sound and 70% of the air blast just “farting” into the mic.

    I am sorry to tell You, but whoever dislikes these new sounds is either def or has never heard a real gun being fired.

  8. Not sure, but couldn’t this be because they’ve only recorded a few new sounds, and the rest is a remix of those recordings?
    And we just have to wait for them to have recorded all the different calibers.

    • Everything above 75mm sounds like a shitton of explosives just blew up an outhouse, instead of, you know, a gunshot.

    • Gnomefather’s 170mm gun sound sounds nothing like the real tank gun. It sounds like some explosion from hollywood movies, but if people like it they are free to use, but don’t talk shit about something else just because you don’t like it.

  9. I am sure I have seen somewhere on the WoT forums, that someone digged into the sounds in 9.1 and found that most of the high calibre sound from 105mm and up and using the same file….I am pretty suer if the new sounds get implemented into the final 9.1 release, there will be more used…

    I really prefer the new sounds over Gnomefathers and Kreibs

  10. Gnomefathers 47mm sounds too powerful, and 170mm is horrible.

    In general I like 9.1 sounds.

  11. Well, for me, I don’t see the problem. WG should make the sounds as realistic as possible. Then if people want Hollywood, they can download a mod. Personally I atm use Gnomefather’s gun sounds and really enjoy them. What really makes a difference is the intensity, as in the crack of a shot from all the way across the map. That’s what’s really impressive. I’m not a fan of the Gnomefather engine sounds, etc, because it was just too noisy inside the tank. And I’m one of those tankers who zooms in and out a lot (finger on the shift key :p ) but I really don’t get the problem people have with those realistic sounds. That’s what real guns sound like!

  12. 9.1 sounds may be more realistic, but they don’t transfer the energy of the shot properly. when a jpz100 fires by your side, with gnomefather’s sounds, you KNOW shit is about to hit the fan..

  13. So take on this matter:
    9.0 sounds are the same at different intensities.
    Gnome’s sounds are cool for smaller calibers. Everything that goes beyond 105 mm sound bad because of the distortions.
    9.1 sounds are ok but 90 mm = 105 mm; 122 mm is the same as the previous two at a slightly higher intensity; 150 mm = 170 mm.

    From all those 3 variants I’d go with Gnome’s sounds for smaller calibers and 9.1 sounds for higher calibers. Of course, if they make more sounds for different calibers and gund, 9.1 all the way.

  14. Meh, Gnomefathers has different sounds for different countries aswell. The American 90mm doesn’t sound anything like that, and the 105mm is nothing like that , atleast not on Batmobile/M48.

    • In real (if you will stay where the video was recored) the sound is very more intensive. What you hear is recording distortion, camcoder electronics pushes down the first (the most intensive) phase of sound amplitude.

  15. The thing is…
    Does World of Tanks need realistic sounds or Rool of Cool sounds?
    For soem fucked reason we cant have both.

    War Thunder is already going realistic. Some people in WoT will prefer Cool sounds then.
    Problem for WarGaming is that the average gamer is a stupid piece of dog shit moron. As soon as they hear “herp derp War Thunder Realisitx soundz”they will use that as an arguement that the Ground forces is superior.
    WarGaming does not want that.

  16. I like the 9.1 sounds much more than the old ones or Gnomefather’s. The 9.1 sounds are all different. I like them. Gnomes are just ridiculously overdistorted. Perhaps a little adjustment towards Hollywood sounds is necessary to apease the average player, but please don’t exaggerate it.

  17. Why there is an opinion at the end of video? I thought it was a comparison video not a ready to take as your own opinion. Without getting more into human psychology making a video, calling it a comparison video and giving a judgment is a very, very manipulative way of doing a comparative video. They don’t sound the same. They are very, very similar but they do not sound the same and that’s my opinion, maybe let everyone have their own or call the video my opinion about WoT sounds?

    And about the sounds itself: I think the 9.1 are way better. I hear the whole pallet of sounds in one shot, when before they were flat. They sound very similar to what I have heard on videos from live shooting of different cannons so I think it is a step in right direction. I agree with people that say they sound very similar, but I think it is because it is a test. They won’t make hundreds of recordings just to test something, if they implement it I believe they will gradually add different recordings and that the guns will be more and more diverse in how they sound. I think they did a good thing implementing that kind of sounds and they should leave them as they are for the live server and continue to better them in the future.

    • agreed..9.1 sounds are way better then now in 9.0..i liked gnome’s work but game lags way too much for me and high callibers are distorted to much but i like them aswell..i don’t get WG decision to not put them when 9.1 goes live..i just don’t because it’s definetlly step in wright direction

  18. Gnomefather the teenager from Norway or Finland (sorry can’t remember which)
    STILL whooping WG’s ass.
    plus GF has superior reload and engine sounds.
    Does WG even have an Audio department?
    What they do have is lame excuses.
    (over 90! updates and still not better than/as good as the Mod..smh)
    Thank You Gnomefahter for improving my game experience

  19. WG logic: 9.0 was good, 9.1 mare the low caliber guns sound well and the high caliber ones waaay too poof

  20. It’s nice they want to make the game more realistic with the gun sound but WT still wins in the sound department due to them having not just gun sound but also engine and turret movement. They also have better crew sound as it sounds like someone is inside the tank.

    • Can someone ban this guy all he ever does is go on about WT and how great it is.

      • He even seems to ignore the features being discussed to claim that it’s better.

        “…Engine and Turret movement…” So, I can understand the shifting of gears (Hellcat and Jackson testing that, tests seem positive), but the turret movement, it’s like he isn’t even trying to play the game’s test, which he’s bashing.

        • Sorry I do not play these tanks only tier 10 and yes I never bother to play test servers as I don’t enjoy the large amount of gold shells being thrown around.

      • Yeah! Ban him! I too am unable to accept that others have an equal opportunity to express their opinions and I have no dignity so feel no shame in acting hysterically and calling for his ban…

  21. you have to be a musicologist to hear the difference between guns in 9.1 shitty stuff indeed.

    the gnomy all father record are much much better.

  22. I always use Gnomefather’s I know people don’t like them but they sound a hell of a lot better than vanilla sounds even 9.1 sounds

  23. Don’t care about sounds since I normally play with the sound off. All the sounds are a distraction. Just hope all these mods they are making to sound don’t affect performance.

  24. I use Gnomefathers. But I like the 9.1 sounds. I don’t get it. If you want Gnomefather sounds, download them, that’s the whole point of mods! I’m happy with either, as long as they’re both done well. Gnomefather’s does distort at the top, but I can’t count the number of times that I’ve jumped a lot when a tank behind has fired (I have some quite nice speakers, ironically with this laptop…)

  25. I used GF’s soudns so far, but I will keep the 9.1 sounds. I quite like them.