Advanced Bot developed for World of Tanks

Hello everyone,

since “there are very few bots in the game” and all that, Wargaming is somewhat lax in chasing the bots down. Today, I want to show you something – a new bot, that is practically unrecognizable from a regular player, even to trained eyes. It’s still developed, so it has glitches, but those will be ironed fairly soon. Thanks to Stormshadow for the info on this.

Check this video out:



Now, disregard the fact it’s a bot – would you recognize it’s a bot and not a bad player? This bot is called “Cyber Tank” – and it can be unfortunately downloaded for free for now. You need some sort of key to access it (I didn’t really look into details), which is given out.

And you know what’s sad?

The site of the Cyber Tank bot recently collapsed under the traffic of people, who wanted their own key and bot…

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    • like what?!
      like they’re acting for 3-4 years now against bots .. please, they’ll say a few things like “everything is under control” (LOL!) and business will continue as usual

      also it’s financially unsound for them to move against bots
      why? it’s almost guaranteed that every bot user would buy gold and/or a premium tank, while most regular players would not
      they will also have to invest money in programming a viable solution(s) to botting – that ain’t cheap

        • So every time you shoot you must enter a captcha? Because… You know… Bots can be activated IN BATTLE already :D

          • Captcha??
            Ever heared the word “Punkbuster”?
            Best solution in my opinion is punkbuster

              • It also spits out massive false positives, and we already know how incompetent WG EU/NA can be. Do you really think they’ll review every single punkbuster flag on a case-by-case basis?

            • punkbuster is crap, and is completely useless for this, also it has huge problems with some sound chipsets.

              Seriously.. calling the worst anti cheat ever in the gaming industry “best solution” says a lot about your knowledge.

      • You are completely wrong, zMeul. It’s the other way around, bots actually lose Wargaming tons of money. Let’s bring some LOGIC into this. Why should a bot user want to buy gold? Everything in this game is available for credits, and with bots, credits are unlimited. Bot users never pay to unlock Free XP since bots can unlock every tank and every upgrade for you. You never need to buy any premium tanks, let the bot farm credits for you…. Get the picture?

        • WRONG!
          A bot can farm credits…yes. HOWEVER, the game ceases to be profitable above level 6 if you suck during the matches, and as you’ve seen…bots kinda suck. If a bot user uses the program to farm anything above that tier, his cash pool will go down quite fast, to the point he will no longer be able to enter battles.

          At this point he switches to a non premium(which doesn’t really produce that much cash to begin with) or invests in a premium so yey money for WG or gets a premium account…yey more money for WG OR buys some gold so he can transform free XP so yey even more money for WG.

          You’re looking at half a picture.

  1. Still madness. Pay somone to get a bot to play the game for you so you get a Tier X tank so you can lose at clan wars, presumably.

    The frist thing I realised in the game was that due to the battle tier system, there is no great advantage in moving to higher tiers. I just advance gradually without worrying about whn or if I get to tier X.

    • Yes, you are absolutely right. The more so tier X is probably the least funny tier from all. First it was ruined for long time by arties, now by TD’s with mega alpha guns that were never used in any war. Whats the point in having X tier tank when it can be easily 2-shoted by at least a few vehicles in enemy team?? I play mostly in tiers 5-8 although I bought 3 X tiers before I realised that there is no point in doing that if you are not interested with clan wars.

        • t10 need a lot more “skills” (aka knowing how the game works, good positions on the map. etc).
          If you do it ololo rush style like in T1 you are punished just as fast as in T1, the only real difference is that you get -xxx K in silver which hurts the budget too much.

          If the -xxx K silver would not be in T10 it would be just as fun as T1 is, where you die and get 5k silver anyway :D

          • I don’t find anything lower than tier 7 fun, and 8 is pretty much the lower bound of what I’ll play. I don’t lose credits on T10 games, unless I goofed. The only reason I play the lower tiers is tourneys.

            Source: I have more T10s than I have all other tiers.

        • 1. Most of tanks are WG fantasy or prototypes never used in any war (for me quite important factor)
          2. Alpha of X tier TD’s is plainly stupid (and penetration too). 750 dmg should be max like in old times when BL-10 was worst thing you could met. Now we have bigger guns and the more so, there are mega alpha with autoloaders. If someone likes that BS, have fun, but I am not going to play that shit apart from some rare cases once or twice per month.
          3. Earlier, hordes of OP SPG made X tier into campfest. I was once killed while I was never hit in that battle, Just 5 SPG’s killed my M48 with splashes, oh lol…. They surely need lot of skill to do that…

          X tier is climax of WG nonsenses

          Btw I have around 60 prc win ratio in my X tiers (although few games), so those comments that suggest not enough skill are rather pointless in my case. I just do not like that tier. IMO it is ruined, unbalanced and looks like some science-fiction based game.

          • Dude… ever player with arty since the “big nerf”? Now if you hit something then RNGod smiled upon you. If you got killed in splash then… you camp as a fucktard or you are moving in a straight line.

            • Will repeat part that you do not understand: “3. Earlier,”

              And rest of your comment is just retarded PoS. Everyone who played then meds in X tier knows how easily we were detracked by splash when going zigzag on full speed.

              And if these is your WoT account – – then please, do not tell others how to play….

              • My 10 cents, if you bot your way to tier 10′s, you would have so bad stats that there might be no clan to take you in let alone let you join their clan wars.

        • It’s not that they’re not worth playing. It’s just that you can play good enjoyable games at all the tiers so there’s no particular need to feel you have to get to Tier X in a hurry.

          People seem to have a mentaity from other games that they need to have a Tier X and then thye can work out what to do. All you have is a big expensive tank playing the same maps and game modes as before.

          I woudl like to get to X to get more, different tanks, but I have no reason to assume it will make me enjoy the game more than with the current garage.

    • Yes the average IS-7 player (iSteve-7) probably hasn’t played a single tier 4-9 game and just bot there way through tier 8 with a IS-6 or something.

  2. They need to ban al the accounts that run bots. And i hope it is a possibility to ban the ip`s that are doing it, but i guess you’re only gonna do more harm then good with that.

  3. They should wipe all gold/premium from accounts that have been caught botting, not just softwiping progress.

    • you cannot do that, at least not in EU. Laws and all that protecting your stuff :)

  4. Honestly, if the bot performs better than so many actual players, I don’t mind having them around.

    I’d rather have the bots than all the AFK idiots you see sitting around

    • “Honestly, if the bot performs better than so many actual players, I don’t mind having them around.”

      I think this is an extremely dangerous misconception. First, if I wanted to play with NPCs, I’d play Skyrim, not a MMO. Second, a Bot is also a “cheat” – he can for example never “not notice” a tank behind him, you can’t sneak up on a bot etc. Third, a bot, as accurate as it is, never reacts on battlefield situation. It won’t exploit a breakthrough, it won’t save a crumbling flank, it will just stand there and shoot.

      • NPC, players. Barely a difference if they dont speak a language you know.

        If their effectiveness in battle is similar, and they dont communicate, then the bots at least never break character :) . Just standing around and doing shit or not noticing danger in time is something bad players do too. The bot compensated by at least being accurate.

        Oh, SS, Skyrim as good of a game as it is, has pathetic AI :( . Bethesda must get their act together on AI

        • I absolutely disagree with this. I play on the Russian server despite not speaking the language. I’m not a terrible teammate, I have a 53% WR over 9000 battles. I pay attention to what’s going on and try to see what my teammates and the enemy are up to. If you understand the game and are aware of the state of the battlefield, then you can overcome the inability to communicate.

      • Get your point, but shoot and hit is more then is a lot of those epic tier ten players capable of…
        Every time i see someone in is8 with 20k+ battles and wn8 sub 500 I’m praying for boter

      • Yes, but other than being aware enough to react to someone behind it, it performs about as well or better than any tomato tanker.

        As far as not reinforcing a flank or exploiting a breakthrough, the vast majority of dumb pubs fail to do this as well.

        I agree that I would rather play with competent players than NPCs, but if someone can program an NPC that’s better than 50% of the player base, I’d rather have them both on my team and the enemy team because higher skilled opponents make the game more interesting.

        It’s just sad that people manage to be so bad at this game that bots can perform better than them.

      • I agree here for multiple reasons.

        1) The bots don’t have learning curve, and by using them at low tiers, you actually deny any learning curve to actual noobies on those tiers. They catch bad behaviour from bots and then you see confused people on tiers 5, 6, higher.
        2) This behaviour is what brings tomatoes to tiers 8+ without absolutely no clue whatsoever about hot to play the game. US tanks not knowing how to hull down, Maus or Ferdi that can’t sidescrape, etc, etc.

        Those are the main flaws of botting. Then there are some minor ones (breaking your stats, moral issues, being more unhelpful to your team than you would were you there in person, etc), but these are worth mentioning.

        • Breaking your stats might actually be a selling point to some people.

          You know what you’re doing, you show up purple or blue on XVM and arti is gonna make you a priority target.

          You start up a new account and use a bot while you’re away to gring up a bunch of tanks, and ruin your stats, so when you want to troll people you hop onto your bot account looking like a tomato tanker and proceed to wreck people who are expecting to fight a shitter when they see your xvm stats.

          • :”You know what you’re doing, you show up purple or blue on XVM and arti is gonna make you a priority target.”

            Yes, XVM should be banned. I asked once arty player why the hell he was shooting at my T-29 when there were close 2 Is-8. Answer “You are not tomato”. Funny like hell….

            • lol, I shoot tomatoes first, easy damage.

              People with more than 1k WN8 should alredy know how to dodge arty, especially since the uber nerf, so its usually pointless to even try shooting at them.

              • Nothing can sway a game more than taking out the top player on the enemy team without risking yourself.

                That and purple tears are the sweetest.

      • SS piecing your asnwer:
        . Second, a Bot is also a “cheat” – he can for example never “not notice” a tank behind him, you can’t sneak up on a bot etc. –>you can’t do that against a human either because of wot retarded spotting+outline system, period.

        Third, a bot, as accurate as it is, never reacts on battlefield situation. –>same as a pubtard
        It won’t exploit a breakthrough –>same as a pubtard
        , it won’t save a crumbling flank, –>same as practically any player including unicorns
        it will just stand there and shoot. –>same as almost any player

        so, all your points are essentially moot as a human player cannot do any of those

        • I really don’t care about the counter arguments why Bot’s are ok for some.

          It’s cheating IMHO and it shouldn’t even be an argument why it’s wrong and anyone caught should be banned atleast a month or two.

          Offcourse, Wargaming realize that they would be hurting their own wallets aswell with such a measure and thus nothing really happens, while this should be a high-priority issue.

          • WG actually bans botters, and those that had spend real money on the game will have their accounts wiped, except the payed content for legal reasons.

      • Sad thing is, WoT is hardly a MMO anyway. If you don’t have a clan or a group of buddies to platoon with, then it is quite likely you’ll never talk to anyone, except to exchange a few broken-english insults ever once in a while.

      • Finally, SS, you started recognising difference between online game and singleplayer ;) .
        That’s my reasoning exactly – too many bots and i’m bailing out (and stop paying), now they are on the verge.
        I don’t care competing against machine, no matter how good or bad it is. I only care to compete against other humans.

      • BUT SS! You play Elder Scrolls Online! THERE ARE NPCS and it’s an MMO! :)
        BTW you can program “tactics” into a bot. Ever played FEAR? :)

      • “never reacts on battlefield situation. It won’t exploit a breakthrough, it won’t save a crumbling flank, it will just stand there and shoot.”

        I would consider this an improvement compared to the players who never reacts on battlefield situation, won’t exploit a breakthrough, won’t save a crumbling flank, and just charge and die in the first 5 minutes.

        And these are the kinds of players that would be using a bot. The players that would do something like you are stating wouldn’t be using a bot.

      • Firstly, Skyrim is somewhat lacking in WW2 era tanks. Second, a bot won’t notice a tank behind it if its not detected, since its all done server side. Third, standing there and shooting is often the best tactic since you end up with the most XP. Trying to save a crumbling flank gets you killed rapidly, bottom 5 and no mission points for you. Standing there and shooting will get you in the top 10 even if your team lose. WoT wont say how XP is calculated, but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that damage done is what counts.

  5. Currently I got some really hard grinds, but im too proud to wreck my stats over a stupid bot… :(
    Anyway, if they want to make bots, at least make be good players.. because some players are definitely dumber than a program, when it.comes to strategic thinking

    • “some players are definitely dumber than a program, when it.comes to strategic thinking”
      The last weekend proved your statement.

      • SS should make a quote section here on ftr. XD
        This one would fit ri~ight into it.

  6. Introduce Google Captcha into World of Tanks pre-battle loading screen.

    If the Botuser has to solve Captcha before every battle he will have no time saved and will have to attend to the game.

    The human player will have put in that Captcha within seconds. No harm done to them.

        • u must be stupid… bot ruin the game, your team will lose battle after battle.. a captcha for every 3-5 games would be ok.. if u r to lazy for that, then u play maybe not better as a bot..

          • maybe you like captchas, I dont.
            Sometimes this game is frustrating even if I hit “start battle” and alt tab myself waiting for icon to flash red to go back to game.
            If i have to wait “if captcha pops out” then frustration will be a bit higher.
            Enough to drop it for the night.
            It may not be a problem for you or even majority of players, but it will be for me.

            Somehow I was able to lead a rather succesful clan, so I think I’m worth a bit more then a bot.
            I just don’t like captcha, thats all

        • It doesn’t have to be every time if you put captha randomly it will not be that hard for regular players to write…

    • Hell no! There are times when I can even barely make out what those words are supposed to be.
      I’d rather have an image of a tank from the list of tanks that you have bought in the past and a multiple choice question (with like 5 options or whatever) which tank it is.

      Or something similar like that.

      • The solution is pretty simple. I have seen it in other games. Every couple of hours you have to confirm that youvare human

        • “you have to confirm that you are human”
          And how? Telling a question like: Who was the Vice-president of Dwight D. Eisenhower?
          And if you dont know the answer, then you are a human ;)

        • Captcha needs only to be used on accounts that are displaying bot-like behaviour, such as a high number of games over a short period, and accounts that have had wipes for botting.

          • “high number of games”
            I bet most of us does not play 50+ battles / day (only on some weekends)
            Using captcha only when someone playing lots of battles sounds fine.

    • oh ffs not here as well…

      for the third time, captcha will only annoy actual players.
      Bots will get OCR recgonition implemented and even if it ain’t 100% accurate, neither are humans and bots won’t get pissed over failing a captcha test.

      Bots are fought with pattern behavior recognition. Even this Cyber Tank, while looking fairly inconspicuous to the players driving around, has fairly obvious behavior once you are looking at it closely like this – the way he aims, pretty much zero excessive turret movement, the way he always starts moving towards the detected enemies. I’d say that relatively easily detectable, you just have to know where to look, which is pretty much what bot reports are for.

      So thats what WG is supposed to do – search for and study bots and their behavior. Search for that behavior amongst players, check the suspicious ones more closely and ban away. They probably do their research, but confirming all the bots is fairly costly thing to do when it comes to resources.

      But yeah, I’d say it’s about time for WG to pour some cash on this issue.

      • There is a real problem with pouring cash into something that will cost you a lot of revenue later on. These bots pay for premium, premium tanks and conversion of free xp….do the math.

        • There are more reasons than that not to bother with it for now.

          But seriously, at current state of things hunting for bots is waste of resources. There really are not that many of them – sure it pisses you off when you lose battle because the last tank on team was a high tier bot, but the random mm keeps this evenly spread and generaly speaking the current amount of bots in WoT is far from serious issue.

          But it is indeed getting worse, still at this rate I don’t think 2014 will see any change of WGs approach in this matter.

    • It also has to be a real server communicated captcha…not like the little joke they put in to prevent accidental selling of tanks, because that would be very easily moddable and breakable.

    • How do you propose to handle 90% of the players who doesn’t even know the answer to 1 + 1?

  7. bad thing is – he really play better than most wot players…….

    and thats is reason why i dont play tier 10 (actually best tank which i have in garage is tier 7 ) , throse battles are full of people which just afk/bot till reach tier 10 ………….. when u play tier 1-2 battle (u may call me pedoberar , i dont care ) then u expect rookies , but when is in tier 10 your top tank someone who play 100 battles and rest (10k+) drive bot program……….

    • then wouldnt the question be, are the most wot players just bots? And this bot is better than their bots?

    • Must say I disagree with you. When I play tier 10 in the evening during the weekdays, most people are very respectable players (mostly greens or better), and it is very competitive.

      In the weekends during specials and daytime though, now that is another story. But I don’t suspect all poor players to be bots, many are just kids, too young to grasp every advanced aspect of this game

  8. I think next to all “players” with less than 50% WR are bots created by WG to create false hype/popularity for World of Tanks. Tinfoil hat on people!

    Only a minority of the WoT population are actual humans, rest are WG.Net controlled bots to populate the servers!

    • I’ve got less than 50% w/r…mostly due to playing on a laptop which struggles quite a bit of the time. I still have managed to grind out 2 tier 8 tanks, and I’m working on a number of others, along with one tier 9 that I need to grind the credits out for.

      • Same here. I’m a little further along the line, but basically in the same boat as you..

        • Yesterday an M6 in my team shot me just when the match started. He got blue and I asked him what was the story, he mentioned that he had 200 ms pings and shooting me was an accident. I believed him and did not retaliated, he played well. I am surprise by the people out there playing with old hardware that manage to do fine with this game. There is an Spanish lad that has a YouTube channel that manages to play very good matches with 15-25 fps at the minimal resolution settings, it is incredible.

    • Ew, your theory would work if it was not for the traffic generated already that causes server lags which is troublesome at least.

  9. Sadly, after seeing that performance, I almost wish I’d had that for teh T34 mission on the US server…never had time to grind that 700k xp myself :p Of course, I’d only have sent out my elited tanks for it, and done the real grinds myself…I’m not that pathetic :p

  10. search this player called dyros eu player, deputy commander with 20k games and 1 top gun, 4 high caliber

  11. i meet more and more player which have usual stats – 40k+ battles but play few months , win ratio around 40%
    yes some may be just guys which just “play for fun” but not all

      • And how many players have you seen that not only aim at enemies through mountains, but also start shooting at them?


        • That happened too :D
          The funniest thing is when the bot could not by-pass a train 3 times in a row :D or start shooting while its turret is still rotating into the target’s direction. :)

  12. I can’t spot the bot if I were to play regularly. However, constantly turning back on enemy and immediately turn turret when found is obvious bot.

  13. WG is too late to stop this now. Over the past 3 years they have done next to nothing to combat bots (their anti-bot program is just lies). Even when bots are caught the only punishment is an account wipe and htey still keep their premium tanks/gold and they can just start botting again. Its a joke.

    Nearly every game I play now there are at least 4 or 5 bots on my team. Either AFK at the spawn until an enemy comes, then they come alive, or just sat in camp spots at the back again not moving until the enemy arrives. These are easy to spot, but a bot that moves around like this one… that would be another 5+ people on my team! It wouldn’t surprise me if in every game only 5 or 6 “players” are actually human.

  14. actually..i can;t really say it;s a bot playing there.
    maybe it;s just a fake (and a human plays that game) to attract people to a hacking site to steal their account and stuff

  15. and that is why WoT should put a captcha thing in for each 3-5 battle.. that would stop the fucking bots…i have less problems with a captcha input as with bots

  16. I love this bot! Already 2000 games played, reached Tier 8, 7 Million credits (without premium account) and 250 WN8 (better than most noob players!).

    • And what is your main goal here? To get T10 tank? And then what? You will die in 1 minute with T10 tank while doing 300 dmg and that’s definition of fun for you? You might aswell play some other game.

      • (used spam mail for my first acc, dont have the password anymore)

        I have a main account with ~1500 WN8, this is just my testing account. I want to test how far I can get with botting and see if I will get banned.

        Someone wants to buy an account with IS7 and T110E4? :D

  17. I came across this the other day as i like many like to keep an eye out for this kind of crap.
    If you follow the link to the developer and get Google to translate it it makes interesting reading, however he’s been overwhelmed with people sharing the user keys so it looks like he has pulled new user registration thank fuck
    I think I remember when I looked at this last week he mention something about pulling all of the active keys as his bot was being used tooooo much and he was scared that WG might actually do something about it, but from the video it did look like a bit of a threat
    Needless to say this needs to be fucking stopped, and the sooner WG take some action the better, well we can live in hope

  18. Now I believe in bots and think they’re a menace, but some super advanced bot? I see nothing in that vid that makes me go “yep thats a bot” and not some bad player doing screen capture while playing and the fact that the video was published on April 1st of all days, well. I don’t buy it.

  19. The game has been started to being unplayable anyway, it doesent makes a big difference if there are some more bots around. It’s just frustrating being in teams full of windowlickers. Im playing since april 2011 and i loved it, but its getting worse every month. I already stopped playing last month just hanging around on FTR for the good reads. The game is dying already with this playerbase, feels like at least 75% of it dont know what they are doing in battles anyway. So i move on and take my money with me. Keep the bots coming, the gameplay won’t change much because of them. At least they dont just sit around and wait for you to do the work. Rant over…

    • The bots are already here…as long as nobody does some really hard hitting this problem will grow and grow…maybe articles like this will force WG to do sth in future when the shit really hits the fan.

  20. A nice metaphor for all of you;

    “The fly-by-wire system can make an average pilot better, but it can’t make an expert pilot better.”

    This was from a documentary about MiG-29 fighter jet, which -at that time- was the most badass fighter ever designed by USSR (along with that gigantic madafaka Su-27).

  21. After finding a key that worked, I tested both Cyber Tank and Tank Leader last friday. Cyber Tank is far more Superior. In most games you would never be able to tell it was a bot. In one game, it produced 850 base XP in a Lowe. In another it did just over 2000 damage in a Chi-nu-kai. The speed at which it will aim at a spotted target is the best part about it. Sometimes the human player will not notice or will take too long to see where it is, but Cyber Tank is instant. It also has a system in which it will pick the best weak spot to aim at if more than one can be seen. Some of the problems with it are that when there are 2 or more targets equidistant, it cannot determine which one to target and waves the gun barrel from side to side. The other problem is that, as you can see in the video, if a target is detected in an area close to its base it will turn the tank around thus showing the enemy the rear of the tank. I suspect that the huge demand for Cyber Tank is mostly from those users using other bots already that see it as an upgrade, and that the keys were free. I personally don’t need a bot, but i can see how tempting it is for newer players.

  22. It wasn’t worth to develop bots if WG would implement an inbuilt BOT in the game. It also wasn’t so desirable to play bot for most of the immature minds if they have to put in the window: I’M BOT

    * Make it legal, but make aware of the real players that there are bots in your team.
    for instance: PlayerName_BOT
    * Make it as intelligent as it can be seen in the video.
    * Limit their number in a team.
    * Make their number equal in both of the teams.
    * Buy BotTime in the gold shop.
    * etc

    Make it part of the game, then it will be popular as the Historical Battles

    It might develop a new play style. How to govern bots to win :D

      • Make them play Bot only games then…better than that: Get rid of the playing process alltogether.

        Award the player the average xp and credits (+/-RNG 25%) of 100 games for paying 1000 Gold by the press of a button in the garage.

        This will also lessen server stress..trololol..

        • Buying XP is already implemented.

          But seriously look at the bright side, a tons of new medals and badges could be introduced :)

          For Real Players:
          * BotHunter: kill 300 bots ( levels: 3k, 3 million , …)
          * BotGun : kill 3 bots at least in one game
          * BotTled: kill all the bots in enemy team, at least 5
          * …

          For Bot Runners:

          * BotAce, Ace Badge For Bots
          * BotHeration, staying last and win
          * BotAny, only bot in a winner team and survive
          * etc

    • We need a group of players who creates fake accounts (and fake IPs) and infest WoT with high amount of bots.

  23. what i hate more than bots are afk players in the base,so to me an inteligent bot is a lesser evil…id actually like to try it out but i dont trust such services on the internet

  24. wish i’d known about this at the weekend when i was away and i still had 20k exp to get in my horrid amx 12t……………….could have got a free SP instead of being 3.5k short!!!! (yes 3.5k short on 1 nation…gutting)
    i had 25 mins this morning to get 16k!!!!!

  25. This Bot is terrible, look at how it works, it just drives at the nearest spotted tank. This may work at tier 1, but it will be worse than the camping bots from T5+

    • They recommend using it on lower tiers:

      Могут ли меня наказать за ботоводство?
      Ботоводство не запрещено никакими законами и с точки зрения УК к вам не может быть никаких претензий. Тем не менее, боты запрещены игровыми правилам и при подозрении, Wargaming может вас забанить. Однако, как показала практика, банят примитивных ботов-кликеров, которые не ориентируются в игровой обстановке, стоят на базе, ведут себя всегда одинаково. «Кибер танк» от них кардинально отличается, его игра подобна игре новичка или ребенка, но вполне логична, наблюдая со стороны трудно заметить, что это искусственный интеллект, а не человек. В результате экспериментов было выяснено, что запуск бота на уровнях 1-5 абсолютно безопасен, бот испытывался сутками, в течение недель, заработал десятки миллионов серебра и ни разу не был забанен. На всех танках процент побед около 50 и большинство имеют знаки классности «мастер» или «1-й класс», что говорит о нормальной, не вызывающей подозрения статистике. Игра бота на старших уровнях так же возможна, но ее следует ограничивать несколькими часам в день.

      I guess Wargaming will have to run their anti-bot solutions finally. Or create them.

      • Which antibot solution? WG has no antibot solution. The WG antibot tool is not more than a hoax.
        The best example: After 3000 battles. Only Idiots like Polarfoxx will be detected with that crap.

        I talked to an WG employee two weeks ago about the problem with the bots and the Super Pershing. His answer was: “I am not longer interested in this … I tried to do something … there is no interest here (WG Office) … so I’ll leave it because the job pays my rent …” Most important part: “There is no interest here”

        Check the Botlist Scroll down, the last entries are the newest. Some of the botusers have more then 500 reports after 2 weeks since SS post about the Super Pershing and Bots. They played more than 4000 battles in 2 weeks. No one is banned.

  26. If you look good on this movie you will see that in 2:30 friendly shot in ground, and bot change the moving road to drirect where the shot hit (bug of bot ? or a way to spot the bot ?).

  27. seriously, SS, i wonder why would you post it here? you do realise that FTR is a hugely popular resourse over here and if someone didn’t know about that bot now they do. (i, for once, never heard of it, but not that i need one either)

    even a link to their website is here, for those who can’t use google search:(
    i read the plans
    the bot is still in beta and registration is closed due to VAST number of people willing to use it, so even developer himself admitted that he needs to think of limiting it somehow, may be by making it not free, but what this shit can do (or should be able to do once it’s polished) is just scary. i mean it’s gonna be /already is better than any average tomato out there, hell it’s claimed to be averaging 50% WR on tanks up to 8th tier.

    i mean, well if it’s better than hordes of windowlicking braindead zombies out there – be my guest, by all means i can play with them, ( although tough to play against them as they know ALL weakspots, can lead the target and never forget to look at the minimap) but at some point the botter will jump into his new shiny T57Heavy or WTE100 and be my top tier. that’s what im afraid of

    • Valid point of view, but in my opinion nothing good comes from denying this information. People who want to find it will still find it, and people who unknowingly suffer from it will be left in the dark, misinformed and generally worse off.

      Or was there ever a case where a “sssh, don’t talk about it” policy was more beneficial than getting out the truth? Ignorance is strength and so on … ;)

  28. If it’s free It migh be a good way to bot some free xp on stock tier1

    • Whilst ruining your ratio and admitting to yourself that you are a dick

  29. Don’t think it’s such a good idea to advertise it here… There are players that will get ideas from this:))

  30. If I’m forced to have bots on my team I’d rather have this one than an AFKbot. I’d love to see how this works at higher tiers.

  31. WG should pick up and continue with this bot
    and when a player hasnt moved for 2 minutes or so there is a warning that says MOVE NOW OR YOUR TANK WILL BE TAKEN OVER ALL COST’S ON YOU!!!
    With a timer that starts at 15 and when you move your mouse the warning goes away when you shoot you just shoot warning goes away
    When u stay afk then BOT takes over your account you pay for it you get 0 xp 0 money
    The bot shoots at enemy’s, but on a noob way so no sidescrape etc etc. show side, reverseing to enemy
    This way they will not be to OP bot, but also not rubbish AFK player on base get shot by enemy player with 1hp vs 2 tiers higher 100% tank

    after 5 of these AFK battles within 1 week or so you get a ban like with teamdmg.
    BUT with a option to put comment and replay after battle with GOOD reason why you wasnt playing,
    (like CTD’s other crashes, blackscreen, bluescreen etc. etc. etc.)
    And when you have the problem very very many times a day/week you will be watched by “watchers”
    So some kind of players that “watch” players, kinda follows them watch replays and contacts them in game/in battle when no response warning when after that no contact again BAN…

    and to stop players using bots like this they could also put these “watchers” on players that behave wierd, get alot reports etc. etc.

    • But then those genuine players with com issues will suffer, me for instance(really old and slow com that sometimes thr game ends even before i load); i once entered a t1 game in a loltraktor 3-5mins late because of pc issues. When i went in i was 1v7 and still won

  32. The whole bot thing is a joke WOT can’t fix the smallest problems in the game engine, they for sure aren’t going to find a way to remove bots, they just don’t have the programming skills.

    If you don’t like the bots do what I do bump them to get them to move in to scouting positions, or just push them in to an area where they get stuck and can’t move.

    I once pushed a bot up the 1 line on cliff using him for cover and to spot the other teams TD’s made for a funny win.

  33. once had a TOGII* platoon with 3 of em, not 100% sure but for 99% sure bots, they where funny, wont stop driving close to me, when i asked are u bot all 3 of em said I am no bot! all at the same time every time i asked so hmmm.
    and when a enemy get spotted they rushed (well as good as a TOGII* can rush) towards enemy and starts shoot em wich gives me chance to shoot enemy while they catches all bullets…

    at the end 2 of em where alive kept following eachother and a tier 4 M5A1 capped our base while they kept driving around and around and around…

  34. if i had some free time i would develop a bot (not to exploit just for fun) you have to solve many problems in order to write a good one. screen analysis, map and players location, you have to model how a player acts on a map and to mange all the data you gather either from screen or data buffers.

    but what i think is the future of botting is a bot manager AKA Bot Clan Leader that can coordinate many clients of bots, either in clan wars or as a platoon of Bots. it’s a different level of coding and needs understanding of pattern analysis + machine learning techniques.

  35. Keep up the good job, SS.

    If you stop posting about BoT issiue, WG will just hide and deny.
    Showing it in the daylight, to the masses, forces WG to act (hopefully).

  36. In the absence of opponents bot goes for allies.
    Bot able to capture the base.
    Bot shoots allies when they are on the firing line.

  37. Above average bot… it actually did something. You can see some of the logic. Go for the nearest tank otherwise follow nearest ally. It went back and forth a couple times when enemy tanks popped up on the map. Nice to see that it actually waited to zoom in. However it was tryign long distance shots in Arcade mode… i would always go to sniper mode for that.

    However no such thing as trying to stay arty save or being shot at save. Largely what you’d expect a below average to average player to be. Run around shoot if something pops. Ill be honest.. rather have a bot like this than some douche that goes AFK or a ‘I sit on base bot’ however which way you want to call it. Sometimes even players do that.

    I wonder if you could compare stats over a 1000 battles between a run of the mill player and a decent bot see who comes out on top.

  38. I would really want to congratulate the devs of this bot for making a bot that’s so human like. From a pure technical point of view, I would like to study this bot.

    I wish more bots like this will emerge from the public and make it available to the general players.

    If you think that using a bot is wrong and illegal in game. You are absolutely right. But then again, if bots play better than human, why shouldn’t a bot allowed in game? WG ban bots not because of it’s unfair to other players when a small amount of players use them. The real reason of banning bots is because WG is losing money (or money that’s going into the pocket of people developed bots) on bots. Knowing WG, why shouldn’t they allow bots if bots can bring them more revenue? Hack if the game has a PVE system I would have enjoyed the shit out of it and probably still playing this game.

    WG is a short sighted company. They could make a game great, but they only choose to make it expensive to play. Such a pity there isn’t competitor in the market who could threat WG’s business.

    • If bot is better than human, it shouldn’t be allowed in the game for that exact reason. While bots are dumber and can’t (yet) outwit a human, it does have instant reactions and other properties which are equal to cheating.

  39. that why half of pepol in clan i play play now war thunder … cos there is soo many bots like is 7 or e 100 camping behind med oir light until hi rush …. this game is broken now so we play wt cos grind in wt is ACTUALY FUN and wot… u have too pass 6 tiers and helcat kw1s domination then u have borsig party on tier 8 750 dmg and hi go back behind rock . and dont forget 10 tier with t59 heavy and ob 140 and stb1 (i actualy grind stb1 its so opad its last tank i grind in this game) pepol in my clan play only cw now. cos its the 1 of the only mode where is no bots

  40. As much as this is completely not the point of the thread or the video, the voiceset that account was using is an absolute beauty… much better than the standard “recorded in a brick phonebox” Russian voiceset. What it is and where can I get it?

  41. I love how in the background there is an icon with the title “W.o.T.lots.of.cheats.4.0″