1st Anniversary Competition Winner

Hello everyone,

sorry for the delay with this post – I wanted the draw to be as far as possible, so after manually checking, I exported the appropriate names to an Excel table and randomly picked one number using RNG.

And the winner is…

Hustodemon (EU server)

Congratulations! Please contact me on EU forums via PM (my nickname is SilentstalkerCZ) with what vehicle would you like to have.

As for the rest of you guys, I will be reading through the “optional” answers (as you can imagine, will take some time, perhaps a day or two), the best answers will be published and the very best will be rewarded :) Just give me some time to do it.

Thanks everyone for participating!

47 thoughts on “1st Anniversary Competition Winner

      • Well, the fact that such tomato won the contest at least proves that SS didn’t rig the competition, because who in their right mind would intentionally give a high-tier tank to a window licker who’ll be of more hindrance than help in tier VIII? :P

        • Sigh, Silent, you might want to delete the *sucha tomato* posta some put in. It spoils the spirit of the event.

          • one more tomato i have to deal with in high tiers.
            PS: “world of tanks has been successfully uninstalled from your computer”
            I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

            • “one more tomato i have to deal with in high tiers” Are you one of the purple PRO’s? Your noobmeter link or something like that? No one cant be good as u… I am playing games where i see just partial info about players and no problems with noobism or something like that. my last battle in WoT 17.4.,dont know exactly,but my mind is ok since last battle:D No rage, just ok.

              • I dont have very much better statistic (very Sunday time player, account old, close-open beta), so u know… i am not complaining but i had a amazing games in many tanks, and i am not pro. i saw many tomato players which play good or even better then i.

    • outch… waste of money >: good winrate in his t110e5 though.. maybe because clanwars?

    • If he’s not complete noob he will choose some t8 with preferential MM so he won’t see T10s at least :D But i’m not so sure :D

  1. Congrats Hustodemon !

    Now, i do not envy the task you have Silent of reading 800+ *how many does it take* jokes.:-)

    • There where some pretty good ones in there, it might be fun.

      Just wish I’d seen the origonal thread sooner, I’d have jumped in too.

  2. If he is smart he goes for the most expensive premium tank he already has in his garage, so he gets the gold instead :D

    • And he’ll convert gold into free xp like he did for LOTS of his tanks :D
      (18 battles on VK36.01H and he has Tiger I, huh? ;) )

  3. Congrats to the winner!
    And thanks to Silentstalker for the contest & the blog!

  4. Congrats to the winner, but it is upsetting how people react “OMG N00B”. If its a bad player than people are whining, because noobs don’t deserve anything. If its a good player people are whining, because pros get everything.

  5. Congratulations Hustodemon.

    The best tier VIII to pick is the most difficult to play. That way you will learn the fastest.

    Happy trolling.

  6. Congrats to Hustodemon! I wonder if he/she gets to choose a rare-ish tank like the Type 59?

  7. Congrats Hostodemon! Too bad there’s so much whining in these comments here … it’s saddening that people forget they were noobs at one point too.