69 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Australia…

  1. Soo I guess u cant just run over the tree easily, just like in Warthunder

    • Actually i rammed a tree in Warthunder and that bitch destroyed both tracks :/

      • Actually trees in WT are too stronk. Maybe you meant in WoT where you can easily knock it down.

    • Trees in War Thunder can knock out your tank and crew….but falling of a cliff can’t

      • Talking of falling off cliffs… I cliffdived in a T-28 and it bounced like it was made of rubber and did a backflip before carrying on like it didnt happen. Then next battle I sent a T-50 down the same cliff in a controlled manner and it just dies…

        • Same seems to happen in WoT i drove my Comet down a small hill and died then i went faster down that hill the other day and i just lost like 100 hp instead of full hp. Both games have terrible crash model’s even though WoT is smoother it still is no right

  2. I laughed a bit on the first try, then got kinda pissed after cause we had/have (can’t remember if we still have to) pay a carbon tax… then we kill trees fkin up more of the environment so… why am I paying this carbon tax?

  3. Whoops :v

    Anyway if tree is realistically modeled, not just you may get stuck, your gun can get damaged too-and that is why tanks when driving through buildings will always face the gun backwards

    • Deforestation done properly. 100% no chance of getting squished by the poor tree you just destroyed…

  4. Wow, because destroying 100+ years old trees in a desert enviroment is such a good idea… what, the morons don’t have anything better to use those tanks for?

    • Yep… they’re a bunch of morons. Australia, go complain to those fuckheads when you get disastrous floods after decades of hotwaves and vegetation fires.

      • Yea, instead of knocking down trees go kill people with those tenks like they are supposed to do.

        • Maybe that’s what there doing, they are knocking them tree’s down so global warming will kill us all. Those dastidly aussie’s they will pay (Que pinky a the brain :P)

      • australia will complian at the US marines that knocked down the trees in this video. Aussie Abrams are painted in our local Three tone camo and not desert tan. plus we have Aussie accents, not american…

        • its australian everything looks like something else. australia is stronk in art of ninjutsu

          • It LOOKS like a tank.
            It’s actually Satan’s poisonous spawn looking for a moment to kill you.

  5. Here we can see the Abrams tank in it’s natural habitat. In particular, we can see it during one of it’s common territorial disputes with it’s natural enemy, the Tree.
    As we can see, the Tree is a more than worthy oponent for the Abrams, but it’s quite clear that the young Abrams could eventually defeat the much older Tree (Speak of the energy of the youth). This will secure territory for the Abrams and it’s family of M113′s.

  6. These trees look to be rotten to me… Even for a 70 ton tank, this is looks way too easy…

    • What other than the fact that the USA was a penal colony 170 years before New South Wales?

      Of course you would be correct if those people were transported but no they were hung. They transported people for stealing a loaf of bread. Hardly criminals from todays’ standards

  7. The 2nd tree looks quite rotten by the way it cracked. Anyway this is what these PTSD psychotic maniacs call fun? Mick Taylor would cut their heads off and hang em by their ballz lol!

    E3 Microsoft conference is about to begin btw :P

  8. Be looking for koalas,it’s a terrible predator for the defenseless tank;)

  9. For everyone who is ignorant – this video is of US Marines while based in Northern Territory, Australia.

  10. noob, give away your position for arty… which is watching from above via satellite ofc ^^