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Hello everyone,

some time ago (April-May), the Russian server (of course, only the Russian server, stronk EU would not organize anything heaven forbid… INTERESTING) had a nice competition – making maps. I already wrote about it in April. The prizes for it were grand – pretty nice gaming PC’s for the winners of two categories: historical maps and cybersports maps.

What is interesting is its outcome, that was recently published in the Video show “Poka vse v tanke” (another interesting thing the Russians have and we don’t – news show with a pretty girl moderator!). Aaaaaaanyway…

In the historical maps category, following maps were nominated:

Smolensk (author ARK8TUR) – this one is apparently judged as best by the developers.


Based on the 1942 aerial photo of the city of… Smolensk (how unexpected)


The developers like it very much apparently (specifically Evgeny Bolshakov, the leader of the map design team), so I think we can now see the way where the map design is heading in the future. Actually, it’s a really nice map design I think. The developer said that this map can be made completely playable.

Other mentioned historical maps (second nomination spot) are – Armavir (by kvgklim) based on the city, liberated in January 1943 by the Caucasus Front.


Gatchina (by dmitriy_fin)


Third nomination spot is spit between maps Kiev (Maik008), Rzhev (Chrome1278) and Liberation of Kaluga (Sambog90). Now, to the cybersports maps, which might be interesting for the e-sports players, as presented by level designer Andrey Chizhikov.

The first and judged as best (if I understand it correctly) is “Bare Mountain” by zoom84 – the developer said that the map is very tactically variable.


Other maps nominated are “La Madelaine” (by BATbKA)


Hill (by MaxFosters)


Additional points

- Storm wrote that he personally likes the Vyazma map


- remember the guy that made his own Kiev map in BigWorld editor? He was disqualified, with the reason of “you were supposed to make a picture of a map, not make it in our game editor”. Meh.

- the official Stalingrad map (Wargaming made) picture is here – there is a notice however that the setup is not final and might change.


Keep in mind guys that it was a competition, it is not sure (or even likely) that the player-made maps will be implemented. It’s just a direction the WG guys like to think.

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  1. The way they (and you) are talking about it, the top map seems like there’s a chance for it to be implemented. Hell, I want that map in the game :P

  2. What’s not very clear to me is, which of those maps won and will come to the game? Smolensk and Caucasus Front won the competition so they will come anythime in the future?

  3. “remember the guy that made his own Kiev map in BigWorld editor? He was disqualified, with the reason of “you were supposed to make a picture of a map, not make it in our game editor”. Meh.”

    I think that WG has shown us how stupid they can be. That guy gives them a fully working map that they could add immediately and they disqualify him ?

    I can’t get it …

      • It prolly had TONS of issues that would need solving before iplementation. Still, that guy certainly spent at least 10x the effort then the rest of the participants. All for nought. Shame they could not apreciate it, how hard could it be to make a pic of the layout?

    • I think it’s more because he was touching something he is not supposed to touch: BigWorld Map Editor. That thing is supposed to be available to the companies making the game, not to the players.

    • Well on one hand its a shame, on the other hand, I think its fully understandable. The task was to create the principle concept of a map based on a historical layout, by creating an ingame minimap /top down view. As this was said, he failed the basic task. I wouldn’t have disqualified him, but I think its nice to see that he wasnt preferred /didnt win just because he had better possibilities/tools then the others.(the bigworld editor)

      Just remember the last years “send us an handmade birthday CARD” event on EU server, where at the end none of the winners sent them anything close to an handmade birthday card. One was a metal WG/WoT emblem done with a private cnc machine. How was a normal guys sticking to the rule of sending in an hand-drawn birthday card to cope with something like that?

  4. WG should add new historical pacific map, and use it to Historical Battle; Japanese Tanks (like Chi-Ha, Chi-He, Chi-Nu) VS. US Tanks (mostly M4 Sherman). For Example, Battle of Manila (1945) and other.
    (Map plan)

    • They should give us the premium Type 97 Te-Ke and make historical battles against M2 Lights from the first years of war. :P
      (Or M3 stuarts? I don’t know exactly which tanks fought, but I would participate!)

      • I’d like to see an Arnhem map with a big bridge being the only way to cross into the city. Might be good for Historical battles too.

        A D Day map would be good too, a sea / beach / town map with one teams spawn points on landing craft and the other team spawn 5 minutes in to the game to recreate the historical conditions.

        • A D Day map isn’t historical, since at the landing, tanks weren’t involved. However, an Arnhem map would be a lot of fun, but the thing is, thats not historical either. Paratroopers took care of most of Arnhem and its bridges…. I would, however, think that a map somewhere around Arnhem, just without the specific Arnhem battlefield, would be awesome. Tanks DID, after all, participate on both the Allied and Axis sides.

          • D Day map not historical? Sherman DDs landed at most of the beaches with varying success.

            • And all kinds of ironmongery drove off the bow ramps of diverse bigger ships in the follow-up waves, but the point is rather there was acute shortage of anything with tracks on the *other* side. IIRC any “hot tank on tank action” happened well inland when the few Allied cans that managed to clear the God Tier traffic jams of the beaches started running into the dribble of German reinforcements.
              I also seem to recall that the acute lack of armoured support to help deal with diverse bunkers and strongpoints nevermind now random German armour (on account of aforementioned logjams) was an important part of why the infantry’s thrusts from the beachheads achieved only relatively limited success.

  5. I just cant stand these mirrored maps, its the easy and lame way to balance, then why dont they put only the one type of tank to battle to make everything equal.

    Ivan, make half a map, yes? mirror it and save time yes?

      • Karl event was awesome because it was meant to be and all build around that idea of ridiculousness. Those two mirrors are just lame display of lack of inspiration and I feel very sorry for WG if this is their future vision for balancing maps.

        You can create a balanced playground without using a mirror, it just needs a will. But I guess all work will in WG is now focused on “balancing” WTE/etc and making Havok.

  6. seems you didn’t hear of the Excelsior bonus code before it was used up, I checked here and not reddit so I didn’t get it :(

    It is now used up so I won’t post it…

    • Cities are better than our current selection of barely any cities. I personally prefer city maps. Although I would like a map that’s based of Guatemala or somewhere in the Philippines, or Guadalcanal.

      I know they’re not cities, but I am getting bored of the European maps.


  7. Why does the one called ‘La Madelaine’ just look like another Ruinburg to me?

  8. Wasn’t it the same with wotreplays?
    First only russians got it, then they saw that it was good, so we got it too?
    Regarding that russians always get things first:
    For me it seams that the russians are used as guinea pigs, and when it works we get it..
    mfg eX

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  10. Historical maps looks too smalish and cybersport maps eventhough they should be balanced but they are just mirrored which imo is boring. But on the other hand no matter on what map it is played cybersport is camping 0-24.

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  12. Heh, so that corner of Smolensk had (has?) both old Medieval walls and a full-on star fortress with the prequisite massive earthworks? Must’ve been a joy for the urban planners.