Restoration of Soviet Vehicles continues…


Hello everyone,

some time ago, I wrote a post (based on RU portal news) about a couple of volunteers along with Yuri Pasholok restoring Russian vehicles. That was in mid May and the work is going on nicely. By the way, I made a mistake last time – these vehicles are apparently not from Kubinka, but from ЦМВС – Centralnyj Muzej Vooruzhyonnych Sil (Central Museum of Armed Forces) in Moscow. In case you are interested in ongoing info from the restoration, follow Yuri Pasholok’s blog, he is posting regular updates (the photos are from his blog as well).

Now, some vehicles already have second layer of paint (like this BT-7)


Some vehicles have their pink primer (T-34, KV-1, KV-2, IS)










And some are still waiting for their turn…


That’s a lot of work right there. And in the meanwhile, Littlefield collection gets sold to pieces… sad, really sad :(

24 thoughts on “Restoration of Soviet Vehicles continues…

    • Well, red isn’t that pink, it’s more like a hidden message that communism will come back :D

        • Won’t claim that I knew what the coating was apart from paint, point being Meat_shield’s “HURR DURR Russians!” is Retarded, and it wasn’t even a clever attempt.

  1. Totally OFF Topic:

    Some people got an Excelsior British Premium Tier 5 tank by entering the code “GBTANKS” as a bonus code early this morning. Of course the Code is all used up now :-/

  2. Do not write nonsense!-this color indicates that this is a preliminary paint from rust!

  3. What tank is the red one all the way on the left? It looks so cool maybe like a MT-25ish T-34

    3rd picture down. Red One with girl.

    Is it the red paint or zoomed in.

      • totally staring at her ass :)

        v. stared, star·ing, stares
        1. To look directly and fixedly, often with a wide-eyed gaze.

    • Yeah it just looks stubby and cute to me. Looks much shorter than the T-34 but thats an illusion. Im normally used to them from the direct side, so they look longer.

      • Yeah it just looks stubby and cute to me. I’m normally used to them from the direct side, so they look longer.
        ~That’s what she said :P