45 thoughts on “Great European Random No.12

  1. That pz. sfl. V in the beginning… he must have eaten his keyboard in rage after that.

  2. Feel so bad for the Sturer Emil driver at the beginning…that’s like ultimate RNG trolling.

  3. Excelent music for the ’28 bots’ part :D That replay really feels like I’m watching an RTS footage

  4. Best parts imo:
    7:49 (The best “sneeze” i ever saw! Period!)
    8:12 :D
    and ofc the last one (because of C&C :D )

  5. My surname appears twice in this video! :D

  6. Good as usual, gj Woras….Those RNG videos should rename to RU stronk ramming highlights…that’s what those RNG videos are isn’t it?

  7. Omg that ”Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting” song is so perfect for that part of the video :D ! 7:50 !
    AHAHA And that IS-4 LOL XD 8:42

  8. i have some 9.0 replays – its not useable? (i heard that replays from last 3(?) patches should still works)

  9. Woras even my wife loves your videos. She posts them on Facebook every time there is a new one. Love the TOG in the mine field and good opening graphics with the waves.Do you do this for a living ? So professionally done.