Hello Language Bug, My Old Friend

Hello everyone,

I am sure you will be just thrilled to know that stronk EU portal programmink is back. Had this issue yesterday as well (“I want English, goddamn it, not Polish!”). Thanks to Falindria for the screenie.

ss (2014-06-18 at 02.00.47)

27 thoughts on “Hello Language Bug, My Old Friend

  1. For me, this bug was never fixed. I’m constantly getting English version on the main page – no matter wich language I choose. However, sub-pages (news, clanwars) remember my settings.

  2. it also happened to me sometimes, because of chrome browser, dunno why but some pages behave strangely on this, especially with drop-down buttons by not refreshing at my selection. when it happened i just switched to firefox as i got both installed and all went well.

  3. OMFG, i knew it, who ever is working for ftr is a prejudice bastard, look at the language first u numpty; it not polish u git. GET IT RIGHT and dont be an idiot ffs

  4. I dont get it … Isnt language selection one of the most basic thing ?
    And it happens every freaking month

    • i highly doubt it was, i never go on anything else than the english version of the page and it fixed itself alone without me cleaning my cookies or even closing my browser completly.

      And i tried the site in french, it was in french, went back to english… nop still not in english.

  5. SS this is no bug anymore this is a new feture that WG introduced by “bug” :P
    it is there way of putting new stuff into the game :P