Weekly FTR contributor review

Hello everyone,

once again it’s the time to thank the contributors, it’s you who keep FTR running after all! This time, following people donated via Paypal:

Krakonfour (France)

Krakonfour also wanted me to post the link to his modpackhere it is: it’s a modpack created especially for weak and slow computers. It reduces texture quality amongst other things. I tried it out, the FPS increase on my bad computer was significant. If you are having FPS trouble and you simply can’t set your game any lower, try it out!

Thanks a lot!

The best way to help me and FTR is via the Patreon service


This is the Patreon account of For the Record. In case you read this for the first time and feel like contributing, here is an explanation what it is, how it works and how to contribute. You can find a list of all those, who pledged and help to keep FTR running here.

Thank you all!

One more important thing.

You might have noticed that cca 2 weeks ago, someone pledged 1000 USD to me on Patreon. I am not sure who that is, I tried to contact that person, but given the fact that it’s a lot of money and you just don’t give that away without an explanation and also due to the fact the entire system is purely voluntary (there is no “check” whether you really want to give anything or even have that money), I do have a reason to believe this pledge will not go through (I like to be pleasantly surprised as any other guy, but I am also a realist). To that end, I already contacted Patreon support to actually ask that account themselves, but at this moment, I think it’s realistic to assume that the pledge is still at the “old” sum, minus that 1k – so you know I don’t make a ton of money off FTR (I had such e-mails and comments), because I don’t.

22 thoughts on “Weekly FTR contributor review

  1. My computer is too good to be considered weak.
    My computer is too weak to be considered good.

    First world problems :(

  2. BE very crefull about such high pledges. Ppl recall it and then you get some serious problems. Even if it gets trough to not touch them.

  3. Or perhaps somebody did it on purpose, so people can hate on you thinking you make $1500 per month off this site? Just thinking.

    Anyways I really think it’s none of their business, even if you made $40k/month. Most people probably don’t even realize you have to pay for bandwidth etc. It’s your money, you fully deserve it. Hatters gonna hate – that’s how you know you are doing something right.

  4. $1,000 is no small sum, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the donation wasn’t an accident. Some people are just in the spirit of generosity and are willing to donate large sums to what they see as worthy causes. I’d say give it some time, do what you can to investigate and contact that person, and if your conscience is still getting to ya, refund it.

    • It’s not a conscience issue.. how Patreon works i people pledge a monthly donation, and then at the end of the month Patreon charges their cards and whichever charges go through count. What SS is saying is it is doubtful this charge will actually go through; further if someone was in the mood for a one-time large donation, they would most likely use paypal.

      • And rewoke it afterwards. The problem with paypal and large donations is that it can be recalled back without any time limit. It can be in a week, but also in 6 months. Large amounts of donations are usually from stolen CCs or paypal accounts, but often the ppl simply want it back due to some IRL issues and shit. It is a science in itself regarding paypal policies and something different aplies again when you purchase a service or goods. Iam sure top Twitch streamers could write books about their experiences with this issue. Ive heard there have been even 20 000 donations that got rewoked.