9.2 WT E-100 Changes

Hello everyone,

considering the fact that the 9.2 open test could come relatively soon, this might be the “final” version, that will appear in the open test. That is not yet confirmed however. It was leaked from the supertest.


- DPM decreased from 2985 to 2903
- clip reload time reduced by 9 seconds (60 to 51)
- 128mm gun now has only 5 shells (earlier 6)
- ROF dropped from 5,331 to 5,185
- accuracy on the move and accuracy when the vehicle turns decreased by cca 25 percent (SS: this number is effective, takes crew and bonuses into account, accuracy after turning the turret or shooting was not touched)

70 thoughts on “9.2 WT E-100 Changes

    • I mean, WG ligic is: “Let’s make a very OP tank, nerf it few patches later and then nerf it again so it becomes a pure crap, and so on”. WT E100 is fine as it is. It has no armor, camo or mobility. Its only advantage is the gun.. But in 9.2? Utter garbage. Anyway, be ready for the 150mm gun comeback.

      RIP WT (had 600 battles with it)

      • It is not OP indeed. It is like this:

        Give the ISU-152 an 3 shot autoloader and give it 10 mm of armor everywhere, decrease it’s HP by 100 and people will complain it is OP.

        Tanks are not OP if the gun is strong. Tanks are only OP if a strong gun is not balanced by anything else.

        WT E-100 is such a case. The turret is a glass turret. It is not really balanced. I tried playing it and I was terrible with it. It just depends on who plays the vehicles. If unicums play a balanced tank and kill everyone, people will complain the vehicle is OP. But when they try it out themselves, they suck in it.

        The whole problem is just that people find a tank already OP if the gun is strong. If the gun is strong, a tank is OP according to some. But take the KV-2 as an example. It can one-shot a lot, but you need skill to play it. The KV-2 has an awesome derp gun, the best for it’s tier. I try playing it, but I suck horribly. The KV-2 just gives up the mobility, top speed, the track and the turret traverse for the gun. Which makes it balanced.

        The WT E-100 is balanced like this:
        Awesome 128 and 150 mm autoloaders.
        Awesome hull armor
        HP is average for a tier X TD.

        The turret armor is like glass and it can be penned by loltraktors using the breda machine gun.
        Reload on the guns is also quite bad, it becomes better, but it gets less shells. If you would add a 6th shell with the same reload as with the 5 shells, the reload would be 61,2 seconds reload instead of 60 seconds.
        This means a reload nerf instead of a buff because the reload per shell changes from 10 seconds to 10,2 seconds.

        • the thing isnt if the vehicle is “OP” or not, since its a relative term anyway. The thing is, what it does bring to the gameplay and if it makes the game better. My answer is fucking no.

          Eventhough it might not be the easiest tank to play, it forces you to camp a bush behind the 445m spotting range and wait. And then wait a bit more. And if its any open map (which are quite a few in WoT) any opponent which is trying to be agressive and actually play the game instead of waiting for the others to make a move for him, die horribly, because hes gonna be clipped from “nowhere”. Which means, that this kind of vehicle encourages camping on both sides. And nobody likes camping, right? (Or at least I dont)

          Usually, it ends up shooting off one clip and die, but it doesnt matter, since the dmg dealing is so fucking easy even a tomato can do 2,5-3k dmg in it. And that suuucks. I hate tanks you can put a retard in it and he will do better than an above average player in a medium or a heavy. (My opinion is same with artillery and other top tier TDs, since its only camping and clicking). The argument if its OP or not is not very clear imho, I think it should remain with 6 shells but nerf the time between shells to like french standarts. Those 2 secs are the same reason people have been complaining about T57 heavy back in the days.

          But imho they can balance it all day long and people will be still complaining, cause its not only the tank itself which breakes the game, its the whole concept of that TD line which is broken as fuck – camp like a tard, do some dmg, ruin the game for active players.

        • what people hate about it is that you WILL DIE if you meet a fully loaded WTE, and you can do nothing about it.
          try to run? he can track you and still got another 5 shots
          try to use armor? that 12,8cm got 276mm pen and 1.9s aim time.
          try to shoot back? he’ll shoot you 6 times already when you fired your second shot

          • Nothing you do wil lchange that then. 5 SHots will kill 90% of tanks still. Its Pen will still pen.

            But if you change that to say 4 shots then its a worse T57 or AMX 50b.

            They either kill it as an autoloader completey or leave it.

            Guess what most times if that Waffle stays there and kills you he dies also…..Every arty and TD and inaccurate tank ingame can kil la waffle easily.

        • You are so right. The Gun was balanced by a fragile to say the least frame…..Hit way way to hard.

          It was so easy to counter Waffles. Only baddies coudlnt and whined about it.

          Now your just hurting a tank that was situational at best.

          Funny how CW barely uses them at all.

      • Yes utter crap now you can’t clip 3000hp Maus anymore, now you can only clip 2700hp E100, what a crap tank! I mean who would want to play a tank that can only do 2800hp damage in 8 seconds…

        Stop whining when they balance your way too OP tank. They should just remove it altogether and make the game better for all of us.

        • where can i like this comment?

          just remove this no-skill-needed-tank from the game

        • I to dont own the Waffle. But I do know how easy it is toi kill and I FC`d top 10 clans on NA server and DONT USE THEM BECAUSE THEY DIE INSTANTLY.

          Waffles were greatly OP the first month until every clicker realised he got full SPlash DMG vs you and every scout could see you at 400m off when you were still…>Oh and that cover thats a huge rock that covers 99% of tanks ingame means nothing to your huge skyscrapper waffle.

          Waffles can`t hide, Waffles can`t be protected by most cover and Waffles are overmatched by 37mm T2`s. They only have there gun and how fast it can fire…..So it lost 1/6th its DMG but also lost accuracy to make sure the other 5 hit.

          Waffle was already UP when spotted and OP when it had a enemy cornered….Nerf didnt help balance it just made it weaker at its strength.

      • No mobility…wat?

        Losing one shell and a bit of accuracy on the move makes it crap….wat?

        Did you have a fucking seizure or something?
        It’s still ridiculously powerful, and can burst down tanks in 6 seconds flat. 8 if you are aiming at an E100.
        I was fine with 6 shell autoloaders, granted it took 15 seconds to unload all 6 shells (AMX 50 100)…fine with 4 shell autoloaders that simply didn’t have the damage to insta-kill other tanks in a single burst.

        Not fine at all with death in 6 seconds (on average) with 560 alpha per shell, on a somewhat mobile chassis.

      • How full of shit can one person be?
        In what kind of fucked up world an ability to clip every tier 10 heavy tank in the game in few seconds is “fine”? Learn to play normal tanks, not OP fantasy bullshitt, tomato.

      • “It has no armor, camo or mobility.”

        Its mobility is actually above average, thanks to the very low ground resistance that does not fit the weight (100t) of the vehicle. It has the ground resistance of a 30-50t vehicle and 40 km/h top speed. So don’t say it has “no mobility”, because that is a lie.

        The “no camo” myth is also not true. Its bad camo is negated by 482m viewrange while moving and 587m viewrange when standing still. Since everyone is playing it with camo net, optics and binoculars (because you cannot mount the usual stuff) it turns into a camping nightmare. Take a scout and try to spot a WTF behind a couple of bushes. You will see that you spot each other at the same time.

        The WTF is an invisible light house with a laser gun on open maps and a 50 100 for tier 10 on small maps. Ofc it is OP.

      • No mobility, says, as he forgets that it’s more mobile than many Tier X HT’s.
        No armor, says, as he forgets it has 2.000HP.
        No camo, says, as he forgets he can double bush.

    • This tank is ridiculously easy to deal lots of damage in.
      The most OP tank released by WG to date.
      Even tier 9 IS-4 was less OP.

  1. And still these ridiculous 2 sec. between shoots which are the only real balance problem WT E-100 had/has.

    • Yep, thats the biggest issue with the tank that I was hoping they would have fixed..

    • I sorta have to agree it isn’t the characteristics of the burst damage, because my Lorraine can 1 clip many tier 9 tanks like the WT can clip, until 9.2, every tier 10 tank. Rather, the OP part is it can do it in 10 seconds, very accurately, and with no worries penning. Even the Foch 155 had a 5 second interclip reload. So yeah, they should have changed those stats, although it not being able to clip a Maus is a plus.

          • They made it really hard to excel in it.
            But not impossible :3
            That is why I still have my Foch but whenever a tank sees me,he starts shooting gold so…It’s really disturbing when I waste all my 3 shot to kill him and I need 10 seconds to do it but WT ?
            He doesn’t need that…It has a gun that has an accuracy that can shoot a needle 700 m far…Foch is not like that,hell, It can’t even shoot a target that is in front of him.

            And the speed,they nerfed the sh*t out of Foch in terms of speed WT is rather fast for it’s size and weight.

  2. Should be 3 seconds between each shot, worse aimtime and and 2200 hitpoints as it had from start…

    • The more glassy this cannon is, the more it scales with player skill, a glass cannon is useless in hands of a newbie but a skilled player can win the game on its own. This must be avoided or else the game gets boring as we’d be seeing only WT E100 matches

      • well doesnt explain why even the avg. tomato player can achieve 3k avg dmg on WT E-100 while on a normal tier 10 he doesnt even reach 1k.

        • Not even close. This is a lie. Purple players avg 3750 in this tank. Blue`s have 2800 DMG and Greens 2500.

          Tomato`s Avg 3 shots worth of DMG because they get lit so damned easy.

          Hell most times the match just starts and the idiot in the waffle is dead.

          You dont know what the hell your talking about.

  3. Shitty TD even now. Very situational. It gets spotted from the other side of the map unless you are behind 2 big bushes. And if you get a shitty team all you will do is empty your clip and by the time you reload, your team is turned to smoking wrecks. In 100 T10 battles i think i saw 2-3 that actually managed to win a round for their team. The rest of them just got pwned after emptying their clip. Not to mention the gun gets destroyed even by a fart.

      • not our fault? who the fuck are you talking for? thats what i said. The tank is OP only in the hands of unicums and well organized team, while the tomatoes just die after shooting 1clip.

        • One clip can do 3k dmg while typical pubbie in other t10 tank will die after 1 shot which is 750ish at best. And if a shitty player can do 2-3k dmg per game regularly and suck in any other tank then it sure is fucking tank he’s playing and not his “skill”

          • The combination of alpha of the gun, the accuracy, unload time and the burst potential is what makes the tank OP. I think that 1 shell less is not enough, it should have 4 shells at max and slightly bigger pause between shots….and the reload time could be 45 secs like on the foch, It could still criple most of the tanks with one clip, but it wouldn’t be almost as fast as if you were hit by death star…so you would have at least a chance to get in a cover.

      • Nope he is right. There is a reason you dont see these in Clan Wars. Because good players can counter the fuck out of Waffles.

        T9 Waffles are much more scary TBH, camo up the ass and more DPM.

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  5. Wow, such nerf, no more assaultgun Cancer100, can’t one clip a Maus, very sad.

    In case the above sarcasm has too stronk camo I will light it for you: Bloom value change won’t do shit. Neither will the capacity change. In fact, it’s a straight buff unless your clicking skill sux, because you get to reload faster and you still oneclip anything short of a Maus. Even IF the 128 is nerfed to shit, you still have the 15cm to clip people with, that’s 4/3 of a Foch-ing problem for the rest of us who ain’t cancer. And don’t argue that “15cm AP is shit”, if you play cancer100 obviously you aren’t bothered by “gold spam breaks the game” mindset.

  6. Apart from accuracy on the move nerf I consider this a buff.
    Usually you didn’t really needed that 6th round and the reduced reload time means the WT will come back into action much faster.

  7. Nerfs are fine, if they will make waffles statistics more balanced, so it won’t jump out from the crowd big time.
    But WG.. oh those greedy lying bastards!
    When they introduced the whole waffle branch – people asked: “Hey Devs, wouldn’t the WT E-100 be too op? Don’t you just make it so strong now to get real money from players and to nerf it later?” And of course, they said: “No! We tested it, big waffle is perfectly fine, we won’t touch it later!”… Of course, it is, and this isn’t already the second or third nerf to it.
    Get your shit together WG and at least don’t say stupid things, if you know from the beginning that you can’t stand behind those words!

    • Release OP tanks so people use gold to freexp the thing, and then nerf the thing later to keep the game alive. Business strategy.

      • Not only that but it’s actually a good gameplay strategy as well. When they release lines that are only average far fewer people play them. Their strategy (they’ve mentioned at before that they see nothing wrong with doing this) is to release slightly OP tanks and have everyone grind xp out for them (and spend some gold, but they don’t expect everyone to) then a few patches later nerf them down to proper power levels. Call it incentive to play the new line, you get a slightly better tank for a while.

  8. This is not a nerf, this is a buff to that tank!

    tbh, who needed the 6th shell in the autoloader? usually you dont fire 6 shells in a row, just 4 or 5 and than you switch to reload… that means the Waffle is more dangerous now than it was before…

    HP should be nerfed to 1800hp – like a batchat
    Shell reload time increased to 2,7s (french standard)
    Viewrange reduced to 400m instead of 420m… people will still use binocs and optics

    that would be more or less balanced

  9. Here is the core problem with the wtf100. It does not have to choose between tracking a target and damaging a target. It is less harmed by rng because if a shot misses or bounces or crits, no prob got 5 more ready to go.

    Also, it is the only vehicle in the game that can singlehandedly stop a late game assault. What I mean (and ive seen it numerous times) is late in the game 2, 3, even 4 tanks break through and are heading to flag. They are all 1 shotable. Guess what..wtf100 kills them all.

    No other vehicle can do that because they would be flanked due to reload time. But short of destroying the wtfs gun, it has enough HP to survive hits and kill all those people.

    That vehicle is a stupidly, and obviously OP abomination. Quickybaby and sela have commented multiple times in their streams on its total broken OPness.

    • Actually, he is OP only when you have someone by your side who will provide you some support and cover.. When you play alone, it is not OP at all. You have no cover, you can be seen from almost everywhere.

      This nerf is not suitable.

      Anyway ok. Let’s nerf it. But I really hate this stupid bullshits from WG. They must knew it even before the release that it would be strong. They have several tests etc, and still for every vehicle situation is the same … NERF NERF NERF and NERF again …

      FU WG, this system is nonsence

      • Someone’s jimmies has been rustled. Go talk to a hand how your “hurr durr i 1clip Maus” tank got nerfed. Pubbie

        • Say Pubbie to your mother. Yes he can delete Maus with one clip … and ? If this will happend, you are piece of shit player if you allow that happen. Sorry this is bullshit aswell. L2P and you wont be killed by oneclip in Maus …

  10. Nope. Reducing 9 seconds is a terrible idea, that tank is beyond op, show no mercy when nerfing it. If anything, the reload should be increased.

  11. The accuracy part is really sad: historically very accurate gun, it will end howitzer-like. Another marder case, poor tank…

  12. look the stats, how many people has less of %50 of winrate with the wf100, and you will see wfe100 doesnot OP

    • I’m pretty sure playing the waffle drunk you can get about a 53% win rate. So if you have less than 50% win rate and a waffle, then you need to learn how to click better.

  13. Hit way way to hard.

    It was so easy to counter Waffles. Only baddies coudlnt and whined about it.

    Now your just hurting a tank that was situational at best.

    Funny how CW barely uses them at all.