Engines of War 2014

Hello everyone,

last weekened (20.6.-22.6.2014), in the village of Ivanovskoe (Moscow region), a military fest/re-enactment event called “Motory Voyny” (“Engines of War”) took place, with Wargaming as one of the official partners. More thank 120 tanks, cars and motorbikes participated in this event, including some very rare operating pieces. The re-enactments included battles such as “Khalkin Gol”, “Normandy landings” and “Barbarossa”, with the re-enactors dressed in historically correct and proper uniforms and functioning vehicles taking part as well.

Here for example, a T-34/76 is “attacking german positions”, gets “knocked out” (video, posted by Yuri Pasholok on his blog – he personally participated as well)



Here, the “Normandy” re-enactment



BA-20 armored car in motion



Khalkin Gol re-enactment (yes, that’s apparently a real functional Japanese WW2 tank)


13 thoughts on “Engines of War 2014

  1. Mają rozmach, skurwysyny.

    That’s the only proper comment for this and I can’t translate it to english :D

  2. I think they should do something with these sounds, They are too flat…. ;)

      • well, unlike the common belief, even tank guns sound like that on plain terrain ;)
        with more “Phumph”, of course…

  3. Ok, the two Japanese tanks…hard to tell from the vid, but it looked almost like a Chi-Nu and a Chi-Ha, maybe?

    • The small tank is a Type 95 Ha-go, and the larger tank looks like a Type 1 Chi-he, going off the gun, turret, and silhouette, I have no idea where they got it though, or what it’s doing re-enacting Khalkhin Gol, maybe they’re using it in place of an I-go.