Introducing Invite Bazaar

Hello everyone,

in need of invite code, but forgot where to get one? Just check the upper tab of For the Record – in the upper right corner, you will see an “Invites” button. There, you will find the active invite codes – either in the post itself (currently, there is the Alienware code promo), or in comments.

Alternatively, if you have an invite code you don’t need, you can simply donate it by posting it in the comments under the Invite post. I hope this will be useful for some people. I will be checking regularily for Invite events so that the code distribution is up to date.

8 thoughts on “Introducing Invite Bazaar

  1. Nice idea..
    maybe something for codes for players to?
    Cuz i am not gonna start again for a tier 3 premium 7 days of premium and 1000 gold

  2. SS, the idea is neat but the execution is wrong.
    When someone claims the code, you have no means of removing it. Therefore, creating new account you do not know if you have a valid code + ppl can ‘use up’ codes creating fake accounts.
    It should be ‘per application’ basis. You apply for a code and you are given a code that is removed from a pool.
    A plugin for WP with such functionality is not difficult.

    • You are right, but I really can’t do that, I don’t have time to run it that way.

      “A plugin for WP with such functionality is not difficult.”

      Not sure how that would work, considering it still needs human oversight.

      • It would work like this:
        - you have a box with an information about the code, the (optional) expiration time, amount of codes in a ticket and a button “apply” if you are logged in.
        Info is e.g. “Invite code, 7 day premium + a free m2 tank. You click “apply”, and either the code is sent to your email, and is removed from the pool, or an application for a code is presented in a interface (similar to moderated comments in WP) and someone (you?) must accept sending of this code.
        When the pool for a code depletes, the whole ticket is removed.
        As for the human oversight – you could have a button “accept all applications”. The benefits are obvious:
        - only logged in users can obtain the code,
        - you can react if someone applies for all codes,
        - everyone knows which codes are available and which were depleted, so there are no “used all codes” in the system.