More Rumors about Wargaming Buying Crytek


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as more and more news report about the financial issues of the Cryengine developer, Crytek, more and more “inside sources” confirm that Wargaming is indeed interested in possibly buying a share of the failing company, providing an income stream the company so desperately needs. This time, it was the renowned German portal with its article, that is linked above. The article describes what was basically said before, the last part is however quite interesting.

Fraglich ist nun, wer durch eine Finanzspritze oder gar eine komplette Übernahme den Frankfurtern unter die Arme greifen könnte – Branchenkreise spekulieren aktuell darüber, dass das weißrussische Studio Wargaming den stetig fließenden Einnahmestrom aus dem Free-to-Play-Hit “World of Tanks” für einen Einstieg bei Crytek nutzen könnte.

“The question now is, who could take the company from Frankfurt under their wings either with a financial injections, or by completely overtaking them – the branch circles are currently speculating that the Belarus Studio Wargaming, that has a steady income from the free-to-play hit “World of Tanks” could use it to get into Crytek.”


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      • but it would be so great if it happend, 10 ticks with serverside calculations only is awful, press a key and your tank responds 100ms later. At least netcode wise cryengine has way better support for higher ticks without straining the servers too much.

    • we barely got a few HD models. Havok is delayed since 2012. They just managed to fix some performance stuff such as sniper lag. Upgrading to a new engine as CryEngine would totally fuck up WoT.

      • maybe. maybe not. but if they do get Crytek, they’ll get support from some really good programmers and that should speeed things up faster

  1. As happy as I would be to have Cry Engine in WoT … The source of Information is This news portal is owned by Axel Springer SE … And Axel Springer stands for Copy Cat Yellow Press …

    • Also nobody buys companies that are nearly bankrupt.
      In the gaming sector for recent example see THQ, all the big players wait till they go bankrupt and then buy the parts they want for cheap, instead of having to load them selfs with the whole company.

  2. “Error404_SkillNotFound”
    I almost spit my coffee onto my keyboard. Great name +1

  3. I am still not convinced about this whole “Crytek is going down” thing. Yes, according to glassdoor the inside of this company seems catastrophic.

    And Yerli said they had some financial issues. But I am struggling to find any really reliable sources that they are really that much in deep shit. Every site states Gamestar as source of this whole thing and Gamestar is… uuuuhh… let’s say they are not the pinnacle of journalism. Which doesn’t mean they are bad as a gaming site but they tend to make mistakes especially at their news.

    Edit: Fixed the link.

    • Heh, nobody knew that Interplay was going down until it was finally bought off and Brian Fargo (the founder of the Interplay) left the company.

      • Yes yes. I am not saying this whole thing isn’t true. It’s more that I feel there is a bit lack of evidence till now.

        • the lack of comments from CryTek should be enough “proof” that the situation is not all green and fuzzy

    • @Oberst-Knorre: If Gamestar is the source of the rumours than it’s not worth to think about.
      To remember, Gamestar is the newspaper that wrote the headline “There are no cheats and hacks in WOT”.

    • It seems that the origin of these rumors are Crytek’s employees that are complaining about not being paid for 2 months.

  4. Just finance them. As long as Crytek still develop their games and WG doesn’t “fix” them, that meaning they shouldn’t even touch them so that they will still work, that’s all right.

    • I’m pretty sure it was very good for them. When they started out with WoT and were still a small studio, they had no choice but to use the bigworld engine which was the best engine for what they wanted to do. Acquiring the company that develops it gave them a lot more flexibility to make it evolve. And it has evolved a lot luckily.

      • They seem to do very well, so we can complain but at the end of the day, the facts are the facts.

  5. According to this statement Crytek does not have any financial issues:

    „Entgegen der Darstellung in einigen Medien, die einen Artikel der GameStar aufgegriffen haben und den der Gamestar vorliegenden Informationen, handelt es sich, wie im Artikel dargestellt, um Gerüchte, die wir dementieren. Wir konzentrieren uns weiterhin auf die Entwicklung und Vermarktung von Cryengine, Warface, Homefront: The Revolution, Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, Arena of Fate, für die wir erst kürzlich auf der E3 außerordentlich positive Resonanz seitens der Fachpresse und Spieler erhalten haben. Außerdem möchten wir uns hiermit für die Loyalität unserer Mitarbeiter, Fans und Geschäftspartner bedanken, die trotz der Gerüchte uneingeschränkt zu uns halten.“


  6. I can’t see their information source. :(
    So i assume they read the DSOG article and copy-pasted it.

  7. Wargaming here wargaming there…
    There are many other companies out there bigger than wargaming that may want to buy Crytek. If by example EA or microsoft wants Crytek, then WG has nothing to say.

    Also crytek won’t be sold anytime soon. They have 800 employes, they will fire a lot of them if they are in any trouble.

    WG buys crytek is just random bs.

    • I doubt Microsoft will buy Crytek. They already have Bungie with their Halo series. And I also doubt EA will buy Crytek, because EA has DICE with Frostbite engine and Battlefield.

      • EA is one of their main publishers. Microsoft was the founder of Ryse. Both EA and Microsoft have enough connections with crytek.
        And they can buy crytek to put those people working on other game engines.
        Combine frostbite with cryengine for example, i’m sure that one game engine is better in some areas than the other. Keep a small team supporting cryengine, and move the rest of the team to frostbite.

        If EA buys crytek doesn’t mean they have to change their most used engine. By that logic WG has no reason to buy Crytek since they already have Big World right?

        Crytek also owns valuable IPs like Crysis and FarCry…

        • Microsoft… EA… WG… man, if i were CT’s employee now and according to those names to buy the Crytek… i’m sure i would quit before the shit would hit the fans. (pun intended)

          • Most devs would be very happy to work for either of those actually, regardless of the opinion of gamers on their respective merits.

            • Wanna bet on it?
              Ask Origin, Westwood, Rare, Bioware, Kesmai, MYTHIC!!!, Bungie. How many of them jumped out when they were merged. Yup, they were totally happy to work under them. This is why they created “ex-member” studios.

    • It is standard to deny any rumor of financial difficulties, specially if you want to sell the company, since these kind of news tend to bring down the company’s value.

      I think the proof that something is wrong with Crytek would be if they sell the IP for Ryse to Microsoft.

  8. I just hope they continue updating wot, and don’t make a wot 2. There’s no reason to create a separate game where all players would need to create new accounts and grind their garage again.

    • I beg your pardon but i want WoT2. Not because i hate the current one but because some idiots with “OMG GET REALISTIC” and “OMG WHY IS THERE ARTY IN THIS GAME?” attitude could go to without forcing them to “acclimatize” to a totally new game. (And WG would milk them for more money!)

  9. People want to play wot with crytek ? Then just wait for armored warfare, those 2 games are the same but with diffrent engines

  10. you know, ppl are actualy concerned that if WG bought Crytek there will be no more awesome games and Crysis. I find the very idea of nerfing Crytek a preety retarded move, if it’s “gonna happen”.