Christie in Action

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the following video was linked on Yuri Pasholok’s blog and I think it’s actually very, very interesting.



The tank you see on it is the Christie M1931. You might remember the name of Walter Christie as the father of the fast BT Soviet tanks and ultimately predecessors to the legendary T-34, which uses a Christie suspension (to be fair, there was a plan to replace the Christie suspension with torsion bars, but the war intervened and nothing came of it).

Christie was known for building not really heavily armored tanks, these were more like race cars with guns and turrets. M1931 Christie tank was for its 10,5 tons powered by a 338hp Liberty engine (32 hp/t!), allowing it to go as fast as 74 km/h on tracks and 113 km/h on wheels (the design could drive around on rubber tyres to speed up the transportation on the road). This however was compensated by very thin armor (16mm at the most) and a short 37mm gun.

In the end, the US Army was interested in heavy, “infantry support” tanks and did not want Christie’s invention. Soviet Union however bought two of these tanks and used them as patterns for the creation of the BT series.

24 thoughts on “Christie in Action

  1. Nowadays Health and Safety would have a fit if a tank drove that fast and close to someone!

    • If haven’t seen it watch the original “Gone in 60 Seconds”. that’s what hell for OH&S looks like.

      • WRC TANKS

        There… now we have the next special tank game… M1931′s on a circuit round Dragon Ridge…

        When shooting the HE it only part damages your tracks to slow you a bit or make turning harder, (not dead stop).

        I will take my Commission in £ Sterling please….

  2. think of all the scouting and dodging you could do with that 110 kph topspeed :)