Meanwhile in WoT Blitz Advertising…

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Well… they obviously know how to target certain audience… :)


Edit: well, seeing the direction the comments went (which is “south”), I think we had enough trolling and flame for one topic. Comments closed.

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      • Too logical for many people in the western world.
        Maybe they can figure it out if they shoot a few more people dead (in games). I think murder helps their mind to start working. Even if it is virtual.

    • This is a fact for the last 20 years, man, cross promoting in every field. Ever since Macross and Sailor Moon they just polish it. If you have a successful manga then it has an anime, light novel, visual novel, PSP/Vita game, mobile game, collectibles, posters, figures, models, radio shows, ads, promotions in locations from the anime (if they are based on real places), and much more.

      • In the end, you’re still an awkward person who watches chinese cartoons made for kids.

        • This is wrong on so many levels.
          It’s so wrong its funny!

          I suppose this is the thoughts of bigoted people.

          • It’s nice that you’ve managed to pick up buzz-words so fast and actually apply them. Unfotunately outside of your tumblr blog ,this is the wrong place to experiment writing in english.
            Did you also make that good ol’ anime laugh just now?

            • Criticizes me for my English and than makes grammatical mistakes.
              Hey it’s a grammar Nazi!
              What the hell is an anime laugh anyway? I’m sorry, I live in reality.

      • Remember Batman and Sups from 1940s? Boy! Those were the “not-cross-promo” times!

    • is it really Japanese culture? or is it just milking stupid European and American weeaboos with no taste?

        • SUB-culture.
          mostly still frowned upon in general society even here in japan.

          some are interesting though.

      • Liking an anime/manga/ anything japanese-related doesn’t make turn you into a Weeaboo. With that logic, the mere thought of liking a WWII German tank/gun/uniform would make of you a Wehraboo, liking vodka a Russ fanboy, and so on.

    • yep, the target audience is not those young/little girls in the magazine, it’s for adult Japanese that seems all of them like 12 years girls, it’s in their culture, only last month they have a low that forbids child pornography! but allows it if it’s in Manga, freaking crazy.

      • They eat way too much fish and sea food – no wonder all kind of freaky stuff they made up. Like their urban legends, or TV shows :D

      • People can do whatever they want as long as no one else gets damaged in the process. – That is pretty much one of the fundamental principles that any society thinking of calling itslef civilized should strive to adhere to.

        In that regard, any criminal fiction is perfectly fine to be produced and consumed, etc. as long as there is no direct damage to anyone involved with it.

        Banning such works would be nothing more than enforcing ones personal principles of morality onto the others.

        No one should arrest gamers for shooting virtual people just as no one should arrest pedos for jacking off to drawings of loli rape. It’s as simple as that. Stating otherwise would mean that pedos should be persecuted ragardless of whether they ever did anything to anyone and that is quite simply unacceptable in any modern society.


        • Yes. Even though I am from the “god damn anime is creepy and stupid” camp, I have to agree with you on that. It’s a slippery slope and if we would venture down there we would start to ban all kinds of stuff: movies, music, video games, books, everything.

          Society has to sort this out for itself, and all those arguments about this subject only show that we are right in the middle of this process.

          And to be honest: damn, sometimes it’s just funny to argue and troll on the internets. :)

          • How can something that is creepy and stupid be called an art form?

            (Before someone tries to drag me into an endless argument that was already made again and again further down this page: Yes, I consider some anime art and no, I don’t think all of it is creepy and stupid)

    • Grown up European male making sexual remarks about Japanese drawings of underage school girls – not creepy at all.

      But to each their own I guess, live and let live. As long as the ones that can’t discern fantasy from reality are locked up before any harm is done. ;)

      • Grown up bigoted male plays games which include shooting people in the head and killing others.
        Not disturbing or psychopathic at all!

        I do support you with you last point though. We need to lock up people who can’t discern reality from fiction. Otherwise we will have a lot more gun crime and rape from American and European people.
        Must be nice to live in Japan. They have taste.

      • Pretty sure this is just a troll (especially the taste part), but anyway:

        You do know that guns and weapons in general (or tanks, to stay on topic) are already under heavy governmental control which does a pretty good job of keeping us psychopaths in check, while underage schoolgirls are readily “available” in every part of the world and all it takes is a sick mind to ruin their lives?

        Like maybe, just maybe, your argument is a little bit on the weak side because children are pretty much defenseless and need special protection while it takes some serious effort to kill an adult with your bare hands or an improvised weapon (see first paragraph about gun control)?

        Yeah, keep trying mate.

        • Yes because people can only kill adults. It is impossible to kill a child or whatever. Oh and only children ever come up with the thoughts of killing another. Stuff like knives are absolutely hard to use to kill others as well. God is stabbing so hard.
          Do you know how to argue?
          I wonder why there is so much gun crime in America than? not even taking to account the amount of gruesome murders that take place there.

          Japan keeps it’s people well under control. Not to mention it’s pretty hard to actually rape somebody in Japan. Try investigating it a bit yourself for once instead of pulling stuff out of your ass. You reek of ignorance and bigotry.

        • First of all I want to answer your question: Yes I know how to argue – let me spell it out for you.

          I pretty much argue that many animu lovers are child molesters in the making, while you argue that many players of violent video games are psychopaths just waiting to kill someone.

          I then proceed to argue that it is much easier for someone to molest or harm a defenseless child than to kill an adult (for which I can’t just use a gun for example, as I am not living in the US), and that children need special protection for this very reason.

          I continue to point out that you argument is weak because it is much more likely for someone who gets sexually aroused by drawings of underage girls to commit a sexual crime than for a video game player to kill someone just by reasons of availabilty and personal inhibitions.

          Now that I properly explained myself, let’s go on to the main part of your reply.

          Firstly, of course it is not impossible to kill a child. The point is though, that children are basically never directly (or visually) harmed or killed in “western” computer games or movies, which therefore don’t trigger or satisfy any desire of doing so – that was the point you were arguing. The only form of media that I know that shows child killing in gruesome details is anime and manga, which only serves to validate my point.

          Secondly, yes, it is hard to kill an adult with a knife, or harder to molest a child at least. If you discount Hollywood fiction for a moment and search for actual real life evidence, you will see that it takes multiple deep wounds to vital organs (heart, lungs, brain) to actually kill someone quickly by the stabbing itself, and not the following bleeding which can often be treated by paramedics. Since those organs are very well protected (ribcage, skull), you will have a very hard time to kill someone like that.

          Thirdly, the reasons for the high rate of gun crime in the US are diverse, but a lack of gun control certainly plays a big part in it. Since this would be an entirely different argument and since I am not arguing “America VS Animu” but “Me VS Animu” (and I am not an American), I will just let this one slide.

          Finally, I am really happy that Japan “keeps it’s people well under control” (I just love that iron boot stuff, you know), but tell me: how is it that it is really hard to rape somebody in Japan? Does everyone there know Karate and the movies were right after all? Seriously, if there is one sentence that was clearly pulled out of an ass (hint: yours), it’s this one.

          And now try to disprove my argument without resorting to personal attacks and accusations. Thanks!

          • Well how about I start off by stating that not all anime fans are perverted pedophiles who masturbate over child pornography. That is ridiculous. It’s like saying “all Gays are effeminate/butch twats” and you must know how incredibly wrong that is. A very very small population of anime lovers are actually pedophiles. Try being reasonable and not group all of us together simply because of something disturbing you heard of or a disturbing person you know. That’s how racism starts.

            Anime is as diverse as a book is. Do you deduce that all books are perverted masturbation shit simply because you heard of fifty shades of grey? No (hopefully). Treat anime the same way. I have never even heard anybody give any pedophile remarks about GuP (unless it was a joke to mock pedophiles). You only find that disturbing shit if you actively search for it.

            Also I have never seen anything that has a child being killed in anime or manga. Although I have seen (or rather read about it. I don’t have the stomach to deal with this stuff) in western films a LOT. Also a child is still a person no? I still see plenty of child shootings in America. The point is, is that a lot more people die because of these games than get raped due to anime. A LOT more.

            Also did you know that there is some interesting new technology out there. There is a keychain which makes a lot of noise (to attract attention) when triggered to, there are stun guns, pepper spray, ETC ETC. There are a lot of self defense mechanisms in Japan. Not to mention its pretty hard to find a girl in such a vulnerable situation. The rape count is a lot higher in a lot of EU countries and many American states than in Japan.

            Yes I know you have to stab somebody repeatedly to kill them. Point is, is that there are a lot more opportunities to kill another person rather than raping another person. Good luck finding a underage girl in an allyway (which has no cameras) by herself very late at night (23:00 and after) where there are no people at all and where she doesn’t have any self defense capabilities. As far as I know Japanese people are taught to avoid such situations at any cost. I’m not making shit up. I just don’t live in a cave!

            Do you want to give up your ridiculous statement that “many anime lovers are rapist in the making”?

            • He won’t give up his “ridiculous statement that all anime lovers are rapist in the making” until you give up your ridiculous statement that all gorish-game players are psychos.
              And you might’ve figured that out already by reading his arguing reasoning.

              Not all manga watchers are pedos as well as not all violent game players are psychos…End of story.

            • Okay quick reply because I have to do some other stuff:

              1.) I never said all anime fans are perverted. As long as you don’t manage to point out that exact part in my posts, this is only something you are interpreting into my statements in defensiveness.

              2.) I know anime is diverse and I even enjoyed and probably will enjoy some of it – see point 1.

              3.) The remark I consider perverted was made by the original poster (“Maku can target me anytime”). Maku being like what? 12 or 14 years old?

              And yeah, I take back that many anime lovers are rapists in the making. I actually misread your initial reply which I thought was generalizing but which was actually targeted at me personally – fair is fair, I have no shame to admit that.

              Let me rephrase it then: “Many people who are sexually aroused by drawings of underage girls are rapists in the making.” Just like the original poster I replied to – but no offense Nya-chan, this is just for the sake of argument. You are probably just a nice and balanced guy caught in some stupid crossfire. ;)

              • Nya-chan was probably joking.

                Well if you acknowledge that than all is good.
                If I ever implied that all violent video gamers are psychos than I apologize. Most of them aren’t.

        • Oh and by the way: It’s pretty easy to argue that child abuse is a non-issue in glorious Nippon, when a law that bans the possession of child pornography, for example, was passed only one week ago (source: No law, no recorded violations – real easy.

          But don’t worry, precious Animu is exempt from this to make sure that wannabe pedos worldwide can still enjoy a healthy stream of fantasy child rape porn. Showing real taste there Japan!

          Ignoring and hiding severe domestic problems and inconveniences is something Japan has always done really well – see also: Hikkikomori (extreme social pressure creating shut ins unique to this society) and of course the whole denial of any wartime crimes that still is the cause for major tensions within all of Asia.

          • “Oh and by the way: It’s pretty easy to argue that child abuse is a non-issue in glorious Nippon, when a law that bans the possession of child pornography, for example, was passed only one week ago (source: No law, no recorded violations – real easy.”

            This is completely false, just another typtical western bigotry against Japan. Distribution and production of child porn in Japan was banned since 1999.

            • Could you please post a credible source for this? The Guardian is a pretty respected news outlet and unless you prove otherwise I rather believe them instead of some random guy on the Internet.

              In any case, 1999 isn’t exactly long ago either, considering the importance of the subject.

              • Source:



                第一条  この法律は、児童に対する性的搾取及び性的虐待が児童の権利を著しく侵害することの重大性にかんがみ、あわせて児童の権利の擁護に関する国際的動向を踏まえ、児童買春、児童ポルノに係る行為等を処罰するとともに、これらの行為等により心身に有害な影響を受けた児童の保護のための措置等を定めることにより、児童の権利を擁護することを目的とする。

                第二条  この法律において「児童」とは、十八歳に満たない者をいう。
                2  この法律において「児童買春」とは、次の各号に掲げる者に対し、対償を供与し、又はその供与の約束をして、当該児童に対し、性交等(性交若しくは性交類似行為をし、又は自己の性的好奇心を満たす目的で、児童の性器等(性器、肛門又は乳首をいう。以下同じ。)を触り、若しくは児童に自己の性器等を触らせることをいう。以下同じ。)をすることをいう。
                一  児童 
                二  児童に対する性交等の周旋をした者
                三  児童の保護者(親権を行う者、未成年後見人その他の者で、児童を現に監護するものをいう。以下同じ。)又は児童をその支配下に置いている者
                3  この法律において「児童ポルノ」とは、写真、電磁的記録(電子的方式、磁気的方式その他人の知覚によっては認識することができない方式で作られる記録であって、電子計算機による情報処理の用に供されるものをいう。以下同じ。)に係る記録媒体その他の物であって、次の各号のいずれかに掲げる児童の姿態を視覚により認識することができる方法により描写したものをいう。
                一  児童を相手方とする又は児童による性交又は性交類似行為に係る児童の姿態
                二  他人が児童の性器等を触る行為又は児童が他人の性器等を触る行為に係る児童の姿態であって性欲を興奮させ又は刺激するもの
                三  衣服の全部又は一部を着けない児童の姿態であって性欲を興奮させ又は刺激するもの

                第三条  この法律の適用に当たっては、国民の権利を不当に侵害しないように留意しなければならない。

                第四条  児童買春をした者は、五年以下の懲役又は三百万円以下の罰金に処する。

                第五条  児童買春の周旋をした者は、五年以下の懲役若しくは五百万円以下の罰金に処し、又はこれを併科する。
                2  児童買春の周旋をすることを業とした者は、七年以下の懲役及び千万円以下の罰金に処する。

                第六条  児童買春の周旋をする目的で、人に児童買春をするように勧誘した者は、五年以下の懲役若しくは五百万円以下の罰金に処し、又はこれを併科する。
                2  前項の目的で、人に児童買春をするように勧誘することを業とした者は、七年以下の懲役及び千万円以下の罰金に処する。

                第七条  児童ポルノを提供した者は、三年以下の懲役又は三百万円以下の罰金に処する。電気通信回線を通じて第二条第三項各号のいずれかに掲げる児童の姿態を視覚により認識することができる方法により描写した情報を記録した電磁的記録その他の記録を提供した者も、同様とする。
                2  前項に掲げる行為の目的で、児童ポルノを製造し、所持し、運搬し、本邦に輸入し、又は本邦から輸出した者も、同項と同様とする。同項に掲げる行為の目的で、同項の電磁的記録を保管した者も、同様とする。
                3  前項に規定するもののほか、児童に第二条第三項各号のいずれかに掲げる姿態をとらせ、これを写真、電磁的記録に係る記録媒体その他の物に描写することにより、当該児童に係る児童ポルノを製造した者も、第一項と同様とする。
                4  児童ポルノを不特定若しくは多数の者に提供し、又は公然と陳列した者は、五年以下の懲役若しくは五百万円以下の罰金に処し、又はこれを併科する。電気通信回線を通じて第二条第三項各号のいずれかに掲げる児童の姿態を視覚により認識することができる方法により描写した情報を記録した電磁的記録その他の記録を不特定又は多数の者に提供した者も、同様とする。
                5  前項に掲げる行為の目的で、児童ポルノを製造し、所持し、運搬し、本邦に輸入し、又は本邦から輸出した者も、同項と同様とする。同項に掲げる行為の目的で、同項の電磁的記録を保管した者も、同様とする。
                6  第四項に掲げる行為の目的で、児童ポルノを外国に輸入し、又は外国から輸出した日本国民も、同項と同様とする。

                第八条  児童を児童買春における性交等の相手方とさせ又は第二条第三項各号のいずれかに掲げる児童の姿態を描写して児童ポルノを製造する目的で、当該児童を売買した者は、一年以上十年以下の懲役に処する。
                2  前項の目的で、外国に居住する児童で略取され、誘拐され、又は売買されたものをその居住国外に移送した日本国民は、二年以上の有期懲役に処する。
                3  前二項の罪の未遂は、罰する。

                第九条  児童を使用する者は、児童の年齢を知らないことを理由として、第五条から前条までの規定による処罰を免れることができない。ただし、過失がないときは、この限りでない。

                第十条  第四条から第六条まで、第七条第一項から第五項まで並びに第八条第一項及び第三項(同条第一項に係る部分に限る。)の罪は、刑法 (明治四十年法律第四十五号)第三条 の例に従う。

                第十一条  法人の代表者又は法人若しくは人の代理人、使用人その他の従業者が、その法人又は人の業務に関し、第五条から第七条までの罪を犯したときは、行為者を罰するほか、その法人又は人に対して各本条の罰金刑を科する。

                第十二条  第四条から第八条までの罪に係る事件の捜査及び公判に職務上関係のある者(次項において「職務関係者」という。)は、その職務を行うに当たり、児童の人権及び特性に配慮するとともに、その名誉及び尊厳を害しないよう注意しなければならない。
                2  国及び地方公共団体は、職務関係者に対し、児童の人権、特性等に関する理解を深めるための訓練及び啓発を行うよう努めるものとする。

                第十三条  第四条から第八条までの罪に係る事件に係る児童については、その氏名、年齢、職業、就学する学校の名称、住居、容貌等により当該児童が当該事件に係る者であることを推知することができるような記事若しくは写真又は放送番組を、新聞紙その他の出版物に掲載し、又は放送してはならない。

                第十四条  国及び地方公共団体は、児童買春、児童ポルノの提供等の行為が児童の心身の成長に重大な影響を与えるものであることにかんがみ、これらの行為を未然に防止することができるよう、児童の権利に関する国民の理解を深めるための教育及び啓発に努めるものとする。
                2  国及び地方公共団体は、児童買春、児童ポルノの提供等の行為の防止に資する調査研究の推進に努めるものとする。

                第十五条  関係行政機関は、児童買春の相手方となったこと、児童ポルノに描写されたこと等により心身に有害な影響を受けた児童に対し、相互に連携を図りつつ、その心身の状況、その置かれている環境等に応じ、当該児童がその受けた影響から身体的及び心理的に回復し、個人の尊厳を保って成長することができるよう、相談、指導、一時保護、施設への入所その他の必要な保護のための措置を適切に講ずるものとする。
                2  関係行政機関は、前項の措置を講ずる場合において、同項の児童の保護のため必要があると認めるときは、その保護者に対し、相談、指導その他の措置を講ずるものとする。

                第十六条  国及び地方公共団体は、児童買春の相手方となったこと、児童ポルノに描写されたこと等により心身に有害な影響を受けた児童について専門的知識に基づく保護を適切に行うことができるよう、これらの児童の保護に関する調査研究の推進、これらの児童の保護を行う者の資質の向上、これらの児童が緊急に保護を必要とする場合における関係機関の連携協力体制の強化、これらの児童の保護を行う民間の団体との連携協力体制の整備等必要な体制の整備に努めるものとする。

                第十七条  国は、第四条から第八条までの罪に係る行為の防止及び事件の適正かつ迅速な捜査のため、国際的な緊密な連携の確保、国際的な調査研究の推進その他の国際協力の推進に努めるものとする。

                   附 則 抄

                第一条  この法律は、公布の日から起算して六月を超えない範囲内において政令で定める日から施行する。

                第二条  地方公共団体の条例の規定で、この法律で規制する行為を処罰する旨を定めているものの当該行為に係る部分については、この法律の施行と同時に、その効力を失うものとする。
                2  前項の規定により条例の規定がその効力を失う場合において、当該地方公共団体が条例で別段の定めをしないときは、その失効前にした違反行為の処罰については、その失効後も、なお従前の例による。

                第六条  児童買春及び児童ポルノの規制その他の児童を性的搾取及び性的虐待から守るための制度については、この法律の施行後三年を目途として、この法律の施行状況、児童の権利の擁護に関する国際的動向等を勘案し、検討が加えられ、その結果に基づいて必要な措置が講ぜられるものとする。

                   附 則 (平成一六年六月一八日法律第一〇六号) 抄

                第一条  この法律は、公布の日から起算して二十日を経過した日から施行する。

                第二条  児童買春及び児童ポルノの規制その他の児童を性的搾取及び性的虐待から守るための制度については、この法律の施行後三年を目途として、この法律による改正後の児童買春、児童ポルノに係る行為等の処罰及び児童の保護等に関する法律の施行状況、児童の権利の擁護に関する国際的動向等を勘案し、検討が加えられ、その結果に基づいて必要な措置が講ぜられるものとする。

                   附 則 (平成二三年六月二四日法律第七四号) 抄

                第一条  この法律は、公布の日から起算して二十日を経過した日から施行する。

              • How about posting something I can understand, too? Or do you want me to use google translate for a document of law?

                • You requested me ‘a credible source’ instead of ‘some random guy’ posting on the internet. So I posted dam official law, and now you want me to do some translation for you?

                  I’m done. Enough.

                • Fortunately it does not take much work to disprove your bullshit:


                  “Child pornography laws in Japan prohibits and outlaws child pornography and makes it forbidden. The production, sale, distribution, and commercialization of child pornography is illegal under Article 7 of the Act on Punishment of Activities Relating to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, and the Protection of Children and is punishable by a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and/or a fine of ¥5,000,000. Possession of child pornography with any intent of distribution and sale is also illegal”

                  Production, sale, distribution and commercialization is illegal since 1999, but the interesting part is in the last sentence: before last week it was only illegal to own child pornography if you had any intent of of selling or distributing it.

                  If you were alone in your room fapping to your personal stash of child rape media you aquired from the internet, you were perfectly fine and dandy until last fucking week.

                  So my point still stands. I’m done. Enough. Idiot.

                • What ‘bullshit’ when I clearly said “Distribution and production of child porn in Japan was banned since 1999.”

                • Oh, and by the way, you talked about “credible source” and “some random guy on the Internet”, and now you cite… Holy Wikipedia.

                  What a joke.

                • I HAVE to use Wikipedia because you refused to provide me with an accurate translation of your text like I requested. To be honest, I also ran your Japanese through google translate and Wikipedia seems to be spot on in this case.

                  If not, then tell me, why was the second law passed a week ago?

                  And I was replying to your “This is completely false, just another typtical western bigotry against Japan. Distribution and production of child porn in Japan was banned since 1999.”

                  I never argued about distribution and production but about possession. You were the one who switched topics. So the first part about me being completely false is clearly bullshit.

                  Next guy I have to spell everything out for, great.

                • Let’s go back to the original text:

                  “Oh and by the way: It’s pretty easy to argue that child abuse is a non-issue in glorious Nippon, when a law that bans the possession of child pornography, for example, was passed only one week ago (source: No law, no recorded violations – real easy.”

                  You meant child abusing like child porn was not a crime in Japan cause there were no law to persecute these thing. I called such logic a ‘typtical western bigotry’, brought a real law text, and proved you’re wrong. And now you say I switched the topic. Nope, the topic stayed and I proved you wrong.

                • What part about “a law that bans the POSSESSION of child pornography, for example, was passed only one week ago” is so hard to understand for you?

                  And do you really want to argue that this didn’t enable a lot of basement dwelling pedos to escape prosecution?

                • You wrote “No law, no recorded violations – real easy.” line just some minutes ago and suddenly can’t remember the logic you’ve used?

                  And pedos can go and eat shit as far as they don’t touch real childrens. Hence possession was allowed, well, until this year, since the ban of possession of child porn became one of international standard.

                • Dear god, now you are just willfully dense aren’t you?

                  If you want to nitpick semantics here, how about that:

                  “No law against possession of child pornography, no recorded violations of that law (against the possesion of child pornography) – real easy, lots of cases missing in your statistic.”

                  Are you satisfied now?

                • Now you accept the fact that only ‘simple possession’ was not illegal and you were wrong to declared that there was no law to persecute child porn. As such I guess it is also fine to scrap your line like “It’s pretty easy to argue that child abuse is a non-issue in glorious Nippon… (blah blah)” since, actually, there was a law to persecute child abusing pedos.

                  Oh, so what parts are left in your statement? Just fact like “No law against possession of child pornography, no recorded violations of that law (against the possesion of child pornography) – real easy, lots of cases missing in your statistic.”, you said. Now one may question “How simple possession of child porn could be considered child right violation”, but I would dare not cause it would instantly start one of the creepiest and stupidest kind of ‘discussion’ in the Internet and it have nothing to do with my original point. There are many good ways to treat pedos other than defending them online.

                • Oh, and of course you wouldn’t apology me for using abusive words like “idiot” “bullshit” “weeaboo” “dipshit” etc. Good.

                • I never declared that there is no law in Japan that targets child porn – never. What you are doing (again and again and again) is putting words in my mouth and then spinning them around endlessly until your mind somehow comes to a conclusion that satisfies you.

                  I still stand by my argument that lots of cases of possession of child pornography that should have been recorded are in fact not, because of weak or outright missing laws that helped to play the problem down and effectively make it a non-issue in the eyes of the public.

                  Also, what you call “simple possession” probably makes up 90 % of all the child pornography cases that show up in the statistics of other countries. Way to play it down even more.

                  And I got no problem of explaining why simple possession of child pornography hurts the rights of children:

                  It’s a simple case of supply and demand. By aquiring or intending to aquire child pornography you are creating demand. By creating demand, you are encouraging the producers to increase their supply.

                  How the producers increase their supply is then up to your imagination …

                  Got it? Fine.

                  And of course I will not apologize for insults that were and still are perfectly deserved in their respective contexts.

                • You stated “Child abuse is a non-issue in glorious Nippon (…) No law, no recorded violations”.

                  You asserted that Japan looks calm and controlled only cause there are no law to deal with child abusers, citing recent ban of possession of child porn as ‘example’, and now you say “I never said that”, huh, yes you never said “There are no laws precisely dealing child porn” but you basically stated “Japan got no law to deal child abusers, just look at that recent legislation”. So, basically same line.

                  Also it must be point out that banning possession do not simply cut down demands.

    • Games where you kill people everywhere… What the fuck USA&EU!
      Face it, you live in a community which is several times worse than anywhere in Japan.

        • No I prefer girls and boys over murder. Like most people who are not psychopathic.
          Why underage girls? What the hell is wrong with you? Is that the only thing you see in girls?
          So you like murder and underage girls and you are a bigoted freak.
          That’s pretty sad.

          • Well, yeah, that’s the only thing we can see in GuP, the manga that he pointed out in his first post, with schoolgirls and guns/tanks.
            That anime is so advertised that it makes you feel that it might be the only thing around there.
            Stop arguing with anyone that hasn’t your opinion.You’re only making a fool of yourself.

      • Please stop attempting to justify your position with “not as bad as” arguments. This is a well-known logical fallacy and using it makes you look ignorant.

  1. Nothing wrong with it , to be honest, its just the anime depiction style of the girls….

    If it was the Ultra-Naked-PantsuShot-GiantBoob-FanService Hyper Oversexualized Edition…then it would have really gotten weird..

    • Actually(TM) I think people are more creeped out by comments such as; “Mako can target me any time” than by the genre of media itself.

  2. Because everyone seems to have forgotten WG and the studio that develops Girls und Panzer are in cooperation

    • Indeed.
      In fact, one of crew in GuP series were players of WoT [I don't remember witch tank].. need to google :P].

      • Anteater Team – driving Type 3 Chi-Nu :D
        Trivia from wikia:
        While not mentioned, it is heavily hinted that the game they play is an online game similar to World of Tanks. Suplementary material used at one point the name “WoP” (“World of Panzers”?). WoT is explicitly mentioned in a several fan-made English subtitles.

    • So what do you think about people playing a game where you have to kill people?
      Unashamedly psychopathic, sadistic, morbid and creepy?

  3. it amazes me how completely blinded some people are Why advertise? Why not. they are in a collaboration together. Japan always uses some drawn girl to advertize their products and it makes even more sense to see girls from an anime that share a common theme.

    Target certain audience “old men”
    How does this target old men it’s aimed at the people who both play Wot and liked the anime

    I’m just aggravated at how ignorant people are I guess

    • Don’t worry about it.
      It seems a lot of people think that a culture of killing is far more peaceful than a culture of skillfully drawing animations to appeal to people.

      • drawing of little girls? killing has existed since the dawn of man and is apart of culture none the less, and was seen as a manly thing , not looking at little defenseless girls…

        1 + 3 = half life 3 confirmed111!!!111eleven!11!!1111oneone

    • Oh come on saffron, really? How many mangas and animes show the killing of people in skillfully drawn images? It’s like saying the movie Human Centipede is peacefully celebrated high art because it was directed and shot really well.

      And “culture of killing”? Japan has always been a warrior culture from it’s earliest records on, culminating in the resurgence of a perverted Bushido warrior code in the wake of World War 2. If you think a warrior’s job is to plant flowers and speard happiness, I would like to politely direct you to this Wikipedia article:

  4. Ugh i just cannot understand why one would watch such stuff…
    But hey i dont care when weirdos want to watch hentai and anime despite being an adult but crossing this genre with other things is just pulling them in the dirt.
    Pink haired schoolgirls and tanks? Just no.

    • I wouldn’t say that if I were you. Mister Autism-tea is now going to suggest that you go play violent video games instead, based on the fact that you are american. But as not all of us are homosexual, we are not forced to play colouring book games, neither be part of the Eastern world using ona-holes of our favourite waifus.

      • “But as not all of us are homosexual”

        Wait, I thought that everyone is gay for Bridget… O_o

      • Actually i am german
        No offense but i didnt understand your post at all

      • Yeah that’s no big surprise with us Germans neither understanding humour nor irony. He basically agreed with you. ;)

    • Quite true about the little girls part, but tbh I was watching it for the tanks and you would be surprised how detailed and historically accurate they were done.

  5. Honestly guys, lighten up. Girls und Panzers isn’t any different than say Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a high school girl slaying Vampires. It has about as much logic to it. The hero, Miho, is about 17 (most heroes are about 17, since Heinlein made them that way. They appeal to a larger audience. Think Luke Skywalker).

    There is nothing wierd in that. What is quintesstially Japanses is why the girls drive tanks. Is is feminine to fight in tanks with all that armor around you, guys wouldn’t be caught dead in them. And they study tankery so that they will become more attractive to men – that is what the show says. Before people get all worked up about pictures, go visit the J-Pop scene, where all the girl groups are school girls, and when they get old enough for high school they are dropped from the band. That is playing on male fantasies.

    Or go watch some Babymetal videos and see some of the Japanese culture stood on its head by a death metal band fronted by 3 goth Japanese girls.

    Or go to a Japanese night club and watch barely dressed women dressed to make Anime come alive in truly bizarre shows. (with robots)

    Its a different culture, and before we get worked up go watch Game of Thrones and all the bloodshed. Are we really that morally superior?

      • Lol the Japanese girls look very underage in general. When I visited Japan and the Tokyo arts university there were 20 year old students that barely had 150 cm in height and looked like 15. The tallest girl i saw there was the girl basketball teacher and even she had barely 180, but looked like a giant infront of her students lol.

    • I have to agree about the aging.As a horror film/anime lover I can say that most anime characters are around 16-18 years old…althought I don’t give a fuck about that…

    • Buffy and Luke were 17 and looked like 20, GuP girls are 17 and look like 12.

      Just writing that someone is in fact a 1000 year old dragon trapped inside the body of an eight year old fairy or something (recently encountered in the newest DS Fire Emblem game) isn’t some kind of golden ticket that justifies all kind of sexual advances towards that character (SERIOUSLY FUCK FIRE EMBLEM).

    • Edit to my previous reply: I don’t want to imply that GuP sexualizes anything – it probably doesn’t, never watched or read it. Just wanted to get that stupid Fire Emblem shit off my mind. ;)

  6. Seriously, all you people see anything wrong with this? I bet most of you would drop your pants for Serana(Skyrim Dawnguard vampiress)… To love a person, is to accept them as they are, even if they look different than your reflection in the mirror. But you don’t love either of my gfs(who get along spectacularly), and I likely wouldn’t take a liking to yours either, eh? Stupid haters, you are footbound by your own lives.

    • Yeah keep installing your Skyrim nude patches or whatever you do in your free time. The rest of us enjoyed the game for its open world and hours of content, and not for it’s wooden and badly fleshed out characters that no sane person can remember anyway.

      Funny how you comment about others and it says more about you than it could ever say about us.

      Also, are you suggesting that I am suppsed to love and respect every person on this planet, no matter what they say, think or do? GTFO with that hippie shit, thx.

  7. Adults who looking at this kind of stuff in the western world are probably crossdressers.

    • IDK, I’m no virgin and I have a more than healthy sexlife… and I look nothing like those people. That photo I have as my avatar is me…

      • But you DO agree that you are fantasizing about fucking cartoons? Or was there any reason to your reply other than flaunting your awesome sex life?

        • Well, yes. But my point is that it’s no different than going goo-goo over animaniacs.

      • Yes, you is beautiful!

        Any chance of a pic with you looking into the camera and an electric fan at the same time? Would be great! Have your mouth slightly open and your eyes slightly closed.

  8. Gratz WG…. You have successfully made WoT look girly and gay. *slow clap*

  9. So much butthurt for anime in commemts…I wonder how many of those ppl watched Dragon Ball when they were young xd. Protip for you guys – Dragon Ball is also anime :D

    • Yeah and Dragonball is also fucking stupid unless you love to look at the same 2-frame animation of a mouth opening and closing for 20 minutes. Badly animated crap.

      • Yeah if you read my posts correctly, I already said that animation in Skyrim is also fucking awful. And that most of all pieces of media world wide are crap.

    • Yeah, because vocally disliking some questionable cultural output of a certain country is racism now.

      I think I spotted another ultra defensive weeaboo reject.

      • Aye, you can call me a weeaboo even though I’m natural born Korean.


      • At this very moment, my South Korean coworker sitting next to me is frowning in disgust. And weeaboos by definition can be from every country in the world, true.

        • They say “pic or didn’t happened”. My dog can speak English and Korean btw.

          And by what definition, may I ask.

          • You can look the definition up just like I had to look up a translation of your text. Have fun!

            • “1. (slang, derogatory) A white person who behaves or seeks to appear stereotypically Japanese.” according to Wiktionary.

              I’m no white person so in this definition, I’m no weeaboo. Now bring your definition.

        • Yeah… you are probably right. I don’t know why I get so worked up about this. I probably just get trolled really hard now and someone else is laughing his ass off. I’m out, thanks mate.

  10. I was in Japan for one month and this anime culture and all the visual kei and other stuff connected to it is mostly noticable in bigger cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, etc. I visited a few smaller cities in different prefectures and there was almost no trace of any excessive anime otakus. And absolutely no trace in the more rural areas.

    I could go on for hours trying to explain that Japan is by FAR not that wicked as some of you ignorant haters think it is. And its not that the western cartoon industry didnt produced wicked sick shit.

    • I can only speak for myself, but the point of my arguing is to call out those unrealistic fantasies some Anime fans have about Japan. I am well aware that it is no wicked hellhole, but it isn’t some glorious ultra artistic and sophisticated bastion of superior people either.

      I wish more of those guys would pay the country a visit and get their heads out of the clouds.

      • You can’t even read Japanese, and, somehow you talk about “those unrealistic fantasies some Anime fans have about Japan”?


      • I just disproved one of your unrealistic fantasies some posts further up. Maybe you should use your awesome language skills for something else than reading mangas for little girls you dipshit.

        • I don’t see your point. You talk about ‘my fantasies’, what fantasy to be exactly?

        • Look above – first you switch topics and then you call me out because I fell for your failing in reading comprehension. Your fantasy being that I am somehow racist, because I dare to criticize your beloved Japan.

          • First above all I never called you a racist, I’d say you’re just an ignorant westerner who have fantasies about sexually harassed Japanese children etc.

          • From my experience the ppl I met there were so nice and helpfull that it was almost annoying. I honestly cant remember a single negative memmory… Well except some retarded European and mostly American tourists here and there.

            • Well, move to Japan then and begin your new life as a manga figure aka crossdresser.

    • What some people here fail to understand (and what I probably fail at explaining properly, because I am at work right now) is this:

      - If I criticize a country or some actions or people of that country, I don’t actually hate it or its citizens. I am from Germany and we get criticized for some shit every day, yet I still don’t get super defensive about that, and neither do I think I am attacked personally.

      - If I say that certain types of anime or certain consuments of those types of anime are creepy and disgusting, I don’t mean that all types of anime are creepy and disgusting. As with all media there are some gems hidden in a lot of crap.

      - If I say that I don’t like something, it doesn’t automatically mean that I want to ban everything I criticize. Being tolerant does not mean to find everything super awesome. I can tolerate other people doing stuff I dislike, but when they get vocal about it in public, it is my right to argue with them about it. Tolerance works both ways.

  11. Dear SS,

    I like reading a lot of the articles you post on this blog, and enjoy the fact that most of your detractors are as dumb as pig shit, but most of all I enjoy taking part in your comments section.

    Please open a forum for your FTR fans. I could converse with this mob of weirdos for ages.

    • I was thinking about it, but the thing is, it would be completely impossible to moderate – either it would turn into a complete cesspool á la /b/, or it would require moderators and it would just turn into a copy of the official forums, neither of which is what I am keen on seeing.

      • I think there is a better way…it could be like the official forum, with one slight difference…don’t appoint dickheads as moderators ;)

        I understand your reluctance based on the stress factor though :)

  12. Racism! Racism everywhere! LOL! Seriously though, get the fuck back to the Jim-Crow ’50s where you belong, with your Japan=Pedophilia bullshit you racist cunts! I hope you all die tomorrow and burn in hell for all eternity. No wait. I take that last part back. I don’t have to hope.

  13. This is from the Girls und Panzer anime. It’s about a bunch of teenage girls in tank combat. It makes sense for WG to advertise like this, as most people aware of that are interested in tanks.