16 thoughts on “New Ranzar Video

    • Revenge? There are at least a hundred of these videos already, and the German tanks are always the idiots in them.

        • let’s play a game. For every video you can show me without a stupid, retarded or just instantly losing German tank, I show you ten where exactly that happens.

  1. Nice episode! :)

    Though there’s a little mistake: How are you able to carry three silver fire extinguishers plus a premium one with you? There should be only two silver ones.
    But I’m nitpicking here, the episode was funny! :D

      • Tanks also don’t have eyes and mouth too, but you don’t seem to be nitpicking about that. :P

  2. That was very funny. I laughed out loud here at work (good thing no one is around)

  3. I have died from FIRE!!! many times in my Tiger I with both an auto and reg extinguisher used…

  4. OOOO yes the stupid fire thingy
    you catch fire you put it out as quickly as possible and then again on Fire
    or you are on low health you catch fire and if you have a prem extinguisher it consumes it doesnt put the fire out and you still die
    WG you so SILLYY :P

  5. LOL, so true too. German tanks really are one hit wonders a lot of the time with those frontal fires!