Straight Outta Supertest: new tier 6 US LT

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as you know now, the American light tanks (T5: Chaffee, T6: T37, T7: M41, T8: T49) are coming in 9.3 (hopefully, they were postponed like a bazillion times in the past). First models are making it to the supertest. This is the tier 6, T37 light tank. The top turret you see in this case is apparently the elite one (T41, this would later on become the Walker Bulldog).




T37 armor

T37 was basically an attempt to upgrade the Chaffee to have superior mobility and firepower. To quote Priory_of_Sion:

First off I would like to discuss the “missing link” between the M24 and the M41, the T37. Most of you should know a little about the T37 by WoT. It is the source for the M24′s upgraded turret, even though it is too large for the Chaffee’s turret ring(the US did have plans to enlarge the T24/M24 turret ring though which would allow the T37′s turret).

Now to discuss the T37. In Jan. 1945 the Army Ground Forces Equipment Review Board and the War Dept. Equipment Review Board both decided the M24 wasn’t fit. They proposed a 25t vehicle that had superior firepower & mobility compared to the Chaffee. They called it the T37.

Development began in 1946 and a pilot was produced in 1949. The T37 was split into 3 “phases”. Phase I was the turret and gun combination we see on the Chaffee in WoT. Phase II was mounted with a deadlier T91 76 mm gun (same gun as on the T71 LT) with a Vickers fire control system and became redesignated the T41 (direct precursor to the M41). Phase III was an autoloading variant which wasn’t built due to the Korean War. Some more advanced features of the T37 such as the rangefinders, the FCS and autoloaders were never fully developed due to the war in Korea. In 1950 orders were given to Cadillac to produce 100 T41E1s which became the famed M41 Walker Bulldog.

I’ll see if I manage to find more info about it.

39 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: new tier 6 US LT

      • I kinda looks finished. Look at the roadweels and some other details, I think it is HD.

        • Indeed. It looks like a full HD model that someone is just running with low quality texture settings.

          • It isn’t, expand and zoom in on the roadwheels, they are 12 sided instead of 32+ which would give the impression of a smooth circular surface.

            Its just a regular non-HD mesh.

      • That’s not how the pipeline for getting a mesh in-game works…

        You don’t make a crappy non-HD mesh, then upgrade it later, its an entirely new mesh made from scratch, making both is a massive waste of resources unless it was already made long ago and is schedule to be replaced in the future.

          • probably means that this mesh was made some time ago, but we see it just know, as they probably haven’t finished the HD model yet( we need both SD and HD because in 9,2 or 9,3 they’re planning to make it optional)

            • Actually, the only difference between standard and HD client would be the HD textures, since they occupy the most space.

              • Not so, the mesh’s are entirely new and take up arguably as much data space as the textures.

                • no way a mesh should take up as much space as the textures. However, it depends on many factors so in some cases the sizes might be comparable.

                  Anyway, the model certainly does not look to be HD, the wheels are not smooth. Good thing is, you can make the wheels smooth procedurally.

    • hey are talking about those tanks for a lot of time, this one was first ‘leaked’ on the NatGeo documentary about WG – maybe the model was made before they started to make all the new ones in HD.
      Maybe they want to implement the whole branch already, and they’ve decided one non-HD tank shouldn’t stop them from ding so.
      Anyway, looks pretty HD to me – the texture of the hull surface, the screws on the MGs on the sides of the turret. This is not something we are used to see on non-HD models (I think?).

    • If you look at the hangar it looks like it runs in standart graphics so maybe it is HD but not displayed in its full potential.

  1. So does the T37 have the 76mm T94 top gun the Chaffee has or just regular 76mm M1 series guns? I wonder if Chaffee players will get this tank unlocked or have the Chaffee nerfed down to regular t5?

    • It *looks* like the T94.
      That said, the T94 with its current stats would be a strangely powerful gun for a tier 6 light.

      … as in LOL T21.

  2. wait so what will happen with players who already unlock and buy the current chafee?

    • You get to keep your Chafee.

      Chafee is already T5, they’ll just swap current top turret and gun for a more historical version.

    • so…all that hard work grinding….for a new nerfed chaffee which need much less exp to research?

      • Grind ~40K XP on the Chaffee now (easy) and unlock T37 right after its relased! Whats so complicated about that.

        Pubbie moron

  3. anyone knows if its gone be a lot of XP and money, like the chaffee, or will it be like a normal tier 6 scout???

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  5. and where from start in the tech tree this branch???
    I get 100k exp on Awfull panther and 150k on MT-25 :P

  6. So when the tree gets expanded, will players who already have the Chaffee get the full line (or at least the next tank or 2) unlocked? I doubt they’re going to keep the chaffee at 55k XP after this update.

  7. So T37 will be in general current top Chaffee with MM of tier 6 LT – battle tiers 7 to 10 instead of 7-11? Sounds good.