Independence Day Wallpaper

Hello everyone,

first and foremost, happy Independence Day to the American readers! Now, World of Tanks for Xbox360 prepared a special wallpaper to commemorate the event. And it’s… well, very American (the eagles are a nice touch).


You can get it in various resolutions below the line. It’s clear that the Xbox version is targetted mostly on western audience, specifically Americans. It’s not a bad thing actually, targetting specific audience helps selling the game after all…

52 thoughts on “Independence Day Wallpaper

    • Well that’s nice :)
      And THOSE Premium shop bundles. Those ones with all Murican or UK prem tanks in EU would cost like 500$ not 80 :)

      • And they’re pretty good cuz americans got in their “free premium tank” action T34 so you get (talking about revolutionary bundle) 12’000 gold and if he had any other tanks he can get : Any tier 8 premium tank, half year premium (good for free).

        I think that its super good action but WG EU will not do anything like this.

    • It’s not just the USA Independents Day special, but it was also Canada Day (July 1st) so two very large national holidays from the two largest sources of income for the American servers.

  1. I don’t know if I’m right but is it destroyed Panther/M10 in bottom left corner? Is it saying: “we are americans, you won’t hide, you won’t fool us”?

    • I hope since a loooong time to get such an even with a 50% discount on premium tanks to get T14 (or Excelsior) and a Tier 3..
      Still waiting for 3 month. Screw you eu server.

    • Its hard to make events for EU since most countries has their own speciel celebration tradition…All EU coutnries have very few events that can be shared together

  2. How do they come up with this??

    “Any ideas for the July 4th wallpaper?”
    “Well, I want a flying hero M4, decorated with one american flasg … no wait, better make it two.
    And fireworks, looots of fireworks.
    Oh, and dont forget, dude, next to the flying M4 should be one … now wait, TWO eagles. Like … roaring over the battlefield. And I want only american armor visible on the battelfield! Think you can do it?”
    “Sir, yes, sir!”

    • Exactly my thoughts. You can’t get any more merica in one pic than this :D Well you can, but you’d have to try hard. :D

    • you can the M4 instead of smoke from its exhaust pipes would be making money. :)

      • Needs more crates of Budweiser, Pamela Anderson fashing her caracas while poledanding the M6 cannon and Chuck Norris roundhouse kicking a Maus into orbit. First then will these wallpapers really depict the spirit that resides in The Land of The Free.

  3. try to count all American tanks on Wallpaper.

    i found 7 Including: T69, T29, Hellcat, Jackson, Lee, Sherman and the last one looks like Hellcat too.

    • I see a T29, two M18′s, an M36, an M3, an M4 and either a T1 or an M6.
      BTW why does the T29 have what looks like the 90mm M3 and not its 105? I thought that it never mounted the M3 IRL.

  4. is there any option to buy something from NA prem. shop ( if i’m on EU ) ? you know something like creating NA account and then sending the stuff to my regular EU account ? because NA prem. shop is simply said awesome, so much discounts and great bundles.

    • The NA and EU accounts are completely seperate.

      You may be able to convince Wargaming to move an account from the NA to EU server (I don’t think they do that very often but people do move around the world so they should) but then you still have two seperate accounts.

      I think the wallpaper is very silly and seems to be pandering to certaon parts of the audience.

  5. Wow, those sizes are all messed up. The actual images are all a lot smaller than what they’ve been labeled as. The largest one is supposed to be 2560 X 1600, but the actual image is only 1360 X 850. The small one is supposed to be 1029 X 600, but is actually 1360 X 797.

    The rest of them are all messed up as well, mostly they’re just a lot smaller than what they’re supposed to be, but some of them (like the small one) are actually larger.

    • They all have the same size, the guy who upload them must be sleep-deprived (rofl).

  6. This is exactly how that happened, they used battle eagles to support their M4 tanks, and fireworks to distract the german airplanes. Such real history, much murica. :D

  7. July 4, 1776: the leaders of the Colonial separatist terrorists sign the “declaration of independence”, violating the territorial integrity of Great Britain.
    The separatists recieve illegal support from France.

    …at least, that’s if you apply the modern Western media language to the event.

    • yea but we was righteous terrorists….the only terrorists to ever be righteous ….cause all other terrorist should be shot….cause …they not merica…..

  8. its like wargaming took my comments about the tacky super Pershing and made them real……..just add a hitch to pull the family’s trailer behind it and its classic red neck

    • It does have a towing pintle. Just need a trailer with the proper lunette style coupler.