T-44 Test Drive

Hello everyone,

thanks to LoooSeR78V for this video. At around 3:00, they are starting to talk about the tank and its characteristics. According to the video, the tank is of later modification with additional frontal armor (120mm thick) and is armed with 85mm ZIS S-53 gun. At around 7:00 the guy starts to drive it around. The noise is pretty impressive!


23 thoughts on “T-44 Test Drive

  1. Hey SS, I thought you understand russian?!? That “journalist” in the video is one of those Kremlin propaganda prototypes. I especially liked parts of “west that tries to change historical facts” and that T-44 was only once used in military action in Hungary to oppress “Hungarian counter-revolutionary uprisal of 1956″. Could laugh if that would not be so pity for those poor mindfuc.k.ed russian people who in majority already have started to believe such BS.

    • this video is good from historical reason to see the tank not to listen in some Russia propaganda which everyone knows what it is…

    • also noted the subtle anti german propaganda…… nice tank… crap video

    • There are lots of “homo sovieticus” in Russia. And his videos are clearly aimed at them. I too was put off by him calling Hungarian uprising a “mutiny” (i believe it’s the more correct translation of word “мятеж”). But as an individual who can display rare sparks of wisdom i can distance myself from his primitive pro-soviet propaganda and see this just as tank test-drive.

  2. Hey SS, did you see the new RanZar video, it’s on the russian channel (/watch?v=j30GQ-pIjg8), haven’t checked the english channel if you’re waiting for that.

    Edit: Here’s the english version (/watch?v=GmOYXZ9xl3A)

  3. BTW, this guy has made some more tank review videos, though they arent as long as this one.
    KV-2 (/watch?v=CunMPmL6Yxs)
    T-34-85 (/watch?v=oMMck02DXoE)
    IS-3 (/watch?v=xfG63iHURO8)
    And numerous other soviet tank/armored vehicle reviews.

    • Thanks! the guy does some really nice and well made videos about tanks. WG should learn from it.

    • With one small exception. KV-2 in his video is not KV-2. It’s a contraption of “KV-2-like” turret mockup and IS (2, if i’m not mistaken) chassis. I’m surprised this abomination didn’t find it’s way into WoT. Yet.

  4. sounds like an opportunity for a premium tank with that armour upgrade ;-)

  5. Make this into the Soviet tier 8 premium instead.

    With 120mm frontal armour but stock T-44 turret, and the 85mm gun(but default ammo is apcr).